Just in case you’re wishing there was more Downton Abbey

I’ve got a few recommendations:

The Bletchley Circle: A group of former WWII code breakers take a series of unsolved crimes into their own hands, seeing as how no one will listen to them. Just being women and all.

Call the Midwife: How many different words for “amazing” can I use before they start to lose meaning? I love this show SO much! The characters are so engaging and this snapshot into 1950s-60s Poplar life is endearing, heart-breaking, and eye-opening.

Also, definitely read Jenny Worth’s memoirs on which the series is based, titled either The Midwife or Call the Midwife (after the TV tie-in).

Home Fires: Series two is airing now in the US and it is a lovely series with the same dosages of scandal, small-town life, classism, and fabulous costuming as Downton Abbey, only in the 1940s.

The Crown: A truly great Netflix original about the young Queen Elizabeth II which offers a fascinating insight into her young life.

Pan Am: Oh, Pan Am! What a fabulous show! Beautiful costuming and soundtrack, as well as a pretty good plotline. But beware of watching on-demand - ABC aired the series out of order because they thought that would be a good idea for some reason. The story-line straightens out about half-way through,and by that time you will probably be hooked.

Rebellion: Haven’t watched it yet, but it seems promising. From Netflix, “As World War I rages, three women and their families in Dublin choose sides in the violent Easter Rising revolt against British rule.

Victoria: Jenna Coleman is an absolute vision as young Queen Victoria. The first season shows Victoria’s ascent to the throne, her young love with her advisor, Lord Melbourne, and then eventually her husband, Prince Albert, as well as the mine-field of intrigue and ulterior motives from her family and household. Spectacular!

The Paradise: Not as great as some of the others, but still a pretty entertaining look into the birth of the “one-stop-shop” in Edwardian England.

Mercy Street: I think this show is pretty amazing, although it is not for the squeamish (like my husband) who gag at the slightest sight of a putrefied wound. As a southerner - a Virginian, no less - what I love about this show is that it shows that there are good and bad people on both sides of a decidedly horrible issue, meaning not all Southerners are evil bigots, and not all Yankees are heroes in blue. Still true today, keep that in mind. Rant over - watch the show.

And last, but not least,

Vikings: A delicious mix of The Tudors and Game of Thrones. Quite a bit more violent and vulgar than Downton Abbey, but I still can’t help myself from recommending it to anyone who will listen. I find myself rooting for people who, if I met them in real life, would make me run for cover. Prepare to spend several hours at work looking up awesome braided hairstyles on Pinterest!

All that being said, I would also love to hear some others’ recommendations for fabulous period dramas. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

PLEASE watch American Vandal on Netflix. It’s an absurdist take on a Making a Murderer style documentary and it’s fucking astounding.

-The concept alone is fucking hilarious

-B-roll, visuals, and production value are top notch, but it feels insanely real. For the first couple of eps I was convinced it was a real thing edited by some genius who was still in high school.

-It’s only 8 30 minute episodes, you can and should do it in a day

-Probably one of the most competent T.V. depictions of a High School and the culture around it, and portrays it in an accurate yet hilarious way

-Can be watched as a comedy or a crime drama, but excels at being both

-The acting is ASTOUNDING and every character feels exactly their age (I.E. no freshmen who are clearly 25). For pretty much every major character you’ll say to yourself “yeah there is/was a kid/teacher like that at my high school”

-Is EXTREMELY underrated (in part because it came out shortly before Neo Yokio, a more popular show).

I thought to compile a list of some TV dramas that are similar to/might be enjoyed by those who like Home Fires. I’ve broken it down into periods but some do overlap so I have put them under the category they first start off in. 

c.World War I

c.Interwar Period

c. World War II

c.Post-World War II

These are just a few & feel free to suggest any if you want.

anonymous asked:

any show recommendations for unsolved fans?

*rubs hands together gleefully* OH BOY DO I

My biggest passion is television, like my dream is to be a Well Known TV Producer one day. I take it pretty seriously, and I also have a degree in film/media arts so I kind of know what I’m talking about a little bit. And I loooove recommending shows. So, here we go!

TV Shows You Might Like If You Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved:



Synopsis: A group of misfits attend a community college.

Notes: My All Time Favourite Show Ever. Witty, quick humour with loads of pop culture references and meta; the Big Bang Th*ory fuck that show is meant to be funny for geeks but Community actually is funny for geeks (without pandering); season 4 drops way down in quality due to production drama but picks up again for seasons 5/6′ ‘I figure it’s time I show growth, it’s been 3 seasons’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Synopsis: Set in the fictional 99th Precinct of the NYC Police Department in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a team of detectives headed by newly appointed Captain Ray Holt.

