cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

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S: “M-Miyuki-senpai, w-what?”
M: “You’re an idiot so i have to do things like this…I like you Sawamura.”

so.. i had a dream about kabby last night. if i didn’t already know i was in deep i definitely do now

New Tricks

The first Erron + Junior story for the year - in more ways than one! ;)

A little gift I wrote to myself to cheer myself up (because my dog, Wonkey, was put down two weeks ago, and it devastated me), and also because Erron Black + dogs = CUTE.

Hope you enjoy this first part! ^3^

The dogs in Outworld weren’t what you would call proper dogs.

Unlike their Earthrealm counterparts, a vast majority of these breeds were fierce, vicious and bloodthirsty, bred only to hunt and to act as security measurements rather than be regarded as companions for their masters. They lacked friendly personalities, if not personalities altogether. They were built differently, too; their long, muscular back-legs enabled them to spring upon their prey, whilst their fore-limbs ended in sharp cat-like claws that could most likely cause a serious fatality. Their teeth could rival that of a Tarkatan (their bark was worse than their bite, so it has been said – just ask Mileena, lest you don’t desire to have your face teared off). Even their coats – short-haired, coloured with unusual shades from mottled grey to carnivorous carmine, and patterns ranging from tiger stripes to leopard spots – were different. Never mind canines, these dogs were more like felines. Some of these hellhounds even boasted horns instead of ears, numerous eyes instead of two and blade-tipped tails. An ordinary Earthrealm dog would not last very long in their presence.

So Erron Black had to ask himself: Am I really looking at a dog that’s from Earthrealm?

The longer the gun-slinger stared down with his kohl-painted eyes at the white ball of fluff perched at his feet, staring up at him with big chocolate-brown eyes over one of which was a black patch, the more he was convinced that it was the case.

And, as if to answer the former Earthrealmer’s question, the fluffball woofed – they were more like whiny yelps – two times in succession, looking quite pleased with itself.

Those whiny sounds alone were enough for Erron’s cold heart to melt instantly.

“Where’d you come from, little guy?” he murmured as he bent down to scratch the top of the dog’s (A puppy, Erron corrected himself, probably a few weeks old) head with two fingers.

The puppy’s ears folded back at the contact, coming on very shy all of a sudden; however, when Erron pulled his hand back, the fluffball’s ears pricked up once more, it stared up at the Outworld cowboy with what looked like a scandalised expression, and emitted a rather angry-sounding yelp of a woof before pushing and rubbing its face against the human’s hand.

Erron chuckled, tenderly rubbing the puppy’s face. “Starved for attention, huh? And probably for food, too, I see.”

For the little creature had clamped its tiny mouth over Erron’s index finger, biting it gently with its white yet slightly sharp teeth.

“Sharp teeth to go with that sharp tongue of yours,” the gun-slinger drawled, thinking of the cheeky yelps that the puppy had uttered. “Trouble-maker, I’ll be bound. Are you, hmm?”

He repeated the sentence, as if expecting the fluffball to answer. The little thing merely stared back before it let go of Erron’s finger, sniffed it and gave it a lick.

The mercenary’s heart went into overdrive at this point.

Good God almighty, who does he think he’s tryin’ to charm?

Is someone testing me or something?

Straightening up and backing away a few steps from the puppy, who fell over itself in fright at the bigger being’s sudden movement, Erron looked around, searching for anyone standing nearby who might be the owner of the Earthrealm canine.

There was no one in sight. This was to be expected, given that the former Earthrealmer had been stationed at the anterior of Kotal Kahn’s Outworld palace, more or less within its interior near the front gates, for at least an hour now. The only sounds of life could be heard on the other side of the gates, where Outworlders were walking to and fro and chattering amongst themselves.

No one could have gotten through the gates without the guards seeing them, otherwise they would have been looking into the barrels of my guns by now.

So how in the hell did this puppy get inside the palace grounds?

It was puzzling for Erron. One moment he had been on guard, scanning his surroundings and whatnot, and the next moment he had looked down at the ground after feeling a small weight pushing down on his boot, astonished when he realised that it was only a puppy which had appeared out of goodness knows where.

An Earthrealm puppy, though.

What’s an Earthrealm puppy doing in Outworld anyhow?

