Friendly reminder that Stiles Stilinski isn’t some small, delicate flower. He’s just shy of 5'11″, he’s spent the better part of two years running from and fighting monsters, on top of playing lacrosse and running cross country. 

He’s never looked weak, he’s always been able to hold his own (and sometimes he’s held his own AND an entire other person.) 

Just… Stiles Stilinski isn’t some dainty little thing. He’s HUMAN, but he can take care of himself… remember all the times he ran headlong into danger with a baseball bat? 

Let’s all remember that Stiles isn’t a little wimp that needs protection. If anything, people need protection from him.

Being best friends with Stiles and Scott:

○ A lot, a lot, a lot of sarcasm
○ Pranking each other and blaming it on one another
○ Thinking up plans together and being the tricky trio
○ Being very protective of each other and supporting each other
○ Playing in/going to the lacrosse games
○ Going for rides in Stiles’ jeep
○ Being able to open up/reply on them in times of need
○ Thinking of/treating each other as family
○ Getting yourselves in and out of trouble regularly

The Four Types of Rapists

Like murder, the act of rape often occurs within a certain pattern of behaviour, and these ‘psychological cues’ can assist investigators in determining the motivation behind the rape, the offenders post-crime behaviour, and the risk of the offender striking again.

The most common behaviours exhibited by sexual offenders have been split into four basic types. Many offenders can fall into more than one type, or may cycle through the types based on their level of maturity.

1. The Power Reassurance Rapist br> Power Reassurance offenders often feel inadequate or insecure around women in their daily lives, and commit sexual assault to prove their perceived machismo and dominance over women, who he typically sees as unattainable. Rarely physically harms their victims, and asserts authority by displaying weapons. Will often apologise to their victims or stay with them after the assault. This Type can often be scared off by screams or fighting back.

2. The Power Assertive Rapist p>

The Assertive offender has a very intense hatred for women (unlike the Power Reassurance offender, who feels too inadequate to approach women conventionally) and commits sexual assault to humiliate and degrade their victims. This Type has been called the ‘date rapist’ Type because they have a tendency to charm their victim before launching an attack. The Assertive offender often wants to leave the victim physically and emotionally traumatised, but attacks can sometimes escalate into homicide.

3. The Anger Retaliation Rapist p>

Anger Retaliation offenders often feel intense hatred/rage towards a certain woman in their life, and will displace that anger onto another woman in order to “hurt” the true object of his pain. This type tends to choose victims that superficially resemble hated women in his life (for example, if the offender hates his mother he may target victims who are of similar age and look to her). This Type is the most volatile of the four and the level of violence exhibited often escalates markedly between attacks, often to the point of homicide. While death isn’t necessarily the motivating factor in the assault, it can result from the sheer level of anger the offender can displace onto the victim.

4. The Sadistic Rapist p>

The Sadistic offender is the most organized of the four Types, and usually the one most likely to commit murder. These offenders receive intense gratification from torturing their victims sexually, and inflicting pain is the primary motivation behind the assault. Victims are often tied up but kept conscious, and the offender usually employs props or devices to use during the torture. Often the victim is kept alive for a prolonged period so the offender can continue to sexually torture them.

we just watched a horribly intense news video on a woman with an eating disorder and I usually can always, ALWAYS hold it together with these things despite my past but I am so shaken up and had to go right to the bathroom bc I couldn’t prevent the tears and diehdldheifnodnskd it’s because you see this and wonder how you could ever do this to yourself

Versace - Tyler Posey

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Requested: Hey! Could you please do an imagine with Tyler Posey where you’re shopping and he wants to treat you so he takes you into an expensive shop but the manager is really rude and when you try on a dress a bunch of fans come running up and then Tyler makes a snarky remark to the lady and you guys leave??? Thankssss xx

Summary: Tyler takes (Y/N) to Versace and one of the workers insults you and says how you can’t afford the dress. 

“Ta daa!” 

“Versace?! Tyler, I can’t afford this” I say as Tyler begins to drag me into the golden lit store. 

“I know, so I’m getting you something special.” 

“No, no, no, no. You can’t afford this either. Didn’t you just spend $400 on alcohol like two days ago?” Tyler lifts his eyebrows at me and I roll my eyes, knowing perfectly well he could probably buy the shop. 

“Come on, you keep buying me little presents like every day. I wanna get you something too!” 

“Yeah but I buy you like chocolate bars and Harvey’s not…” I pick up a dress and turn the tag, seeing it was $800 “a freaking 800 dollar dress!” I squeak. “This is like 3 months rent for me”

“Not that one, blues not your colour.” Tyler says nonchalantly before wondering off. I furrow my eyebrows and scoff playfully. “(Y/N)! This one!” I heard from the other side of the store. I quickly rush over seeing the glares from people wearing pearls probably more expensive than my yearly wage. 

“Tyler, shh. You ca- oh wow” I say breathless when I see the red dress. It was slightly see through at the top but there were gold sequins that littered the chest area and made it so everything private was covered. The sequins then began to slowly fade out as it reached the bottom of the dress. 

“Why don’t you go try it on?” I nod, not even really taking into account what he was saying. “Excuse me!” Tyler calls over a staff member. 

“Yes?” The old worker asked. 

“She’d like to try this one on.” 

“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure?”

“That dress is two thousand dollars. You can’t afford it” She sneered over her pointed witch nose as she looked Tyler and I up and down. I was wearing some blue skinny jeans and a baggy knit while he wore black jeans and a plaid unbuttoned over a black shirt. I looked up at Tyler knowing he wasn’t going to like this. 

“I said. She’d like to try this one on.” He said sternly.

“Of corse, sir” She spoke sarcastically. Tyler looked back at me and grabbed my hand as he lead me to the change rooms. 

“One sec, I’ll grab a necklace too.” He says as he rushes off. 

“OH MY GOD! THEY WEREN’T LYING! TYLER!!!” Tyler turned around shocked when he met the view of a bunch of girls and guys rushing towards him. “CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN THIS?” People were shoving things at him and taking photos as he smiled and greeted everyone with love. 

“What is going on here?!” The old retail worker lady comes out.


I come out of the change rooms dressed in the perfectly fitting gown. 

“Tyler yo-” I jumped back as I saw all the people crowding him.

“(Y/N)?!” People began crowding around me too and complimenting the dress. I thanked them all and politely made my way to Tyler. 

“How ya doin?” I smirked seeing how he was stressed out about signing everything and taking photos with everyone. 

“Go- Jesus you look good.” He smirks. 

“Yeah, I really like it too. But to be honest I don’t want to give the witch the satisfaction of getting your money.” 

“No, I agree. But I have a plan.”

“Sorry for all that.” 

“No worries, Sir!” The lady says a lot more nicely.

“But we won’t be getting the dress.” 


“Yeah, it’s nice but… a bit cheap.” He smirks before we walk out the shop laughing. “Want some ice cream?” 

“Uhhh ya!” I say as if it were obvious. Tyler then makes a quick stop on our way to the ice cream shop and leaves me in the car. When he comes back I laugh seeing him carrying a Versace bag with a red and gold dress. 

“Ok, ice cream time.” I smile at him and give him a quick but passionate kiss on his lips. 

“Shotgun rainbow.” I smile and giggle, excited for the rest of our day ahead.

Thanks again everyone for sending in requests! I love receiving them! 

Unpopular opinion: I honestly never saw the “chemistry” or attraction between s.terek… Like at all….