Notes: Made by the same guys who did Parks and Rec; not offensive at all (well for the most part); just really cute shenangians; perfect??; ‘cool motive, still murder’

30 Rock

Synopsis: The plot of 30 Rock revolves around the cast and crew of a fictional comedy series, which is filmed at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Notes: Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin anybody???; satire; honestly just one of the funniest shows to grace the silver screen; starts kind of slow; simultaneously the dumbest and smartest humour imaginable; ‘’lover’ bums me out unless it’s between ‘meat’ and ‘pizza’’


Black Mirror

Synopsis: A dramatic satire that centres around technology and the darker side of humankind.

Notes: Each episode is entirely independent from one another; a little bit genius; it’s like ‘this is what technology can do’ w/o being patronising; leaves you Considering Your Life Choices; really dark; scary in the sense that it’s not far removed from reality; but fucking amazing; if you watch Community and Black Mirror then please watch ‘App Development and Condiments’ and then ‘Nosedive’ it’s the Greatest Thing 

The Leftovers

Synopsis: In a global cataclysm, 140 million people disappear without a trace. Three years later, residents of Mapleton, N.Y. try to maintain equilibrium when the notion of “normal” no longer applies.

Notes: Made by Damon Lindelof (Lost); it seems like a sci-fi show but it’s not because it focuses more on the characters/drama and not like ‘how did everyone disappear tho’; the MOST fucked up show you will ever watch in your entire life; seriously what the fuck; the most well made show like ever?? sorry I don’t make the rules; another show that makes you Think and Question your life, religious themes; lots of suicide and death so watch out; because it’s fucked up; there’s an orgy on a boat with a lion???; season 1 is pretty slow but still good; season 2 is fantastic; season 3 is fucking phenomenal; also wtf; ‘nobody is coming to a parade for ‘we dont know what the fuck happened’ day’

The X-Files

Synopsis: The series revolves around FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully  who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully is a skeptic (sound familiar?).

Notes: I mean this is obvious because it’s funny and has lots of mystery and sci-fi; and that ‘will they won’t they’ vibe (rip); a Classic; BFU if it was like real and serious lmao, ‘the truth is out there’

Let’s Talk About Midnight, Texas

“Did you just find a new fandom?” 

I had been talking about the premier episode of Midnight, Texas all. day. long. Seriously, there was nothing anyone could do to get me to shut up about the show. In fact, I was demanding all of my friends watch the show. When I first heard about the show, I was apprehensive to say the least.

The initial trailer seemed to be missing something. It’s possible I didn’t look close enough, or this character really wasn’t included. Chuy Strong appeared to have been erased from the Midnight, Texas universe, and I was livid. As such, I took to Twitter to express my distaste. You’re really going to make a show like this and not include the gay guys? Really? Monica Breen corrected me quickly. “You mean Chuy? He’s in the first episode.” Oops, ignore the angry queer girl in the corner. I chose to watch the first episode and reserve any judgment. 

Y’all. I don’t even know where to begin. This show is remarkable. I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris. I have read all of her books several times. When I get frustrated about writing, I remind myself that a bad ass like her went out there and created magic. Then, I go for it and write weird shit like stories about Weresharks. Screw it, it’s all fair game. If Charlaine can create all manner of creatures and monsters and magic, I can too. Seeing the world of Midnight, Texas come alive has practically been a religious experience.

The cast for this show is insane. To be honest, no one in the cast is how I mentally pictured any of the characters in the book. However, once the show began and they started speaking and acting, I was sold. These people really are the best choices. 

One of the first things we see in the first episode is Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud) conducting a psychic reading. At first sight, my initial reaction to Arnaud was “That is not what Manfred looks like.” Manfred was supposed to be a walking “I’m a freak” billboard. He was supposed to be all tattoos and piercings and vibrant hair color. Francois Arnaud looks so…normal. This dude is light years away from normal, and I say that in the most complimentary fashion possible. Watching him interact with a spirit no one else could see, getting possessed by that spirit, talking to his dead grandmother…I’m sold. Arnaud is Manfred Bernardo and I couldn’t be more delighted by that. Someone in casting watched him and said “YES!” and did the world a huge service. As for the missing tattoos and piercings…they’re still there, just subtle. The closer that I watched the character, the more frequently I would catch a glimpse of something shiny or of some ink. This is attention to detail on a whole other level.