“Who would abandon it?” Erron asked himself aloud, looking down at the puppy with narrowed eyes. Behind his mask, however, the edges of his mouth curved upwards as he watched the fluffball pick itself up from the ground, yip once more and beginning to walk towards him.

Oh God, here comes attitude at its finest.

The paws of the few weeks’ old puppy were big stubby things, and it was clear that it did not know how to use them and its legs properly just yet. That, Erron knew, it would get used to when it got bigger. It ambled quite awkwardly towards the gun-slinger, its back legs slightly bow-legged. But the overall effect of this bow-leggedness, combined with the way that the fluffball proudly held its head up high, made the walk appear like a swagger.

Now that’s what Mama would call a “real sassy-sue.”

Indeed, the puppy’s saucy personality shone through like a ray of sunlight through a fluffy cloud. After completing its short walk (ie. strut), it flopped down on its behind, placed its massive paws on Erron’s right boot and cocked its head to the side as it stared up at the human, panting with a smiling mouth as if to say, “How’s that, cowboy?”

Erron laughed. “You’re just sassiness in itself, aren’t you?” he said good-naturedly.

“Yip!” the fluffball whined, rubbing its wet nose against the leather.

If Erron Black’s heart hadn’t exploded yet, then my goodness gracious me, did it explode right now.

“Up you get,” the Outworld cowboy mumbled, picking up the Earthrealm canine – it was a small thing (even though he seems to acts too big for his boots – er, paws), though it did not struggle in Erron’s muscular arms, nor did he find the hold on him uncomfortable. It merely rubbed his head against the man’s chest, made another yapping noise and tried to take a playful nip at the chin of the cowboy’s mask.

“Uh uh, no, boy,” Erron rumbled in his deep baritone voice, and the fluffball ceased trying to grab his mask. Instead, it stared at the gun-slinger with its rebellious brown eyes.

Erron could not stifle his chuckles upon seeing the little thing’s so-called fierce glare. “All sass and no manners when you want to be, huh, boy? Just gotta teach you some respect and show you who the alpha dog is around here. Hope your big-ass ears caught all of that.”

He touched one of the puppy’s “big-ass” ears, which folded beneath his touch. The other ear, he was amused to see, remained upright, belaying the stubbornness of its owner.

Hmm, he’s a bullheaded one. Downright cute when he wants to be, but he ain’t gonna push me over if he tries to play the cute card with me. And he’s a noisy s*** for something so small, but that’s normal for pups like him – full of attitude and think themselves to be smarter than the rest.

And if he thinks he’s big now, wait ‘til we get down to training. Can’t say for sure how big he’s gonna grow, but he looks like he’s got some Swiss Shepherd in him 'cause of his white coat – that patch over his eye is pretty unique, though – so he’ll be long-legged and okay to handle provided I teach him right and he listens to me.

He ain’t no Scruff …

Erron sighed, gently stroking the puppy’s ear, feeling a pang of sadness overcoming his frame.

Don’t think about him, Black … don’t think about Scruff …


The gun-slinger looked down at the young pooch in his arms: it had cocked its head to the side again, looking almost quizzically at the former Earthrealmer. It even nudged his hand with its nose twice in a row.

“Yip,” it – he – yelped again, sounding quite unsympathetic to the man’s inner sadness.

“Nosy furball,” Erron muttered, flicking the puppy’s nose and grinning behind his mask when the fluffball yapped a complaint.

Brash and noisy … arrogant … stubborn … silver-tongued rogue … long-legged … big brown eyes … selective hearing … sassy …small … feisty … immature …

Now who do you remind me of, boy?

You’re from Earthrealm … like me …

I serve the Kahn. That makes me an Outworlder.

SF could use your skills …

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

You could come back …

Outworld is my home now, kid.

Guess the trash has to stay in the bin, I suppose …

Young …

“Hey, boy,” Erron Black said to the puppy, “how’d you like the name Junior?”

The fluffball, Junior, just yawned.

“Heh, least you like the name,” his new owner whispered, walking away with him. “The cheeky Shaolin monk that you’re named after said some, uh, interesting things when I first called him that name – things that could make your other ear curl up and turn red, I’d bet …”

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did you know that converting videos fucks up audio tracks (if there are more than one)? I played one part of Gen Kill and over the original track there was Brad wheezing ‘I-I-I saw your penis’ and Ray saying ‘it’s huge dude don’t be embarrassed’. took me quite some time to realize wtf that was and where it came from