NEW EPISODE! Take 3 - The One With the Other Books

Get some Daemonic book recommendations outside of the All Souls Universe as we await more news about the upcoming The Serpent’s Mirror, A Discovery of Witches TV, and let’s not forget – The World of All Souls: An Insider’s Guide to a Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and the Book of Life!

You may find something in your wheelhouse!

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That’s something that we do a lot in the show is, we take relationships that maybe should be fraught with annoyance and we try to put love in there because it’s funnier. I’ll give you an example, and this is something that has been interpreted in many different ways, but when we came up with the cops in town, Blubs and Durland, it was this thought of: okay, everybody knows the trope of, you’ve got an old hardass sheriff and his idiot rookie and he’s always saying ‘Damn it, rookie, get your head in the game.’ And we thought, 'What if every time the rookie screwed up, instead he said, “Well, you are a delight” and threw him a piece of candy?’ Like, what if the sheriff was just…endlessly just overjoyed every time his subordinate was inept? That is such a weird way to play it. So sort of similarly for us, it was like, 'Okay, what if Soos sees the world’s worst boss as the world’s most perfect man?’ You know, sometimes being kind and sweet is a much more unexpected punchline.
—  Alex Hirsch talking to the B-Movies Podcast

I thought to compile a list of some TV dramas that are similar to/might be enjoyed by those who like Home Fires. I’ve broken it down into periods but some do overlap so I have put them under the category they first start off in. 

c.World War I

c.Interwar Period

c. World War II

c.Post-World War II

These are just a few & feel free to suggest any if you want.

  • Teacher:so what did everyone do over spring break?
  • Student A:I went to Florida!
  • Student B:I went to California!
  • Student C:I went to Mexico!
  • Student D:I hung out with my friends all break!
  • Me:I started a new show and finished all the seasons on Netflix

Okay folks listen up! I see a lot of posts going around about shows that more people ought to watch and let me tell you that if there’s one show you need to watch it’s the BBC’s 2007 series JEKYLL. (Also NBC’s Kings but hopefully you all know that already.) Jekyll is a moden-day retelling of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in which the marvellous James Nesbitt plays both Dr Tom Jackman, the protagonist attempting to understand and ultimately cure his “condition”, and his terrifying alter-ego Mr Hyde. Michelle Ryan plays a psychiatric nurse studying Jackman and Hyde, and Gina Bellman appears as Claire, Jackman’s wife. 

Why should you be watching it? Well, if you’re a Sherlock or Doctor Who fan, then you might be interested to discover that this was one of Moffat’s earlier shows, and his style is pretty clear in it. You’ll definitely recognise a few lines of dialogue. If you’re not a Moffat fan, I’d recommend it regardless - it’s got all his whip-quick wit, but manages to ooze with a dark, ominous menace and has not sold out its depth in favour of shallow humour.

But the most important reason you should be watching it? James motherfucking Nesbitt, man. He's superb. He is totally convincing whichever of the characters he’s playing, despite their enormous differences. Everything about him changes, from his posture to his mannerisms to the fucking tone of his voice. The man’s a revelation. He’s weary and suffering and quietly likable as Jackman and utterly terrifying as Hyde. Just give it two episodes to persuade you at least.

I think the show is still available on Netflix, but if you don’t have that (or I’m mistaken) then here are links to each episode:

Atlanta is the awkward rapper show you never knew you wanted

“Glover’s a poet when it comes to writing chance comedic encounters; inAtlanta, he explores the random sociality a certain kind of poverty engenders, especially when ambition is in the mix. If you have to hustle, you don’t have the luxury of being lonely. People are going to talk to you, even (or especially) if you don’t want them to.”


12 Underrated TV Shows On Hulu You Need To Watch Now

School is out for a few weeks (or you’re home for the holidays), and all of your current favorite TV shows will be on winter hiatus for a little bit, so right now is clearly the perfect time to start (and finish) a new series. Bless that Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu may not have as many original series as Netflix does, but they make up for quantity in quality. Hulu is low-key killing it in their original content department, also nabbing some hidden gems for exclusive streaming rights and amazing British series we otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch in America.

While I’m on the subject of tv show recommendations, does anyone know any good shows with positive wlw representation? (NO dead lesbians or suffering bisexuals, please) Or movies? Books? 

At this point I’m so desperate for a good g/g romance that it doesn’t even matter what genre it is just give me two girls who are in love and get a happy ending please

“Frank Sinatra does not know why the Frank Sinatra records no longer sell. Frank Sinatra cannot fathom why Lana Turner is on the 200th episode of The Love Boat. Frank Sinatra is not even sure what the fuck “The Love Boat” even is. Or what the fuck “Menudo” is. Frank Sinatra knows one undeniable fact: Lana Turner and Menudo are on the 200th episode of The Love Boat, and Frank Sinatra is not.”

From “Captain Stubing Has Collapsed” by Rob McCleary for Recommended Reading’s 200th Issue, “The 200 Episode Club,” with original artwork by illustrator Chelsea Martin.

Read it for free in Electric Literature’s weekly fiction magazine Recommended Reading.