Sidenote to go with Manfred: Xylda (played by Joanne Camp) is brilliant. This woman comes off as the well meaning (albeit dead) grandmother with some spark to her. She could be leading you to a messy situation just to amuse herself, or she could really be aiming to take care of you. Buy the ticket and take the ride.

Olivia Charity (Arielle Kebbel) is one of the first citizens we come across in midnight. Another thing that worried me about the show was what would happen with Olivia. Would they turn her into some daddy-issue-ridden-sex-kitten? Y’all. High fives all around. Olivia is every inch of the badass in the show that she is in the books. Even in a scene where Olivia is in her underwear, it’s not in order to be sexy. She was off duty and getting ready for bed (it would appear) when her help was needed. Who the hell has time for pants? Olivia grabbed up her bow and arrow and went to work. This girl is murder and kindness and energy and grace and strength rolled into one and she. Gets. Things. Done.

Next up, we meet Bobo Winthrop. He is renting out a house to Manfred. Whoever cast Dylan Bruce as Bobo deserves a raise and a bottle of whisky. I fell in love with the character of Bobo Winthrop in the Lily Bard series. We watched him grow from a goofy teenager to a man with a huge heart. His family situation imploded and Bobo just kept plowing forward. He has always had a calm, easy going, charm about him. This guy, though, has one “weakness” so to speak. He can stand on his own two feet and has proved that many times. Bobo is at his most effective with a woman’s support. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he always needs a romantic partner. He just happens to do best when there is a woman there to tell him “This is okay, you are okay, I’m here.” There’s a scene in the first episode where Fiji and Bobo are sitting together and a police officer asks to speak to Bobo privately. Fiji gathers herself to leave, Bobo reaches for her and asks her to stay. That is classic Bobo. He knows he can do it alone, but would prefer not to. Dylan Bruce managed to bring all of Bobo’s best parts to the table.

Creek Lovell is played by Sarah Ramos. If I’m honest, I never gave much thought to Creek in the book series…even though her family has a pretty solid plotline. Sarah Ramos has given Creek so much depth that I am officially in love with Creek. Don’t get me started on shipping Manfred and Creek…I’m already there. She’s a strong woman trying to do right for her brother Connor. All I want for her are good things. During episode one, it is Sarah Ramos in voice over giving the lowdown on the citizens of Midnight. It appears Creek knows a little about everyone there.

In the book series, Reverend Emillio Sheen was a mysterious creature. He kept to himself and tended his church and graveyard. As the books progressed, he added on the care of young Diederick, but still stayed somewhat disconnected from the world around him. Between the talented writers and the wonderful Yul Vasquez The Rev is a brand new man. Sure, he’s still mysterious. Everyone in Midnight has their secrets. But, the way this character is written and acted have me empathizing so much more with him. It was an unexpected quirk of the show, but not unappreciated.

Lemuel Bridger (played by Peter Mensah) is probably the world’s coolest vampire. Not only has he been around long enough to control his impulses, but he can also leech energy instead of taking blood. Watching Mensah play Lemuel in a moment of bloodlust (where he leeched Manfred instead) was breathtaking. The careful, controlled, restraint shown was exactly what one would expect in that situation. His interrogation of the Sons of Lucifer member was horrifying and wonderful. Mensah definitely showed how immune to the concerns of humans an ancient vampire would be.

Fiji Cavanaugh in the books and the show is a breath of fresh air. This witch is incredibly brave and talented. Additionally, she’s not afraid to show her softer side. Fiji has always been a motherly type of character. I didn’t know what to expect with Parisa Fitz-Henley playing Fiji. Really, I don’t watch a lot of TV shows (only Midnight, Texas and Supernatural right now!) and am not familiar with her work. From the second Fitz-Henley took the screen, I was smitten. This woman…wow. She is kind, courteous, bad ass, and magical. This year, we got Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman…by the same token, we need to appreciate the hell out of Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji. The heart of everything Fiji is can be found in loving kindness and a desire to protect others. She is, for sure, the Wonderwoman of this show.

Let’s put the next two together, because that’s where they belong. Chuy and Joe Strong (played by Bernardo Sarcino and Jason Lewis respectively) are couple goals. These two men are angels…literally. In the first episode we get treated to Joe unfurling his wings and flying around. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the VFX and SFX teams? Joe unfolding his wings was gorgeous and a little gruesome. In their daily lives, the two men run a tattoo shop (Joe) and Nail Salon (Chuy.) The second episode treats us to a touching exchange between the two men. Though it is of Chuy questioning Joe’s decision to go flying and a little tense, you can see the love they have for each other. These two men have watched over the crossroads for ages. The end of the second episode reveals that Joe was in Midnight millennia ago. I cannot wait to see how things progress this season and to have Chuy and Joe’s perspectives on unfolding events.

