Christmas with the Stilinski’s Would Include...

  • Stiles waking you up at the crack of dawn, like a giddy child
  • Tugging you downstairs to the Christmas tree that held too many wrapped up presents underneath it
  • Noah walking into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand, dressed in striped pajamas that Stiles bought him
  • Sitting around the Christmas tree, handing each other presents and joking around
  • Going back to bed for a nap because Stiles woke both of you up too early

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  • Stiles keeping presents in his room for you to open when you two got alone time
  • One of them being a new piece of jewellery that goes with the one he bought you last year
  • Watching Noah’s favorite movies before dinner time
  • Ordering take away instead of having a full-on traditional dinner
  • Having drinks after dinner and listening to Noah tell you stories about when Stiles was younger
  • Noah having a little too much to drink, and starts to reminisce about the times Claudia was there
  • “Claudia would have really liked you, Y/n. You’re a true angel.”
  • “Dad, stop.” Stiles gets a little embarrassed
  • “No, really, Stiles. Y/n is a gift to this family.”
  • Kissing Noah on the cheek as a goodnight before retiring to bed with Stiles
  • “I love your dad.”
  • “He loves you, just not as much as me.”
  • Kisses, a lot of kisses that day
  • Stiles wants you to know that you’re cherished and deserve everything

This was just resting in my drafts, here you go. I think I cried writing this. Send me in requests, I’m almost finished all my assignments for Uni.

p.s this was a procrastinating project requested by @jlewiss

Do I tag in headcanons? sure why not

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me: oh so you consider confederate flags ‘historical’? then put them in museums w/ proper context, not on fucking state flags. if their significance is ‘historical’ then treat them the same as nazi flags-

neo-nazi movement: *does its shit*

me: this is not what i meant


Stiles: “See that wasn’t so bad right!?”
You: “No. No it wasn’t as bad as I thought. But I don’t know if I’m actually gonna pass my finals.”
Stiles: “You will. I’m sure of it! Now shut up, (Y/N), and eat your ice cream. Tomorrow is another day to learn!”

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Ok. I know this isn’t a sim question but one of my best friends is getting a lot of hate and trying to kill herselve my parents don’t like her that much so their not gunna care I have no idea what to do can you please help

call her, skype her, talk to her its more effective than texting remind her how much you care for her how great of a person she is… also if you want something that is a lil more /// talk about how you would never get over her death how her family would never get over her death no one would be the same if she were gone

usually stuff like this should go to my advice blog, so im not spamming people with stuff like this lemme know how it goes <3 


Stiles: So it’s like 2 in the morning. I wake up and she’s just lying right next to me. She just sneaks in. This was like five times this week.
Scott: And then what happens?
Stiles: We spend the rest of the night spooning.
Scott: That sounds okay.
Stiles: Yeah, but I’m always the little spoon. Always.

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Imagine Barba and his wife after she has a miscarriage


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  • When Rafael first learned you were pregnant, he wasn’t ashamed to admit he cried. His tears staining your blouse, as he held you close. 
  • The two of you were going to be starting a new chapter of your lives together, and though it wasn’t ideal with either of your jobs, the two of you would make it work. For your baby. 
  • Until it wasn’t. 
  • He first heard your cries when he entered the apartment, his things falling to the ground, as he called out your name, trying to find you.
  • He finds you on the floor of the bathroom, gut wrenching sobs wracking your body, as little pools of blood ran between the grooves of the tile. 
  • He had never felt his heart break faster, his soul receding to the recesses of his body to escape the pain that was flooding his being. He felt himself crack. No. It wasn’t time for him to mourn. 
  • Not yet. 
  • He needed to help you, comfort you, hold you, to clean you up. 
  • So he did just that, he helped you to your feet, changed your clothes, got you in the shower, your tears mixing with the water than ran down your bodies, as he held you close. He called the doctor as you got dressed. 
  • The first words you spoke after you two crawled into bed were “I’m sorry,” 
  • He couldn’t believe your words. 
  • He was sorry he wasn’t there for you more. He was sorry he hadn’t spent more time with you during the pregnancy. He was sorry that he wasn’t there when…
  • He was sorry. He was sorry. He was sorry. That’s all he could be. 
  • He assured you that you had nothing to be sorry for, that it was okay, and you two would be okay. 
  • And he knew you two would. It would take time, and it would take effort, but you both would make it through the grief somehow. 
  • As he whispered soothing nothings to you, you drifted off to sleep. 
  • And he finally allowed himself to cry. Again. 

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Hello I’m that anon with the friend, I want to thank you for helping me we just got of the phone we talked and cried and laughed but she had the pills and water when I called I’m glad I called when I did or I would have been to late I have never dealt with this before and your words definitely helped, without you my best friend could be gone. Thank you

pills never work anyways theyll just take you to the hospital and pump your stomach… im glad make sure to check on her regularly and continue to remind her how much she means to you <3


Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @kaylinfayezink​:  Ok the Isaac one you have where the reader and him are making out and Derek’s her brother and he catches them. Could you write a one shot of that please?

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we had a dog come in on emergency tonight that i was able to triage just before i left work and she was pregnant, she had one puppy thirteen hours prior to coming in but no other puppies…. we did an x ray and their were two other puppies that showed up, most likely were no longer living due to the time lapse between births… the one puppy she did have is healthy and doing well but… they were going in for an emergency c-section as i was leaving. i hope momma bear does well and i am so disheartened about her babies, while it’s unlikely i hope by some miracle they survived all the trauma.

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zoe i have this friend(shes an internet friend) and shes suicidal and she talks about cutting herself and stuff like that and i have no idea what to say in those situations. Im not suicidal and i have no friends who are and when she messages me that she just cut herself i have no idea what to do. I love her with all my heart but she makes me freak out sometimes because i feel like if I dont say the right thing i could be responsible for something terrible

let her know that let her know that

also this 


A Sonic Forces ‘What If’

Infinite, or Nilus as he is known, never decided to attack Eggman’s base and lives a contented, happy life with the Jackal Squad after hitting it big when they decided to join the resistance instead, helping them rescue Sonic from captivity and prevent Eggman from dominating the world with the power of the Phantom Ruby. 

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I feel as if a lot of people, terfs especially, twist “you have to consider a trans woman a woman and a trans man a man or you are transphobic” into “you have to have sex with trans women and trans men or you are transphobic” and that is not what the fuck we’re saying. You don’t have to have sex with anyone. In fact, I don’t give a fuck who you get busy with in your bedroom and what they have ‘down there’. But a trans woman in a relationship with another woman who wants to be with her is a lesbian fucking relationship because they. Are. Both. Women. I don’t give two shits who you want to date, in fact I understand hating dick or hating vagina, as an asexual, and even as a trans man, I can see this. It wouldn’t even be fair to either one of you to go into a relationship like that. But god damnit you have to respect me. You have to respect us. You have to respect that I am a man. That she is a woman. That he is a man. That we are the gender we say we are, regardless of whether or not you want to have sex with us. Frankly, I can almost guarantee none of us want to have sex with you anyway. So stop your god awful crusading “trans women just want to rape us because they’re men!” Not only is that transphobic it’s also toxic feminism and misandrist. You either need to stop or admit that it’s not about what you pretend it’s about. You gotta admit it’s that you just hate men and will never see a trans woman as a woman because you only look at genitals and that a woman can never be anything but a vagina and man can never be anything but a penis. Either just come forward or get it through your skull that we don’t care who you have sex with, we just demand respect. Admit you’re not a feminist, at all, because everything you say is the exact opposite of what feminism really is, or admit defeat and accept that trans women are women and trans men are men. No sex strings attached.