“What the hell happened? Are you all right?” Dean asked, holding onto the front of Sam’s jacket, though it was clear he was anything but all right. He looked close to collapse as he shook his head minutely at his brother.

“Where’s Y/N, Sammy?” Dean tried again, searching his face desperately. 

“I don’t think…” Sam trailed off, breathing hard.

“No. No, because you two were together when we got split up. Y/N’s fine, probably right behind you, had to kill another demon or something,” Dean said, trying to force himself to believe his words. 

“You can’t go back, Dean,” Sam said softly. “There’s too many; it’s suicide–”

“I’m not going back!” Dean snapped. “This is the rendezvous point, dammit, Y/N’s coming. We’re just going to wait. Now sit down before you fall down.”

Sam didn’t need to be told twice and sank to the ground, elbows on knees as he replayed the last he’d seen your face over and over in his mind. You had been right with him when he’d been running. He hadn’t heard a scream, hadn’t seen blood; you were just gone the next time he’d turned around. It had been chaos.

He and Dean waited there by the side of the road until the sun set and still there was no sign of you. And when Dean left his brother despite all protests, a weakened Sam could do little more than watch as he jogged the two miles down the road back towards the battle grounds they’d left hours before.

Dean’s parting words to Sam had been right, though; the remaining demons had long since cleared out and all that remained was the carnage the Winchesters and you had left in your wake. Dean searched the place entirely, yelling your name, looking for any sign of you, but as the night wore on and all that greeted Dean’s ears was cricket song, his hammering heart slowly came to the realization that you were gone.



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Imagine Steve loving traditional sweets from his era and finding a hole-in-the-wall candy shop somewhere that makes him act like a little kid whenever he visits the shop and comes back with a bag full of goodies. When Bucky finally joins the Avengers, Steve takes him there too.

“I want to take you somewhere,” Steve says out of the blue one day.

“Okay,” Bucky agrees. He likes going places with Steve. They pack their things and head out on Steve’s motorcycle.

“Here it is!” Steve says brightly, pointing at a rundown awning and a peeling door.

“What is it?” Bucky asks.

“Let’s go in.”

As they enter a small chime dings above them. Steve watches as Bucky’s eyes light up when he looks around. Bucky darts to the corner where he picks up a purple package.

“Steve,” he says hushed, “it’s Choward’s Violet Mints! I haven’t seen these in ages.” Bucky looks around and makes a beeline for the wall covered in chocolate bars. “Mallow Cups! And Valomilk Candy Cups, Steve, we could never afford these!”

“I know,” Steve says, his voice tight with nostalgia. “But let’s get some of everything and eat ourselves sick.”

Bucky smiles. “Sounds perfect.”

They run around the shop like they were ten again, picking out at least two of everything. That night, they put the couch cushions on the floor and huddle together, laughing and joking, just as they always should have.


Clara, I suppose I’m the only one who knows how I feel about you right now.

Since tumblr deleted the first one, here it is again after I re-wrote it. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get deleted too. XD

This turned crack pretty fast, it absolutely have no plot and is merely for the laughs lol (I hope XD) So anewtinybook I hope you like it ~

And now we have a continuation too, written by anewtinybook :D

Furihata knew it was a bad idea. He knew it.  He could feel it. But he didn’t understand the situation was going to be this dire.

It was common knowledge to anyone acquainted with the generation of miracles that there were two Akashis sharing the same body. And while Furihata found himself falling for the absolute emperor with dichromatic eyes persona of Akashi, Akashi’s milder personality which re-appeared during the winter cup was still deeply in love with Kuroko since their Teiko days.

It was a bizarre arrangement, but somehow they had fallen into a steady rhythm in their respective relationships. Furihata and Kuroko’s clear understanding that the two personalities were indeed different people. They always went on dates separately and the four of them were never at one place at the same time.

So when Akashi suggested they have a double date, he knew he should have stopped them, but when those dichromatic eyes stared at him, so very eager and excited to try, he reluctantly gave in.

Oh, he was so going to regret this…

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Hiii! :> Can you write #1 Cas x Candy? I really love your drabbles! Ty very much for the effort! 💜💜💜 YOU ARE AMAZING!

Hii~ omg, you are so cute~ *sends hugs if you want them* thank you so much ^///^

Castiel and I are sitting in the living room, like many nights before, watching movies. Suddenly my phone vibrates in my pocket and I take it out, reading the message from Lysander and replying, smiling softly by myself. “What’s so funny?” Castiel asks, trying to see what I’ve written but I only take my phone further away from the redhead.

“It’s none of your business” I say, turning away from him. “Who is it even? You’re smiling like a retarded” he huffs, turning to look at the television again. “Why do you care? And no I’m not..” I huff back at him, and continue texting with our silver haired friend.

“Seriously? What is so interesting?” Castiel looks over my shoulder, seeing Lysander’s name. “Lys? Why can’t you tell me what are you two talking about?” he asks, starting to get annoyed. “No reason” I sigh, not wanting to tell him that we’re talking about him. Lysander has been helping me a lot trying to make Castiel realize I like him, so Castiel seeing the texts wouldn’t be any help.

