i feel embarrassed
i feel uncared for
i feel ashamed
i feel ignored
i feel degraded
i feel unwanted
i feel unloved
i feel worthless
i feel boredom
i feel nothing
i feel everything
to be young and unloved

U.S. Central American, Central American-American, and central-americanos […] share an effort to affirm a historical isthmian union in the diaspora. These terms illustrate the multiple articulations of U.S.-based regional Central American identities that aim at challenging static national and U.S.-recognized hyphenated national identities. They show a process in which Central Americans in the United States actively engage the construction of their own identities and communities, even if in contestation.

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 5 blogs you want to get to know better

  1. Nicknames: None. I really don’t like nicknames.
  2. Star sign: Sagittarius
  3. Height: 5′3″
  4. Time right now: 5:12 PM
  5. Last thing you googled: kara danvers (it was for the last meme i did i got distracted looking at her)
  6. Fave music artist: Cœur De Pirate or Stromae.
  7. Song stuck in my head: Que Sera (goes along with the next question)
  8. Last movie I watched: Heathers (why did people think Christian Slater was hot??? I’m so sorry if u love him but he is like… what)
  9. Last tv show I watched: The Office
  10. What I’m wearing right now: Blue jeans and my teen wolf sweatshirt (it’s Lahey’s lacrosse number!!)
  11. When I created this blog: I have had a main blog where i originally posted Twilight for four years, but about a year in i switched it to a (now deleted) sideblog that i had for three years. this blog is actually only 19 months old??? like how??? i thought i had had it for much longer lol
  12. The kind of stuff I post: I am 99.9% twilight here with the ocassional sprinkle of other fandoms i’m in (which is hardly any. twilight dominates my life)
  13. Do I get asks regularly?: i do! it makes me v happy and i love u guys for it
  14. Why did I choose my url: jane is my baby and i will protect her 5ever. also it’s a canon url i still cry over possessing like hoW DID I DO IT
  15. Gender: Female
  16. Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
  17. Pokémon team: Mystic
  18. Favorite color: Baby pink
  19. Average hours of sleep: 8-10
  20. Lucky number: 5
  21. Favorite characters: Jane Volturi. That is all.
  22. Dream job: A pediatrician! I love working with children and being a doctor like that would be amazing. I’d also love to be an actress, but I think I’m too shy for the spotlight.
  23. Number of blankets I sleep with: i sleep with a sheet and a comforter!

i tag: @alilaro, @lapushwerewolves, @q–uileutes, @kellythepitiablefangirl &. @kyilliki (sorry if one of you guys has done it already!!)

anonymous asked:

Mind me asking why you draw Hatty with the big, ol' crack in his head? I've only just fond your blog

one day in mid-summer of last year I first decided to draw Hatty,first it was a pattern,but then I realized that this pattern was highly similar to slit and then this: the trace of the damn hat.

when he gets angry,trembling around him a red aura is formed(a cut is starting to glow red not only with anger but also negative status(outside he is good at hiding any emotion)), and in anger,he ignited all for him in this state, time slows down(this is very problematic for opponents).

note that the flame is absolutely not glowing.harms only living organism,and any subject will not be long to burn.(if you touch the black flame,you will not feel the temperature,but the pain from this deadly.)

Yes Yes and Yes, I love to invent something that is actually there,but so interesting. ( ̄ω ̄)