Y’all…I literally do not have a single complaint about this show. There are certain unexpected aspects of it, but none of them are unpleasant. With episode two concluding, the overarching plotline for the season is starting to come together. The strengths and weaknesses of the citizens of Midnight are being revealed. Add in the amazing writing and killer visual and sound effects and this show really is a can’t miss.

P.S. Fiji’s cat talks…and he’s got a Texas accent! 

My Top 15 TV Shows

Hello! I decided to make this list in case anyone needed a new TV show to watch! My recs are going to go from favorite to least favorite (although some are so close that they are basically tied) Just so you all remember, also, these are just my opinions of the shows and you may not agree with me, and I’m sorry if I rec a show that you absolutely hate, because that was not my intention!

1. Lost

So yes, my all time favorite show is not Teen Wolf. Lost is just such an amazing tv series, and I wish they were still making seasons! It is a completed show with I think 5 seasons? This TV series is about a plane that crashes on a strange island. It’s full of mystery with some comedy and action and it is just really good. It follows the stories of all the different people who were on the plane, and this show is so mysterious that by the end you may still have questions. 

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Dexter, The X-Files, Stranger Things etc. this show might be something you’d enjoy!

2. Teen Wolf

So even though in my opinion Teen Wolf has gone downhill, I honestly believe this show, particularly the earlier seasons, is really great. It’s romantic, it’s funny, and it has werewolves in it. It also may be a little cheesy, especially in the first season, but I don’t mind personally. 

If you like shows such as: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Shannara Chronicles, True Blood, etc. this might be a show for you!

3. Sherlock

So this one is pretty much tied with Teen Wolf (honestly it should probably be above it but oh well) So the thing I love about this show is the comedy and mystery! There are twists and turns and it’s entertaining and interesting and all the actors do an amazing job! The fandom can be toxic, though, just a fair warning. But honestly it really is a great show that I can not praise enough because I spent hours binge watching this and squealing about it and it is so deep and has plot twists and it’s just amazing! Yeah.

If you likes shows such as: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Elementary, Person of Interest, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, etc, this show could be something you’d enjoy!

4. Fargo

So this is a thriller show that is very dark and has very mature, disturbing parts sometimes. But, it also has some comedy and honestly it is just an amazing preformance and story. Obviously, this is similar to the movie Fargo, but it continues on with another season, and a 3rd season is supposed to come out sometime this year! All of the actors are just so talented. The main character in season one is actually Martin Freeman, and in season 2 one of the main characters is Kirsten Dunst. Also, this show has seemingly different seasons that all connect. It is just so amazing like honestly I could probably put this one 1st or 2nd but it is kind of disturbing.

If you like shows such as: Sherlock, Lost, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Mr. Robot, True Detective, etc. then try out this show!

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you haven’t heard of it, this series is a Netflix series based off of books. Many people may recall the movie, and I can say that the tv series is very different in many ways that make me prefer it much more to the movie. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris does an amazing job portraying Count Olaf (the main bad guy). This TV series is meant to be kind of cheesy with a dark, creepy undertone. Also, it is full of mysteries! I really love how they’ve changed it and the casting in my opinion is much better! So far, the 1st season is the only one out, but I have no doubt that there will be more.

If you like shows such as: Dexter, The X-Files, Psych, Veronica Mars, etc. you should watch this show!

6. The Flash

So this show is obviously about the superhero the Flash. The things I really enjoy about this is the action and the plots for each season. The first season especially is my favorite. Seriously though this show is super entertaining and interesting and has a great diverse cast! 

If you like shows such as: Arrow, Heroes, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc. you should watch this show!

7. The Office

If you’ve never seen the office, this is a comedy show with romance too! It is extremely funny, thus having it be my top comedy show! It has 9 seasons, so you’ll have tons of episodes to watch, and it’s all on Netflix and finished filming! Seriously if you have not watched this show and you love comedies, WATCH IT! 

If you like shows such as: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. watch this show! 

8. Parks and Rec

It’s so hard to choose between the Office and Parks and Rec. They are both super hilarious! Parks and Rec is also about the workplace, the people at Parks and Recreation. It has amazing characters and development and jokes and I love it! Plus, it is all finished and has a ton of seasons to enjoy! (7)!

