Safe Mode

// A lot of people over the course of the past two days have informed me about this thing called Safe Mode, which Tumblr has been turning on with users and causing issues with their blog.

Since my Blog is flagged NSFW because of its obvious contents, I wanted to let people know that I’m sorry if my stuff isn’t coming up. It also explains why I’m not getting many replies coming through because as it would seem Tumblr has messed up some of my rp partners blog and way of contacting me. I wasn’t aware that this has been going on for a while but for those of you that still can see me, if I suddenly come up with a blank page on my blog its due to tumblr turning safe mode on.

There is no way to currently take off Safe Mode as its an internal glitch with the server so until then those that have been affected by it probably won’t even see me post this up. Truly sorry because I hate the idea of just suddenly disappearing on here and not being able to reply back to others.

Posting Big Images?

Friends!  I am trying to post a large image, and tumblr keeps resizing down to a piddly size.  I have attempted to enable hi-res images for my blog, but it’s not even an option?  Anyone out there have input?

[EDIT] I went with linking the larger sized image for now, dang that’s annoying!  Thanks everyone for your help!  <3

Hoping For Some Insight.


This probably falls outside the realm of what you usually get in your submissions. My name is Eve, and I’ve been following you sans tumblr account for a few months now–I really like your fanfiction & you seem like a really nice person. So I was hoping I could come to you for help :P

As a current tumblr user, I’m thinking you’d know how tumblr works! I tried to create an account for myself today and ran into nothing but trouble and confusion.

If you don’t mind, I’d REALLY appreciate some insight into what the heck is going on.

1. I’ve confirmed for myself that Yahoo bought Tumblr. Eek. Every time I tried to sign up, it would re route me to a yahoo page! I’ve never had dealings with Yahoo. Do I NEED a yahoo mailing address to have a tumblr account? All of the wikihow tutorials on how to sign up on Tumblr seem to be outdated.

2. In my sad forray, I tried to go ahead with the tumblr sign up by just putting in my gmail account. It seemed to go okay, and I got a verification email sent to the gmail I used. But then, I got rerouted again to a yahoo page, where it seemed they were requesting verification for a yahoo adress i had somehow made, in the name of my gmail account? Um?? Does creating a tumblr account = creating a yahoo mailing address these days?

3. So I ultimately ended up with this tumblr account that a) gave me the wrong url, b) claimed that my chosen url was now ‘taken’, and it’s a glitchy mess with a questionable password situation. I received 2 separate emails from yahoo asking me to please verify my new account (?) and although I did everything they asked, they’re telling me when I try to sign in that my yahoo account has security issues.

Jeez :/ I’d love to have a tumblr account, but I’m thinking of just setting that one on fire and trying again. Waiting on tech support, but I don’t know if they can help, and I don’t understand where I went wrong.

I’d really appreciate it if you could shed some light on my situation :P


Hey there, Eve. First, thank you so much for the compliments and for sticking around even when you didn’t have an account. I hope you’ve heard back from @staff ‘s tech support by now - but on the chance that you haven’t, I decided to look into the issue as best I could. 

I set up this account before the Yahoo! buyout, so I went ahead and registered a new account with a different email to see what had changed and if I could recreate the issue. Unfortunately for these purposes, though, I didn’t run into any problems using a gmail address to sign up. While the sites for registration and confirmation were both pages with Yahoo! headers, the sign-up went smoothly and never asked me for information from a Yahoo account. So I can confirm that no, you do not need a Yahoo account to sign up. Gmail works just fine… when everything is working properly (which it obviously didn’t in your case.)

My recommendation, if you haven’t heard back from tech support yet, is to try again with another gmail account. If you run into the same issue, then that’s more information you can give to tech support - you can chalk it up to just being a test of the system. If not, then you’ve got yourself an account and can later change your account settings to update your email to the address you’d prefer to use.

I hope the issue is resolved quickly and doesn’t give you too much of a headache (any more than it already has). I don’t really know what I can do to help, but you’re always welcome to come back into my submissions if you think there’s something I can do to lend a hand.