Despite what Tumblr would have you think:

• It’s not cool to constantly contradict people for the sake of being different

• self-care isn’t watching Netflix and eating ice cream. It’s doing the dishes that are piled in the sink and calling everyone who has been blowing up your phone back and doing your laundry that hasn’t been done in weeks

• it’s not okay to belittle someone because they hold different beliefs

• you can’t replace facts and logic with feelings and biased opinions

• a lot of parents actually do know better than you do about life

• sometimes life isn’t fair, and you can’t do stupid, reckless things to avenge yourself. You have to learn to move past it and focus on important things

• rules are put in place for a reason, and most of them are there for your protection. It isn’t cool to carelessly break rules, as nothing good can come from it

• a lot of the time, you’re not right

• life isn’t all about finding the best for yourself

• sometimes you have to submit to authority figures you disagree with because that’s life

• you can’t achieve your dreams by sitting around and posting about them online. You have to go out and work hard for them

• you don’t always deserve the best. Sometimes you mess up, and you have to face the consequences and move on

• mental illnesses are not cool and shouldn’t be romanticized

• you can’t fix your life by blaming people who have it better than you do

• the more you focus on yourself, the less happy you will be. The more you focus on serving others, the happier you will find yourself

• there will come a point where you have to grow up and let go of a lot of things you held onto as a teenager

• you’re not better than someone because you hold different beliefs

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