If you like shows such as: The Office, Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man on Earth, etc. then this show is for you!

9. Stranger Things

So, if you haven’t already heard about this show, this is basically the popular Netflix original that a lot of people are talking about! It reminds me of the movie E.T., just more modernized. It follows the story of a boy who goes missing, but it’s more than meets the eye. It is a supernatural/thriller show and honestly I thought it would be cheesy, but it’s not! It’s actually really interesting and spooky and mysterious and cute and I like it quite a bit! They only have 1 season so far, but they are releasing a new season this year!

If you like shows such as: Lost, X-Files, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, etc. you should try out this show!

10. Blindspot

If you haven’t heard of it, this is a newish show about this woman who is found and has no memory and tattoos all over her body. The FBI works to figure out who put them there and why. First of all, the plot is interesting, there is a ton of action and a little mystery and drama and romance. It really is entertaining and I just really enjoy the overall thrill of this show!

If you likes shows such as : CSI, Lost, The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, The Flash, How to Get Away With Murder, etc., then you definitely need to try out this show!!!

11. The Last Man on Earth

Honestly I’m surprised this one is not higher up on my list!!! It is so hilarious and I think it just gets better with each season, in my personal opinion. It’s the story of the (seemingly) last man on earth after being wiped out from a virus! It is just so funny and has some thriller/mystery elements, actually!! It gets serious sometimes and it is just so perfect. 

If you likes shows such as: Parks and Rec, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,  Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc. you should totally try watching this show!

12. Wayward Pines

This show is about a strange town with secrets. It’s a mystery/thriller/supernatural show, and it’s really good, but also kinda strange. In my opinion, I enjoyed the 2nd season more than the 1st, but a lot of people disagree, so you’d have to watch it to decide for yourself! They currently only have 2 seasons, but I think they’re making a third? Anyways but if you like tons of mystery and thrills and stuff you’d probably like this show!

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Under the Dome, Bones, etc., you might want to give this show a try!

13. 11.22.63

So this is a mini series (I think 6 or 8 episodes total?) and it’s based off of the novel 11.22.63 by Stephen King. Basically, it’s about a guy who goes back in time to try to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So it is kinda historical but I mean it’s still time travel soooo. I would call it a myster/thriller mostly, with some history of course. (If you haven’t been able to tell yet, myster/thriller is my FAVORITE genre) 

If you like shows such as: Under the Dome, Westworld, Sense 8, etc., you should check this show out!

14. Steven Universe

Okay first of all yes I know this is a cartoon but IT IS SO MASTERFULLY MADE LIKE OH MY GOD. It deals with stereotypes and has lesbian relationships and it is adorable and interesting and the plot is actually so intriguing as it gets more into the show. Watching the first episodes, or maybe even the first half of the first season, it seems really cheesy and annoying but honestly it gets so deep and amazing. It’s about a boy named Steven who is half human and ‘half gem’ and he lives with this rebel group of gems called the crystal gems and it’s all about their trials and it probably sounds stupid to you if you’ve never seen it but I swear to you, in my opinion, it is one of the best cartoons I’ve ever watched.

If you like shows such as: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc., then watch this show!!!

15. Humans

So this last one was really tough because honestly there are a lot of other TV Shows that I like but this show is really interesting. It is about these robots who are like servants to the humans, but there are some ‘rebels’ or whatever you would call them who have human emotions and it’s about trying to find one of the synths who has been taken by a family and I mean I enjoyed it personally but it is about robots so you have to be into that kind of show. 

If you likes shows such as: Wayward Pines, Stranger Things, Westworld, Black Mirror, etc. you should try out this show!

Children’s Shows Like Girl Meets World

If you’re like me, a person who was practically raised on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, sometimes it’s hard to stray from it as you grow up. If you’re like me, you still watch children’s shows even though you’re all grown up and have seen many other quality shows that don’t have kid actors. If you’re like me, you know that it’s hard to quit. So, for the people who love(d) the show Girl Meets World and feels like something’s missing because some devil took it off air, here are some shows that will help you feel whole again. 

The first one (and this isn’t in order of how much I like it, I love them all equally just like a mother might her children) is So Awkward. 

