“Klaus, what I feel for you has nothing to do with the Bond, and everything to do with you. You have been the one person I can always turn to. I used to hate that. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Caroline is a human who suddenly finds herself mated to the most powerful werewolf in existence. The mate Bond is a powerful thing. Caroline knew who Klaus was the moment she laid eyes on him…and the wolf laid eyes on her. Although with the Bond comes many things, love is far from one of them. Love is more than a chemical. Love takes time.


Klaus: ”You need to stop wanting things you can’t get“
Elijah: “Are you talking about (Y/N)?”
Klaus: “Admit it brother, your jealous of what i have with (Y/N), i’ve sampled what she has to offer and let me tell you, she is exquisite”
Elijah:”oh shut up, i don’t wanna hear it“

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How would you describe every tvd fandom?

My answer will probably get me in trouble but what the hell, I’m intrigued. These are the TVD fandoms the way  that I’ve experienced them.


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Those are the big ones!

Oh shit, I forgot about Forwood, which coincidentally is:

and Stefonnie is:


Kat Graham Talks the Final Season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’


Paul Wesley and Candice King in the final San Diego Comic-Con press room for The Vampire Diaries. They chatted with press about what they would like to see for their characters in the final season, the possibility of a June Steroline wedding, and more.