Getting annoyed with my attitude, he takes my phone away from me, but I’m quick enough to turn the light off, locking the phone at the same. “Hey! Give it back to me!” I yell at the redhead, who only grins at me, keeping it as far away from me as possible. “What? Can’t you get it yourself?” the boy grins at me, getting up from the floor. “Idiot! It’s my phone. You don’t have any reason to gake it away from me. Give it back!” I groan at the other, getting up as well and glaring up at him.

“Come over here and make me” he smirks, streching his arm over his head, way out of my reach. “Dammit..” I mutter, looking away for a second, before getting an idea. I grin at Castiel in an evil manner, getting closer to him and starting to tickle the taller guy. “H-hey! Candy! That isn’t fair!” Castiel tries to make me stop, squirming away from me, laughing so much that he drops my phone.

“Look what you did..” I mumble even though it had only fell to a pillow and nothing really happened. “It didn’t break. So, tell me, what was so funny” I sigh deeply as he keeps pestering me about the text message. “Nothing” I say for the nth time, fed up with the guy. “But it was Lysander? What could he possibly say that makes you smile like that?” he asks, looking rather pissed off himself. “A lot of things?” I say in a questioning manner, raising a brow at the redhead.

“Seriously, Cas. It’s none of your business. You don’t need to know that I like yo-” I stop abrutly, realizing what I had just slipped. “What!? You like me?” he asks, and I turn to look away from him. “Well.. It’s good to know since I happen to like you too” Castiel admits, looking at me with a soft smile on his face.

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LB anon~Hello, Yona-chan! How are you today? I was reading your tags (as always haha) and you said something about your brother wearing a jumper, so I was wondering, how many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them? Sorry if this is too personal, I'm just asking because I'm an only child and sometimes it's very lonely, so I'm curious. Anyway, hope you're doing well. Have a wonderful day! <3

Hi LB! Eh, I’m okay I guess XD I’m debating whether to write out an AnY fanfic I dreamt up last night or actually do my uni work so that it’s not a last minute rush, but I think I’m going to write the fanfic. I mean, The Road to El Dorado is on TV tonight (it’s the best movie EVER omg. If you guys haven’t seen it, wth are you still doing here!?) so I might just do my work during the ad breaks lol :P

As for my siblings, sure, I don’t mind talking about them a little~ I have two younger brothers, both grown up, like me. We argue like there’s no tomorrow (the older one wrestled me the other day for a box of biscuits - I wish I was lying >__>) but we do get along very well. We’re all massive anime fans and we are almost always on the same wavelength. Granted, they can both be tools, but they’re also some of the funniest people I know in my life and I love them very much ^__^  

alxvse replied to your post:Larry’s first visit to Piper in 1x02… Piper’s…

it’s so great that Larry is literally IN THE ROOM with Alex and he doesn’t even know she’s in prison with Piper. Much less like. Right there.

hahahaha… yeah… for a while I kind of forgot about this and thought that the first time Alex saw Larry was during the visitation in 1x13 (one of my favorite visitations ever… “You’re tall…” “I’ve been told…” point Alex). Gotta wonder if Alex looked at Larry in 1x02 and thought “Really?”

Alex Vause and Piper Chapman spend the majority of the first seven episodes of this show doing nothing but throwing looks at one another every time they’re sharing space (during orientation, during the visitation, during lunch, when either of them walks into the room). Even when Piper is pissed off at her she cannot stop looking, like she’s physically incapable of ignoring Alex. Which let’s face it, she probably is. 

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Justin Taylor is a piece of shit (amazing/devious/little angel) he was totally screwing with Brian during that This marriage thing is pretty cool shit maybe you and I one day Bla bla pulling Brian's leg like dude I have you wrapped around my finger


I may have started writing a Princess Mechanic fic by accident.

It may already be over 3k, I’m only on chapter 1, I’m not done and all that’s happened is CLARKE’S CAR BROKE DOWN AND SHE MET A PRETTY GIRL and there was some drama with finn whatever

Attention Anti-kin

You’re not going to get anywhere by responding with angry messages of little substance.

You think something is wrong with what an otherkin is saying? Alright, then give them the respect due to a fellow human being.

Swearing, derisive language, and insults directed at intelligence, physical attractiveness, and/or social life are completely useless. It conveys nothing.

When someone goes to the trouble of really thinking through the message they’re trying to convey, at least do them the respect of reading it through and responding with a message of equal substance.

When you reply to our posts trying to convey our meaning by acting like a brat, we are under no obligation to treat you as anything but a nuisance. That includes blocking you, responding in kind, or simply ignoring you.

(Although this does apply to some of the otherkin I’ve met. If they’re presenting a legitimate argument it’s your responsibility to respond in kind if you choose to respond. Again, it’s the common respect you owe them as a human being. Once they stop treating you with respect, then respond in kind, but not before.)

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*Emerges from the crowd like satan himself* 


I need an “avengers assemble!” button for my liberally-minded fb friends

Sometimes I’ll just get some asshole criticizing my posts about rape culture, cat-callers, republican policy, planned parenthood, etc

And I’m all

And I can’t formulate a good response and really need backup

but it feels so weird to have to message a friend to ask for help D:

thexcouncil replied to your post:does tahlia even know how to date people her own…

depends on if we’ve done the several implied weeks of tahlia/lucy because in that case, she would be the tall one