Pleated Skirt Tutorial

Tutorial by:  Robotic Girl
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ok so i get this question sometimes so im gonna make this post and link it in my about! 

the lil program i use for reference is called pureref and you can get it here: (its pay what you want and yes, you can just input 0 and get it for free)

i uploaded the file i actually use for the refs, which is just a collection of caps from the anime/manga, here: 

(this is what that file looks like)

(you just load it in a new pureref window with right click -> load -> load)

of course you need to resize your pureref window and zoom in, so its actually usable,,

these are some useful shortcuts to know:

(ok basically its right click: move a single image; alt + right click: pan; left click: move window around; pinch/scroll: zoom in n out)
it needs a bit of getting used to but its rly convenient esp for fanart (i also have another file with MY drawings in it, and i like to think drawing with my own art as ref has helped me a bunch with style consistency,,) 
ok if theres anything else shoot me an ask and ill try to help ✌


I paint a small Japanese garden study and talk about the ususuall paints I’m using to make this picture - the Kuretake Gansai Fis Japanese watercolours, 12 colours set.

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: Cotman Watercolour paper B5 Medium 270g/m
  • Colours: Kuretake Gansai 12 colour Japanese watercolours set



  • 紙: コットマンスケッチパッド 中目 270g/m B5サイズ  
  • 色: 呉竹フィス顔彩12色セット

★ New video available in my YouTube Channel! (´•ω•`๑) I hope you like it!


LINING TUTORIAL (?) by Sakon04 | TOTAL 25 PAGE!! Read the rest pages on the link below:

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Step by step of how to take Beautiful, Menu-Free screenshots in Episode Duscae:

((Note: this only works outside of combat because of how pausing changes between combat/non combat situations)

1) pause game when you have the shot you want; make sure the camera is angled BEFORE you pause, otherwise it will ruin your shot if you try to move the camera after pausing. This is because the camera will automatically cycle back to where it was positioned when you first paused.

2) scroll down to ‘help’ on the main menu, click, and go to 'options’ on the submenu. Click and open Options.

3) be ready to take your screenshot, back out of options and… Boom! Perfect, menu-free screenshot.

It gives you like, a second or two where there will be no menus, and if you accidentally wait too long, or take it too quickly, just repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve got the rhythm down, and soon enough you will be a master screenshot taker! I usually upload mine to Facebook, save from there, and repost here, since I doubt PS is going to allow direct uploads to Tumblr anytime soon :/


Ahh Hands!
I had to power through this when i had my headache yesterday, but it did get done like i promised my bro-tato chips!
Alright, i know this bad.. but here it is anyways!
1. Start it out! (Sony forget that line of movement! there’s a line of movement in everything you do, so remember that!)
2. Shape it out! (in the ball of your had, that changes if you have more masculine or feminine hands. There’s an oval if you’re feminine, and a square if you’re masculine!)
3. Flesh it out! (since i dont really create detailed hands, i stop here but you can keep going if you want!)
4. Erase, add details, then color! (remember not to add TOO much detail, because then the hand looks weird and bony unless you want it to look that way. also i leave the line that separates the fingers from the actual hand, but you can change that if you want!)
5. You, Bro-tato chip, are DONE!

I hope this helped, sorry if it didnt. U_U"