Amazing video about Katherine, one of the best I’ve seen.

Delena is not about lust

While browsing the anti Delena tag for laughs, I noticed that a common view among the Stelena fans is that Delena is all about lust and infatuation. Well, let me share something I noticed today when procrastinating studying. This has probably been said before, but as I’m not the most observational TVD watcher, this is the first time I truly noticed it.

I watched a clip from 2x10, when Elena and Rose go to Slater’s apartment  and Rose calls Damon when she realizes that Elena is about to give herself over to Klaus. Three vampires come, Damon is angry and protective, and then Elijah shows up, making a killer entrance as usual. He takes down the Klaus minions, then leaves.

Now, let’s look at this from Damon’s perspective. He knows Elijah is stronger and faster than him, and that he doesn’t go by normal vampire rules when it comes to dying. For all that Damon knows, Elijah is after Elena. And this time, there is no Stefan to help, and Damon doesn’t have the advantage of surprise. And yet, after he has seen Elijah rip out three hearts in cold blood, Damon moves towards him with nothing but determination on his face. While Damon is arrogant and impulsive, he’s not stupid. He knows there is not a chance in the world that he will make it, but he won’t step aside to let Elijah take Elena. One might argue that Elijah would have had Elena anyway if he killed Damon, thus rendering the sacrifice unnecessary, but Damon will rather die knowing that he did what he could to save Elena than follow Rose’s lead and save his own skin.
And that kind of act is not something brought on by lust and infatuation.