• the staff: *fucks up*
  • xkit guy: my apologizes for this

KPP Review #2 - Collars

I was in the middle of taking some new pictures when I had an old order from @kittensplaypenshop arrive, I thought this order was lost in customs. Why? Because it took almost 4 months for it to arrive; only because I didn’t select tracked shipping, as I usually do. This is why everyone should choose tracked shipping, not to mention when I select tracked shipping it comes within a week of the package being sent out.

I had emailed KPP support asking if I should do a complete re-order, they had advised me to wait a little longer before doing a re-order; which I’m glad I did wait, I was very convinced customs had lost my package (if you’re not aware, customs can hold your items up to 3 months+). 

My overall review of the collars is like a solid 20/10, I love buckled faux leather collars soo much. These are incredibly sturdy (picture on the right), I’m really happy with the quality of them. Also, the tags are really cute and the engravings on them are very elegant.

Thank you heaps to KPP, you guys are just absolutely amazing at what you do! xo

(I’ll try to post more photos of the collars as soon as I get some spare time so I can do a proper photo-set of both collars. I’m also waiting for KPP to bring their all black realistic cat ears in stock which would be perfect for some photos.)