TW: Thematic


My next project (planned) i’m gonna make some thematic photo story.honestly,i can’t wait to start.can’t wait to prepare.but fortunately, i left my harddisk in bandung.means i have to wait!



Doodles with a pencil,

Only a stencil

of a pen.

Dependent on the independent outcome;

The dividened.

The product: sum of all fears,

appearing as the difference

between quotient and patient:

pressuring peers.

Suppressing fear,

Dear John,

nowhere near; Broken bonds

for bails; bails for criminals.

Leaders supreme and subliminal.

Ephemeral, yes, 

distressed at best.

No contest, a swine fest; disregarded.

A foul incest.


Diesel Island

the diesel jeans 2011 commercial

uploaded by : watchFashionNews


The Dear Hunter - The Lake and the River

I’m not sure how to ignore the groove//rockability//subtle emotions//excellency of this jam//candy.

It’s like that bug over there//right there//BEHIND YOU.

It’s just a ball of fun//lovey-dovey//rubby-dubby.

Stay Hunting,

Sir Wellington the 2nd

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Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

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Five – The Day the Earth Moved

A photographer takes pictures of the world and often goes back at a later time because he wants to see how the world has changed. He seeks out angles which make the disgusting and monotonous nature of the world seem fresh and worthwhile. This particular photographer is at the center of a revolution as he witnesses human beings take flight without any aid and soar above his head. You would think he would jump at this opportunity to take a photo and become famous and rich, but why would he care. People are flying unassisted and if that is any indication of the progression ahead for the world he would do well to smash the ever living hell out of the machine that created a false ideal world. The real thing was happening right before his eyes. He did not attempt to fly or even think about the process, that all did not matter. What mattered is that someone up there slapped the earth off axis because he or she or it was through with the dismally submissive hole earths inhabitants have dug themselves into. Things were no longer going according to plan, and this once photographer realized for the first time in his life he was no longer looking through the lens of his camera, but through his own eyes and his own body.

-Nicholas Romatowski 2011