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"So I was reading this phanfic in which Phil's father abuses him sexually since he was really young and Dan's father beats him up constantly, so they meet each other at school and decide to run away together, but their fathers find them and start doing crazy sick things to them? I can't find it and I really wanna reread it and rec to a friend... hope you guys can find it somehow โ™ก" I think it's actually Child's Play by wishicouldunreadthat on tumblr instead of Take Me to Church

Child’s Play

Phil Lester knows only one thing in life: how to keep his dad satisfied so he doesn’t just take what he wants, because that’s so much worse than doing it himself.

Dan Howell’s life turned from abusive purgatory to hell when his dad learnt his worst secret. Hurting himself seems to be the easiest way of coping.

- Tori

Sherlock’s bargain with the devil...

Last night I watched TRF with a friend and noticed a few more things. (Well, I say friend. She made me re-watch Reichenbach last night, but on the other hand she also showed me how to do some cool inversions in the yoga hammock she has suspended from her living room ceiling, so I almost forgive her.)

The rooftop scene caught my attention a little more this time. It seemed to go through a few odd transitions. Sherlock is ordinary, Sherlock’s on the side of the angels, Sherlock’s a doofus, Sherlock’s going to jump. Sherlock isn’t going to jump, he’s not ordinary, he’s Jim, he’s no angel, he’s going to shake hands with Jim in hell.

Which is when I realized, Sherlock was willing to sacrifice a lot more than just his life to save his friends.

Think about it. He steps back down off the ledge because he’s just realized that Jim can call off the snipers anytime he wants to. He also knows that torture doesn’t work on Jim. Look:

JIM: You can have me arrested; you can torture me; you can do anything you like with me; but nothing’s gonna prevent them from pulling the trigger. 

In fact, Mycroft has already tried the torture approach, and it didn’t get anything out of Moriarty that he didn’t want to give. 

But Sherlock still thinks there’s something he can do to make Moriarty change the ending to his story:

SHERLOCK: I don’t have to die … (his voice becomes sing-song) … if I’ve got you.
JIM: Oh! (He laughs in relieved delight.) You think you can make me stop the order? You think you can make me do that?
SHERLOCK (still circling him): Yes. So do you. 

What does Sherlock think he can do? That Mycroft couldn’t?

JIM: Sherlock, your big brother and all the King’s horses couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to. 

So what can Sherlock do that Mycroft couldn’t? Well, what does Moriarty want from Sherlock? In TGG he said he wanted Sherlock to back off, to stay out of Moriarty’s business, but then he spent a great deal of time bringing himself to Sherlock’s attention for someone who doesn’t want Sherlock’s attention. It has always seemed more likely that it was Sherlock himself that he wanted, as a partner and counterpart and intellectual equal–hence his disappointment when Sherlock turned out to be ordinary. 

More than Sherlock’s disgrace, Jim wants his soul. It is the worst kind of treachery he is asking for. His friends (”John?” “Everyone.”) believe he’s for real, so it would crush them to think he was a fraud. But they also believe in his potential to be a Good Man, so how much more crushing would it be for them to see him join Moriarty? 

But that’s what Sherlock offers, if it will protect his friends:

SHERLOCK (stopping and getting into Jim’s face): Yes, but I’m not my brother, remember? I am you – prepared to do anything; prepared to burn; prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you. 

But it gets even worse. Every villain in this show carries an overtone of sexual coercion. It’s worse with Magnussen, in some ways, but it’s definitely present with Jim. There’s always been a creepy kind of flirtation in all of their dealings (the underwear, the phone number, “…or are you pleased to see me”,”Daddy’s had enough now” and this is before the fellating of the pistol in TAB). 

Jim is as interested in Sherlock sexually as he is in his mind. Sexual access and control is what he wants. He wants to own Sherlock utterly.

Sherlock knows this. If he’s going to convince Jim that they’re the same, that’s what he has to offer.

Look at what he says:

SHERLOCK (his voice becoming more ominous): Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.

And that’s when Jim decides that Sherlock is in earnest, and is willing to offer him exactly what he wants after all. “I’m no angel” can refer to the state of Sherlock’s soul, but also to what he chooses to do with his body. 

“Prepared to do anything.”

Sherlock is offering himself to Jim here, body and soul, to save John. 

And we know that this is nothing short of Sherlock’s whole self, don’t we? He loves dancing, he’s always has, he lives in hope of the right case, but he’s going to throw it all away and dance with the devil instead, if it means saving John.


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I hope this isn't rude, and you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but do dissociate? Maybe even mildly? Because I have some tips if you want them.

((OOC: I do, actually. It’s more of a mild depersonalization. The world gets fuzzy and doesn’t feel real. It’s like being on auto pilot and watching myself from an outsider perspective.

I usually write when this happens, or paint))

reaction to getting stabbed

Peter: Rude. *shakes head and sighs*

Malia: *growls*

Scott: I hope everybody else is okay.

Derek: Dammit, again?

Lydia: *doesn’t get stabbed because she’s too good for that bullshit*

Isaac: Somebody bring me a scarf to stop the blood flow!

Stiles: *flails and sputters nonsense until Derek calms him down*

Theo: *is still super hot despited stabbed-ness*