This adorable show centers around Lily, the girl in the middle, going through ?seventh grade? (I don’t know how British schools have their grades) and trying to make her crush, Matt, notice her. I highly recommend this show to Rucas fans, I see a major season one resemblance to Riley and Lucas to Lily and Matt. Also if you’re a fan of Smackle, have no fear, Martha and Ollie are probably the most adorable things in the entire world. And Jas is… well, she’s Jas. She’s kind of like Zay and Farkle (season one) combined with the defiance of Maya. I’d say this show has the most resemblance to Girl Meets World on this list. 

The next show is Little Lunch. 

This adorable Australian’s children show is possibly the funniest show I have ever seen in my entire life (and I’ve seen more than a hundred television shows). While it doesn’t have much similarities with the older kids, if you liked Auggie and Ava’s adventures, watch this show. It’s less silly than those lovebirds but still has the charm of a young child’s mind. I can’t express enough how much I adore this show. While it was short lived, my love for these kiddos will always remain. 

The next show is just… wow, okay, I’m getting emotional, this show is just so good. It’s called The Worst Year of My Life Again

Such a unique twist on the common trope of someone living the same day over and over again. Instead, Alex King, the protagonist, lives the worst year of his life and then right as the next year begins, he has to live it all again. It’s unique, it’s hilarious, it’s adorable, and  it reminds me of how thankful I am to not be fourteen anymore. While it doesn’t have a huge resemblance to Girl Meets World, these kids do get themselves in situations that could only happen in a children’s program. I highly recommend, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation never ceases to amaze me and I have the utmost respect for them. You’ll fall in love with these characters and feel your heart break when you finish this short-lived series. 

The next show is Dance Academy. 

This is for the viewers who liked the more mature episodes of Girl Meets World. This show centers around Tara, a very talented ballerina who is in over her head when she gets into the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, Australia. Love triangles, strong female friendships, a band of a ton of kids who just love each other dearly, this show does resemble Girl Meets World a lot, and it’s worth a viewing. With three seasons and a movie, it handles bisexuality, eating disorders, sex, love, heartbreak, absent parents, and tragedy (I don’t want to spoil it). I watched (and have rewatched) this show since I was twelve years old and it’s a remarkable show that’s relatable, even if you aren’t a dancer. 

And lastly (for this list at least) is Andi Mack. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s the only show on this list that actually airs on Disney Channel. I can’t express how much this show surprised me. At first, it’s a little cheesy, but’s it’s so brilliant and it’s worth a shot, I promise. This is for you, Rucas fans. Each character is well written, and over the episodes, you become attached to every single character. I don’t want to describe it, because frankly, I’m tired, but this show is brilliant and I can’t wait for season two. 

Now, since I’m on a children’s show phase, I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list. All of these shows are well written and extremely well acted. Give them a shot! 

Old Shows Tumblr Should Watch

A truly good show can stand the passing of time. Here are some shows whose humor feels fresh, whose topics are relevant, and whose storylines can still surprise you. If you were born after ‘95 you might’ve missed some of these!

  • Homicide: Life on the Streets (1993)
  • Designing Women (1986)
  • The Twilight Zone (1959)
  • Hillstreet Blues (1981)
  • Barney Miller (1974)
  • The X-Files (1993)
  • M.A.S.H. (1972)
Recommended TV show: Bojack Horseman

Brief description: A former television star from a mawkish 90′s sitcom who’s been in a slump ever since and has spent his days since drunk and belligerent with friends. It’s a dark, depressing animated comedy stuffed with racier jokes not for younger people and deep pop culture references. Also, Bojack’s a horse, and the series is a mix of humans and various animals, whose personalities and behaviors all mirror their species. Mr. Peanutbutter is exuberant and highly positive, Princess Caroline coughs up hairballs, and Neal the Seal barks when he’s upset.

Briefer description: It’s like if Family Guy were more mature and were actually about depression and mental health.

Where to find it: streaming on Netflix.

Number of episodes: 48. There are four seasons of 12 episodes each.

Ongoing: Yes.

First great episode: “Downer Ending”: episode 11, season 1. Featuring a drug trip, a memoir, and a true downer ending. “Tell me I’m good.” Before this episode, the show was similar to other joke-heavy, edge animated comedies. But from here on out, the show got more emotional and more devastating. 

Key episode: “Fish out of Water”: episode 4, season 3. This is an episode that comes out of left field, and it uses its world of an animal-human society like no other series could. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s an awe-inspiring episode, and the ending is a killer.

Why you should watch it: there are few shows that present a realistic depiction of depression, and it’s rarer still that it’s married with this cartoon world. Also, the voice acting is excellent, and few TV shows are this adept and cutting with pop cultural references. There are many puns as well, if you’re into that sort of thing – and interspecies sex (don’t think too much about it.)

