I need more Boueibu in my life

Seriously there’s not a lot of new contect recently… and I miss the days in which everything I checked on tumblr was Boueibu posts… now I can go a week without checking the tag and there are not a lot of stuff… it’s kind of sad… we should be given love everyday(?)

ok but seriously…. we need more Boueibu

who’s with me? XD


Mermaid moodboard : Arctic selkies

Those kind of selkies live in the Arctic ocean, by the Groenland’s shores and Northern Canada shores. Unlike Europpean selkies, their hair is white and their skin tone light brown; their eyes are blue like the sea and their seal form is white; when they turn into a human form, their seal tail remain. Inuit mermaids and them are in very good terms and often, a mermaid and a selkie form a strong bond of friendship.

my goal for these holidays is to update my French Graves fic and it’s going to demand work, but I feel it’s doable. Y'all can wish me luck 💫💫💫