I’m only here since december and already hit 300 followers, currently getting closer to the 350′s and I’m just,,, so grateful??? For each and every single one of you??? I love y’all so much. <33

I probably forgot a ton of people, so I apologise in advance, I still love you, promise. <3 (also feel free to ignore the shitty banner pls)

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anonymous asked:

Idk why tumblr mobile isn't letting me (lukeskywalkersbutt) ask/send a message from the damn app but I found the actual following list that you can search from on mobile. If you go to your blog tab and hit the search button there's an option to search thru your blog or who ur following.

Thanks! That’s probably better than using Tumblr’s global search function anyway, although ugh why take away the nice handy alphabetized list in the first place 😒

JSE fans keep following me

And I’m sitting here, like, dude… You’re gonna regret that.  

I’m an art-ish blog, not a JSE blog.  I’m in no way complaining, and by all means talk to me, Hi btw :) but if you followed me solely for JSE content then you might wanna follow my JSE/YT sideblog:


I can’t chat to you over there (unless you send an ask), but at least you’ll get the content you were probably expecting.  This is the problem with sideblogs.  I can only interact with the community on this blog, but I only post community related posts on my sideblog.  

Fix your shit, tumblr.

I wish blocking someone meant their post never appeared on my dash, like I dont want to see reblogs of these people. If other people follow them thats all good and well but if youve got someone blocked why can reblogs of their shit still show up on my dash tumblr fix your fucking shit