Sick Note (2017)

It’s the laugh-out-loud story of Daniel Glass (Grint), a compulsive liar who is stuck in a failing relationship and a dead-end job in which he is under the thumb of his irrepressible boss Kenny West (Johnson). Then, just when he thinks things couldn’t get any worse, he’s diagnosed with esophageal cancer. However, when his diagnosis encourages those around him to treat him differently, he finds a new lust for life. When it becomes apparent that he was misdiagnosed by Dr Glennis (Frost), one of the most incompetent oncologists on Earth, he must choose whether to come clean and return to his old rubbish life or to go on pretending to be ill. He plumps for the latter, but quickly finds that he and Dr Glennis are forced to spend every waking minute trying to stop the truth from getting out.

Lost - TWD imagine

a/n: this was a request somebody only recently submitted and i thought i can make it right away. i’m still pissed at twd for everything, so if that’s visible in this imagine, sorry not sorry.

spoilers: the 7th season of twd major spoilers

storyline: the reader (glenn’s younger sister and carl’s girlfriend), along with all the others, were crouched down on her knees in line while negan talks. abraham is already dead, some people are crying. the rest you can find out by reading.

characters: reader, rick, carl, daryl, glenn, maggie, michonne, sasha, tara, eugene, negan, rosita, negan’s men.

warnings: death, blood, passing out (??)

the light from negan’s car shone right on y/n’s and carl’s faces. theirs and their friends’ skin was glistening with sweat from fear, most had tear stained cheeks. carl’s hair was stuck to his forehead, y/n’s hang around her face. 

nobody could guess who would be next. nobody knew. even negan improvised. and that made everything worse. they couldn’t be ready for a thing. they couldn’t have a plan. they felt powerless, like hostages. which was exactly what they were to negan. 

people were panting, some were crying. rosita was still in shock, her eyes weren’t focused on anything, it seemed, only on her own thoughts before her. 

y/n blinked a few times before looking over at carl. he was shaking as he watched daryl being held down by negan’s men. she wanted to reach out to him, hold his hand, tell him everything’s gonna be okay.

but she couldn’t. none of them needed to move if they wanted to live a little longer. and she also couldn’t say everything’s going to be alright. she didn’t know if she would be lying or not. nobody would know. nobody knew what was going to happen next.

“no exceptions.” negan said. 

“i’m a man of my word. first impressions are important.” negan spoke. “so, back to it.” he swung his bloody bat in the air and hit glenn right in the head. y/n gasped loudly and her whole world seemed to stop. glenn. glenn, her brother. 


her eyes frantically watched as glenn still raised up and looked at maggie and then y/n. he seemed to gurgle something, but y/n couldn’t hear him anymore. she seemed to be fading out. the colour on her face drained, her eyes narrowed and then fluttered shut as she fell to her left. she collapsed onto carl, but then fell back on her back in the grass.

negan’s men bent down to pick her up, make her be awake again, but negan stopped them.

“let that chicken sleep.” he said with a smug grin on his features. “it’s exactly what we’re getting at.” negan looked at glenn’s struggling and hit his head again and again and again with his bloody bat.

carl wanted to lash out, drop negan to the ground and hit his brains out. but he was smart enough to keep quiet and remain in his place. 

he turned around and lifted y/n’s body up from the ground and rested her head against his shoulder and took her hand in his. “please just wake up.”

“boy, did you say something?” negan shouted.

“what?” carl pretended to not know what’s the deal about.

“i said, did you say something?” negan repeated.

“no.” carl hang his head low.

“you better not be, i hate liars.” negan laughed.