Torture in New Zealand Prisons: A Briefing

No Pride in Prisons is pleased to announce its new booklet, Torture in New Zealand Prisons: A Briefing. 

Check out the blurb: 

This booklet draws together the findings of reports made by the Office of the Ombudsman in its investigations of four New Zealand prisons. Using these reports, No Pride in Prisons researchers provide an account, in plain language, of the ongoing abuse and mistreatment of prisoners. Contextualising this information within historical trends, they also tell the stories of prisoners who have contacted No Pride in Prisons, reminding us how this treatment is a lived reality for far too many people. Together, these accounts demonstrate the disturbing but undeniable existence of widespread torture in New Zealand prisons.

Copies of the booklet can be found online for free here, and hard copies can be purchased for $5 by emailing