the twilight saga meme: [½] non-romantic relationships — edward cullen and alice cullen

We had to stick together, Alice and I. It wasn’t easy, hearing voices or seeing visions of the future. Both freaks among those who were already freaks. We protected each other’s secrets.


the twilight saga meme: [22] female characters — rosalie lillian hale

she has her good qualities—loyalty, determination, self-discipline, and a very strong bond to her adoptive family.

The first character I fell in love with: Jack. He’d still probably make it to my top 10. Though I do find it unsettling how he (/his personality type) seems to be almost everyone’s cup of tea.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: The Guardian. He’s delightfully self-indoctrinated and, for me at least, like a parodic embodiment of the worst aspects of Christianity. Not to mention, I’m generally kinda drawn to the passion of the extremist characters. So I can’t believe he used to be my least fav villain and one of my least fav characters in general. He’s been entertaining me immensely during my current re-watch. Now he’s my second fav villain (second to my Mega, whom I’ve always loved; though headcanoning him/far-fetchedly reading him as a communist is a more recent development).
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Lex and Ebony. I don’t absolutely hate them or anything, but I definitely don’t share fandom’s fascination with them. And very strongly disagree with the popular opinion they (/their character type[s]) are more deep, complex and three-dimensional than everyone else. (It’s especially funny/sad when this point is argued by not-too-bright people, who tend to overpopulate fandoms [and the planet]. Though I also disagree with it when it’s argued by more sophisticated minds that I respect.)
The character I love that everyone else hates: Amber. Lots of people love her, yeah. But she does also have a numerous and vocal hatedom. Not to mention, I seem to disagree with about 99% interpretations of Amber, coming from fans and haters alike. (Same goes for Tai-San, btw. I’m overprotective of my babies, I guess. Not to mention, under the illusion only I understand them well and love them deeply.)
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Lex, first and foremost. Re-watching the show now, I literally can’t believe he used to be a fav of mine. And for so many years at that. He so evokes the dumb, vaguely conservative dudes from neighborhood/school/etc. that I kinda pity on account of formed-by-the-system(-and-sometimes-horrid-family) factor, but would never (and never have) willingly spend time with. Ebony, Zoot and Ram have also been favs at some points in time. But I got over it/them quicker, I think.
The character I would shag anytime: Pride.
The character I’d want to be like: Tai-San. (Or maybe a mixture of Tai-San and Mega, so that I could unreluctantly and efficiently eliminate you off the face of the earth when you try to ruin my perfect utopia *insert serene, friendly, hippie smile; you can use that cute Gaian from 4.48 as an inspiration; here is a cap of him to help you:*

I’d never reach out to touch you though. I’m already too much of a Mega for that.)

The character I’d slap: Ved, first and foremost.
My five favorite characters: Amber, Tai-San, Ellie, Cloe, Pride, Dal, Siva. (I have a strong top 7, so I’ll pretend 5 means 7.) If I went to 10, Jack, Mega and The Guardian would fill the remaining spots.
My five least favorite characters: Trudy, Ved, Ebony, Lex, Zandra, Zoot, Ram. (Keeping in line with the 5-means-7 logic from above. If I went to 10, Slade, Pony Joe and Patsy would fill the remaining spots.) That doesn’t mean I consider them horribly written and/or absolutely horrid (fictional) human beings (no such thing, in fiction or real life), it mostly means their personalities aren’t my cup of tea.
My deep dark fandom secret: I used to be reluctant about expressing my thoughts and preferences, especially fandom-unpopular ones. To the point I sometimes tried to convince myself I’m into fandom-popular stuff too. I wish I could go back in time and slap my younger self for that. So pathetic.

My het OTP: Canon: Amber/Jay, non-canon: Tai-San/Pride.
My slash OTP: Pride/Jay and Dal/Jack.
My femslash OTP: Amber/Tai-San and Siva/Ruby. I do have a few more that I don’t really ship hardcore (mostly because the characters haven’t interacted on screen and that spark that fuels hardcore shipping is just not there), but am curious about. Those are Tai-San/The Priestess, Tai-San/Siva and Java/Moz (speaking of whom, Ebony/Moz would be fine too).
My endgame OTP: I’d love for all my ships to be endgame (yes, the ones that converge/conflict with one another too; it’s in my head, it can happen). But, realistically speaking, I think only Ellie/Jack will be.
My original OTP: Amber/Bray.
My crack OTP: The latest is Lex/Ned. They’re so soulmates. Neither will ever find an ethical and intellectual equal that they have in each other. Led/Nex 4 evah!!!1!!1
My guilty pleasure OTP: Amber/Jay again. Because he’s a douchebag and doesn’t deserve her.
My anti-OTP: Trudy/Jay. I’m also strongly anti Ebony/Jay and Zandra/Lex. And dislike Trudy/Bray, Ebony/Bray and May/Pride a lot too. Also not fond of Ruby/Slade and Siva/Lex. And there are probably some more that I’m forgetting.

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C2 for Mari and D4 for Chat, paw-lease!

“Extra lucille quand tu es sur
La seine, la seine, la seine
Extravagante quand l'ange est sur
La seine, la seine, la seine”

Chat wanted to hear Marinette sing, but she couldn’t do it looking at him so she turned around and voila! xD Doki doki goes the poor cat’s heart. And if you’re wondering what Marinette is singing, it’s La seine et moi. Love this song so so much…. I need to make a Monster in Paris AU TT A TT