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i’ve never been one of those “if my favorite character dies i’m never watching this show again!!” type of people, and despite the walking dead having its many flaws, i honestly don’t think any character death, not even rick’s death necessarily, would have made me stop watching it.

but carl is the exception. carl was supposed to make it. he was supposed to outlive everyone else and be the last man standing. he was always the one who was supposed to survive.

that should be obvious to anyone who has spent seven and a half seasons watching this show. literally every single thing rick has ever done has been to keep his family safe and alive. killing carl is an insult to carl’s character, to rick’s character, to chandler, to the fans, to the comics, to the whole fucking show. killing carl vitiates everything both rick and carl have gone through. it just makes no sense.

i can’t even bring myself to be sad about his death because i am just so fucking mad. carl dying is the worst thing that ever could have happened on the walking dead and i’m not going to watch this show without carl in it because there’s just no point. none of the things that have happened on this show matter without carl.

if carl dies, so does the walking dead.

Little  Doll


A/n: listen since Christmas is coming I decided to post this because I didn’t have the time to turn it into a holiday theme like everyone else so ENJOY!  oh by the way I’m sorry for all the errors I was rushing to get this out when I typed this. please let me know if you like my fluffy Negan or have any ideas for how I should write next time….

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“DADDYYYYYYY!!!!!!” Came from a high pitched voice and everyone in the Sanctuary knew that voice. It was little Y/n and everyone knew that was their leader’s baby girl. But everyone helped Negan to raise the little girl, teaching her how to read and write. She didn’t understand much but was very alert for being only five. 

Heavy footsteps come running down the hall towards the sound of Y/n. Nearly out of breath, her father leans over on his knees to catch his breath. Hunched over in the door way of a room, the man catches his breath smiling as a small body runs into his long legs.

“Yes baby, daddy is very busy today.” He says chuckling as she clings to him, “but daddy I want to show you a trick!” looking up at her father Negan the leader of the Saviors. With eyes just like him honestly they could be twins.

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