Osterley Bookshop, TW7. This is the first bookshop I’ve visited that sells eggs… 1967 saw this singular installation open in the site of the old Osterley Park railway station. Once you’ve re-clenched your jaw from oggling the period features it’s possible to start taking in the stupendous array of secondhand titles, antiquarian tomes and souvenirs of all kinds adorning each square inch of the place. 19th and early 20th century postcards, rocking horses, practical jokes, a bewilderingly extensive range of aesthetically-on-point greeting cards, marmalade, vintage precription spectacles, the list of miscellany and ephemera goes on and on but make no mistake; this is a true bookshop. The classics section here could go toe to toe with any of the best of Charing Cross. Whether Thriller, Children’s, Nostalgia or Art Theory. It really is all here. The eggs incidentally are from owners Tony and Pennie’s own garden hens. They normally leave visiting customers to it but if you ring the bell for service they will appear from the back room ready and more that happy to chat with you about the incredible history of the building and the shop. Osterley Bookshop is mind-blowingly good. (So easy to reach on the Piccadilly line too.) If you’re into home made and second-hand move this one straight to the top of your next book crawl list.