TW: Thematic


My next project (planned) i’m gonna make some thematic photo story.honestly,i can’t wait to start.can’t wait to prepare.but fortunately, i left my harddisk in bandung.means i have to wait!


Thematic HTML5 Child theme

Here’s an easy way to get started using HTML5 in your thematic child theme. I threw this together on the quick, so it doesn’t cover all of the bases, but you can use it as a starting place for your next project.

Cool ideas generated from these guys:

Thematic for Wordpress

Use Wordpress but want to fiddle about with your own theme/look? Then use the thematic framework (now part of the Automattic).

The Acamas child theme for Thematic looks pretty good to start editing.

See this blog post for a good range of tutorials/guides to thematic.

Get the book - (published by site point) its a good resource to have. Its stuffed full of php code but there is thought-inducing text in there too.