Tv Show Recs please!

My current watch list 

  • Lucifer
  • Once upon a time
  • Izombie
  • The Good Doctor 
  • Brooklyn Nine-nine

My Waiting List

  • Game of thrones
  • Stranger things

My Maybe/To be watched List

  • Star trek discovery 
  • The Walking Dead (Maybe watch new Season?)
  • BoJack horseman  (Maybe watch new Season?) 
  • Handmaids tale
  • Voltron

Looking for a new show to obsess over something like the ones on my current watch list, please recommend me some shows!!! 
Looking for something different and special!
No Marvel or DC Shows (I was a huge fan but not anymore)


destielpolarbear  asked:

So I have a character that wakes up with electrical based powers and becomes a sort of hero/villain (goes from true neutral to a chaotic neutral). But I'm trying to figure out a believable way to have her transition from 'rich, alcoholic, bored and kinda emotionally abused' to 'powerful, mischievous, still an alcoholic and villain with a still semi working moral compass'. If you need more details feel free to message me but I'd really appreciate your advice cause you've helped me once before. :)

I’m actually writing a character like that myself (people really seem to relate to them these days). I’ll try to explain my process from A-Z on how I’m writing my  own character.

Boredom (apathy) is a powerful factor. Boredom can mean you are doing nothing, or you are doing the same thing again and again because you can’t think of anything else to do. My character was raised by morally strong individuals, stayed “heroic” because it was what she knew, but she was bored with it. Eventually, she decided (unspokenly) that crime must be the opposite of boredom. When it comes to super characters, they can get bored fast. Your character for instance would tire of the initial thrills that come with her power. She’d start going for bigger and better to challenge herself. This leads to mischief which leads to chaos. Depending on the abuse she suffered, she may not even recognize the chaos as a bad sign. She may become desensitized and apathetic, and won’t let anyone tell her to stop enjoying herself.

Emotional abuse changes the way you think. My character starts the book by getting away from emotional manipulation, and continues by rebelling against everything she was taught- including the good things. Your character will need a moment where she realizes all her problems stem from the emotional abuse. Now that she has newfound power (electricity), she’ll escape (figuratively if not physically). She’ll make changes in her life to make up for the time she wasted being abused. She’ll blame the abuser(s) for her alcoholism, but will cling to it as a comfort. Out of rebellion, the need for comfort, rage, or a combination of reasons, she will turn villainous. 

Power corrupts…gradually. My character has too much power just sitting around waiting to be used. When she loses someone she loves, she lets out all the stops. Gradually, this increase in power shapes her into another person as she tries anything to forget her grief and guilt. Your character may not lose a loved one like mine did, but as you stated she’s not completely bad. Perhaps at times she wants to be good again, but she’s afraid of being hurt or overpowered and therefore can’t back down for a second. When the opportunity arises to do a good thing, she balks because she’s afraid of looking weak, or commits the good deed in secret. She becomes more self-destructive when she realizes her current problems are of her own making. Or, she continues to blame her previous antagonists, denying responsibility for her actions. Either way, people fear her. She can feed off this fear to her own benefit, or she can be bothered by it (or both). Her power will be a front for her own fear, and her corruption the support behind that front.

Topics to research:

  • emotional abuse and its effects (gender/age are important factors)
  • alcoholism and alcoholic habits
  • dictators, mob leaders, and other corrupt, powerful humans 
  • coping mechanisms

I don’t know what your preferences in entertainment are, but there are a few characters out there you might research. I’ve listed my suggestions along with the subjects they address. FYI, some are rated Mature. 

Jessica Jones - emotional abuse, creation of a villain, apathetic hero, guilt

MacBeth (w/ Patrick Stewart) - power corrupts, creation of a villain, guilt

Breaking Bad - basically a modern MacBeth

Hawkeye (comics) by Matt Fraction - apathetic hero, rich hero, guilt, creation of a villain, emotional abuse, power corrupts

Iron Man - rich alcoholic feels guilty, but turns heroic not villainous

Citizen Kane - rich and powerful man wants the one thing he couldn’t have

The Social Network - basically a modern Citizen Kane

Sherlock S1., Ep. The Great Game - hero and villain are two sides of the same coin; one became powerful, and one has a moral core

Despite its rating, I highly suggest Jessica Jones for its relevant themes and female protag. Hope something here helps!

