Yunho: We don’t have SNS, and this is our first, so we wanted it to be natural. It might be a little awkward because it’s our first.

CM: It’s been 10+ years since we debuted, and people probably think of us as old now.. 

YH: No, we are always evolving! 

CM: I mean, yes but..

CM: People probably thought we wouldn’t do something like this, but we hope to do these often and become more approachable to people. 

YH: We want to show people how we’ve been doing, and just answer your questions and talk to you guys.

CM: Our staff don’t know what to do with us because we honestly know nothing but V Live, they’re like “omg what are we going to do w/ them”

YH: Your face has gotten a little red. 

CM: You know me, I’m a shy person.

Yunho updating us on what he’s been up to. Both are preparing their solo songs, YH filmed Meloholic + cameo for Son Ho Jun + THSK Dome Tour

CM: I’ve been back like a month, and I’ve been working so SO SOOO hard, you don’t even know. *Yunho is dying from laughter next to him*

CM: Every broadcast, we’re going to get more and more comfy/at ease. 

YH: Our company is.. 

CM: You are watching TVXQ’s 1st and last V Live

CM: The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. 

YH: But I’m an analogue person :( 

CM: I know right? Alpha Go scared me so much D:

YH: There are SOOO many questions here. 

CM: Just from looking at it, there are like … 7. YH: *ignores Changmin* SO MANY.

Yunho says he used to have “baby taste” and hated Americano/only drank ice chocolate CM: Basically it was ALL SUGAR. ALL OF IT.

Yunho said since going to the army, he started drinking Americano bc the ice chocolate was making him gain weight bc he drank so much

CM: I read more newspapers and books, and I watch the news more. YH: CM is reading at every opportunity, during every break.

YH: I’ll let CM learn all about the 4th industrial revolution and I’ll just sit next to him and copy what he does, and I should be fine?

CM said he’s reading a book these days on “Why do I have so many thoughts?” and he said reading it is filling his head w/ more thoughts lol

CM: Before, we used to want to appear on variety shows and stuff, but these days, we really want to just meet with fans + connect with you

CM: We keep talking about “Beginnings” but when are we actually going to begin? When will it ever start? -____-

*Got a question on who they got their latest missed call from* YH: I want to show them my phone to talk about this. CM: lol I don’t.

YH’s last missed call was from a childhood friend who is happily married. CM’s was from Siwon, who he says is calling a lot these days.

lol CM: My mom told me “I’m so grateful you were born as Siwon’s friend.” YH: I’ve heard this phrase before? CM: She said that about you too

YH talked about “Happy Together” and he said Yoo Jae Suk told him, “Have you guys always been this funny? It feels like smthg has changed”

YH has CM saved on his phone as “Our Changmin” CM has YH saved as “Yunho-hyung”

CM: I didn’t want to go too crazy with Yunho’s name on my phone. You know, you tend to be more careful about poking fun at family. 

CM: When I was filming my MV, I told YH he didn’t have to come but he did. He drove there though it was far+traffic to buy everyone coffee

CM: He was like “You can’t leave without drinking my coffee!!!” so we all had to drink coffee at like 7pm with one scene left to film.

CM: Yunho’s MV was so energetic and physically hard to film, so I asked if mine could be as comfortable and calm as possible (lmao Changmin)

YH: CM came to my MV too, but there’s something else I’m more grateful of from Changmin. These past months, I’ve lost a bit of confidence - YH: - And when I was feeling down, CM messaged me out of the blue to tell me how great I was and that I had no reason to lose confidence.

YH: CM can be a little sharp and direct with his words at times, but he sent me such warm messages, for which I was grateful.

Lmao CM is like “Please end this broadcast now” and YH is like “Noooooo I don’t want to. Time flew by too fast.”

YH: Look someone wrote, “Oppa you look so young”! LOOK AT THAT. CM: Don’t be fooled by words like that. Those words are dangerous.

YH says they’ll do a mukbang in the future because Changmin eats so deliciously and fans would like it.

YH: We want to show you everything! CM: Not everything. Leave a little out. YH: No, everything >:)

CM: You probably can’t tell, but I’m so tired right now. So tired. YH: You shouldn’t say that. CM: This has been TVXQ’s 1st and last V Live

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“CM & YH : We’re too shy but we think about our fans so much!!

CM : staffs are now embarrassed, since we now look TOO natural and they didn’t expect this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We might look even pathetic ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CM : We’d never had a peaceful day (because of work)! 

YH : We have to because we shouldn’t be forgotten!

YH : I used to feel less self-confident, but one day CM kakaotalked and said “You don’t need to feel so because you’re gorgeous! You’re uknow yunho!”



Minho with “Boy’s Day” perform Girl’s Day Something at SMTown 140815

TVXQ Shares When They Were Most Grateful For Each Other Recently In 1st V Live Broadcast

TVXQ Shares When They Were Most Grateful For Each Other Recently In 1st V Live Broadcast

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TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin held their first ever Naver V Live broadcast on September 20 and they connected with their fans as they shared stories and answered questions.

During their broadcast, they were asked the question of how they have each other saved on their phones. Yunho replied, “Our Changmin” while Changmin said, “Yunho hyung.” The older member seemed to be a little disappointed by his…

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here we go again with their dynamic (09/20/17)

YH: This is only the beginning of TVXQ! 
CM: Is there always beginning only? There should be some ends

YH: (reads comments) “oppa looks so young”!! 
CM: Don’t be deceived by such comments

YH: I used not to drink americano… I only drank ice choco. Before the enlistment I started drinking americano and opened my eyes for it!
CM: Finally you became an adult :)

YH: CM has read so many books lately. 
CM: I have to learn what the ‘4th industrial revolution’ is!!

YH: Okay, okay

CM & YH: We’re too shy but we think about our fans so much!!

CM : I hate being spotlighted as much as I hate dying

CM : We worked so hard like a cattle plowing a field

CM: “Show people why you’re uknow yunho!!”

Fan: You will be more used to V-live! 

CM: We don’t NEED to be so…. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