İnsan yazmak istiyor bazen saatlerce , günlerce , aylarca …
Bazı insanlar öfkelerini , sevinçlerini , heyecanlarını birileriyle paylaşır . Ben içime atıyorun bir de defterime .
Kalemim mi bıktı mürekkep akıtmaktan yoksa defterim mi soldu üstüne yazılmaktan .
İnsan yazmak istiyor bazen saatlerce , günlerce , aylarca …
Bir de insan ona okumak istiyor yazdıklarını . Onunla paylaşmak .
Ama biliyor yaptığının bir sonuç getirmiyeceğini . Ne olumlu , ne olumsuz …

Who am I?

Welcome to my new tumblr! I thought I would share a little bit about myself.

Every kid believes that there is some magic in this world. For me, watching Disney classic films come to life on screen was like magic. I would watch and rewatch the films just to experience the magic trick, again and again. From an early age, I tried to capture that magic I saw on screen with my own hands by drawing all the scenes from those movies. Eventually I began to draw the animals and people around me as characters in their own movies. To me, certain animals sometimes felt like certain people, and certain people sometimes even felt like certain animals!

Even today, when I draw I experience the same magic that I felt when I was a little kid growing up in India. There was some truth in that magical feeling, and I stay as close to this truth as I can. The energy, fluidity and uncertainty of traditional mediums like watercolors, inks and gouache carry the personality and truth I strive for in my art.

Most of all, when I put love and sincerity into my work, I believe those energies are felt by you all who are taking the time to view my work. And perhaps it can make your day just a little bit brighter, because the circle of life really doesmove us all!

This page will be dedicated to sharing all the art I make with you wonderful people. If anyone is interested, my website is nityanshu.com. On there you can find prints of my art pieces, my blog, and more.

I currently live and work as an illustrator in Glendale, California. I am also working on a children’s book called Bubbles & Shakes. Many of the illustrations I’ll be sharing are concept artworks from that book. I am excited to share my art and get to know you all! 

Much love,