10 british shows you probably don’t watch (but you should)

so, i, though i’m british, could name you the smallest, most indie american shows. but i’ve been thinking recently about how there are so many british shows people outside of the uk/europe might not have seen and what a shame that is.

it’s a shame bc, well, these shows are iconic in britain and they are some of the best shows i have ever seen. and whilst everyone else was raving about downton, or doctor who, these well known, renowned shows got missed out. so, here. here’s a list. go watch them. go love them. then talk to me about them. happy watching! (EDIT: posts two, three and four , five and six  and seven  and eight  and nine

1. Life on mars / Ashes to ashes

remember john simm as the master in doctor who? well we also know him as Sam Tyler in life on mars - a modern day police officer who, after a car accident, wakes up in the seventies. yep. A CRIME SHOW ABOUT TIME TRAVEL. the show is continued in ashes to ashes where a modern day police officer, after she’s shot, wakes up in the eighties. they are both forced to work with the iconic Gene Hunt, who is exactly what you would expect from a hard af 70′s northener. are they in a coma? are they back in time? you’ll just have to watch it. plus, they are named after david bowie songs, so

2. silk

silk stars the incomparable Maxine Peake as Martha Costello, a defense laywer. a real, front line look into the british legal system with one of the most charismatic female leads. clever, classy and heartbreaking. Maxine Peake steals every single scene. also it has rupert penry jones doing stuff, so that’s always good.

3. silent witness

this is iconic because it’s been going on for 20 years - but don’t worry, it’s small seasons. but god do they pack a lot in. it focuses on a team of forensic pathologists who use their skills to help the police. smart, dark at times, this is classic british high brow drama. it’s famous. but you don’t have to watch it from s1 if you don’t want - you could skip to s8 where we meet the arguably more well known team of leo, harry and nikki - nikki is played by emilia fox, who is of course, a queen among mortals.

4. last tango in halifax

this is set in the yorkshire town of halifax and centers around two families that are brought together when celia and alan reunite and fall in love after sixty years. this is realistic, emotional, funny well done family drama. there is one scene in s1 that brought me out of a dark mood for like 3 days because the writing is just so real. it’s also set not far from where i live, so you get to see what northen england actually looks like now as opposed to in a medieval world…

5. hustle

oh my god, this show. somtimes cheesy, sometimes so cool - always and forever a favourite. this centers around a rag tag group of con men. but don’t worry, they have a code. they only con the people that deserve it. fun, slick, it did the pausing and talking to the camera thing way before house of lies. found family vibes all round, you will love these characters. one of which is played by jaimie murray, before she played a villain in every american sci fi show.

6.  luther

ok, so you probably know about this one. the beautiful, majestic, “mountain of a man” that is idris elba, solving crimes. but this one is different - he’t not just another maverick who’s just a bit annoying, or rude (side eyes every wannabe sherlock on tv) oh no. Luther pulls doors of their hinges with his bare hands, he lets killers fall from buildings. he has various goings on with a beautiful serial killer, you know, romantic stylez. and she’s brilliant too. 

7. the fixer

an ex army sniper was sent to prison for killing the people that abused his sister - only he’s let out early to become, you guessed it, a fixer, or in other words, an assassin - for a secret group working with the police to take down crime. dark and gritty but it also comes with humour, found family vibes and of course, a little bit of romance.

8. strike back

richard armitage and rhona mitra being sweaty and attractive in the desert, need i say more? oh, really? fine. an elite group of ex military and special forces operatives working out of mi6. dealing with diplomatic situations overseas. basically a non stop action movie with quite good looking people in it.

9. peaky blinders

AMAZING OH MY GOD, the pretty much true story about the shelby family. one of the largest crime families in 1930′s birmingham. cillian murphy dealing with violence, ptsd, crime, women, spies. it’s breathtaking. also, helen mcrory bossing it up. MUST WATCH. addictive and gritty and clever.

10. being human

last but not least the have the original being human. yes they remade it, but can anything compare to the original? before he was running around in new zeland, and before they named his american counterpart after him (which we all thought was weird ok) aiden turner was playing a vampire in being human, who lived with a ghost and a werewolf. poignant, dark, hilarious and tragic. one of my favourite shows. somehow a supernatural show manages to capture something of what it means to be out of place, to be human more than half the ‘real life’ shows on right now. despite the cast change half way through, imo it remains just as good till the end. also they never excuse any of the vampire’s quite frankly shitty behavior, the way other shows will (side eyes tvd). examines the way we deal with addiction, violence and impulse control and what we can forgive.