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robstar betrothed headcanons?

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  • Having to face the possibility of losing her, of her not being there at his side, not being with her, is what made Robin realize his own feelings for her and become conscious of how much he really cared about and for her.
  • That is, he knew he liked her but he didn’t realize he liked her liked her until confronted with the idea of having to say goodbye to her forever.
  • And then he was like, “Wait… I love her.  Crap.”
  • And about a thousand of Bruce’s lectures about “dating within the team” and “never get too close to anyone” and “keep the people you love at arm’s length to protect them” ran through his head and started warring with the side of him that was all like, “But Staaaaaarrrfiiiiirrreee!”
  • It became a little awkward between the two for a while after that.
  • Robin wasn’t trying to avoid her, it was just every time he was close to her he remembered his jealousy towards Glgrdsklechhh and his insides screaming for Starfire not to marry him and tossing Tamaranian guards out of his way to interrupt her wedding and he just felt the heat rushing to his cheeks.
  • Eventually it got normal again between them, except Robin was always just a little bit more self-conscious of himself around her.
  • To his delight, Cyborg found Robin much easier to needle and tease about Starfire than before.  He exploited this.  Repeatedly.
  • Starfire was actually quite impressed when she was told the account of how Robin had battled the guards.
  • “Tamaranian sentries are trained practically from childhood.  They are considered some of our strongest fighters.  Did you really best six of them?” she marveled.
  • Robin sheepishly rubs the back of his head.  “I guess?  I didn’t really stay to put them all down, just delay them long enough for me to get past.”
  • She’s secretly quite gleeful of his bravery, and his determination.  She thinks it was terribly romantic.
  • She knew from the moment he screamed her name that she couldn’t go through with the wedding, no matter what was threatening their people with.
  • She would not just capitulate to her sister’s demands.  She was her own person, with her own feelings, and they were not for the blob her sister would have her marry.
  • (They were for the boy screaming at her from the balcony.)
  • She doesn’t quite understand what has Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven so amused when they return home.  They just seem to snicker at her and Robin together more often.
  • She’s already daydreaming about her wedding with Robin.
All of Me, Chapter 2

FF Link - [Chapter 1]

Author’s Notes: My medical knowledge ends with taking a Paracetamol when I have a headache. I tried to do a little research about how the immune system works on Wikipedia but the aforementioned headache set in after the second sentence. So if you find something wrong with my medical descriptions, think of it all as an AU where they can actually be plausible 😁


Dayton nodded in agreement and rose. “Follow me, please.”

Rita moved over to Rachel and touched her shoulder, turning to her husband.

“We’ll meet you there, Steve!” she said blandly, but her voice had an inflexible, unyielding undertone to it. “Give us a couple of minutes.”

Dayton’s eyes flicked from his wife to Rachel and back. Without answering, he turned on his heel, left the room and closed the door behind him.

Rachel looked at Rita, puzzled.

“I’m sorry for Steve,” Rita sighed, her eyes drifting away. “I know he doesn’t look that way, but he cares for our son deeply.”

Rachel nodded. “I’ve noticed. It did take me a while.” She clasped the hand that Rita still kept on her shoulder. “I’m sorry if I overdid it.”

“You were fine,” Rita looked up with a smile. “I think he needed it. He needed to let his love and his concern out, and not…” her voice trailed off, her head bowed and her shoulders fell. Rachel could now see the dark circles under her eyes. They were well-camouflaged by expert makeup, invisible from a distance and difficult to detect even from up close. It was the older woman’s sudden slump that revealed them.

Rachel shifted. It was far from the first time she had faced distressed family members and friends, but she never managed to get used to it. Her mind searched frantically for a way to get out of the uncomfortable situation. She squeezed Rita’s hand in sympathy and cleared her throat. “We… should go. Let’s not keep Mr. Dayton waiting.”

Rita chuckled and straightened up. “Indeed,” she agreed, then opened the door for Rachel. “Let’s join him. The sooner you can see Garfield, the better.”

Garfield?” Rachel snorted in amused disbelief, then her hand slapped over her mouth in absolute mortification at what she’d done. She felt her face burn as she looked guiltily at Rita.

Rita smiled at her discomfort. “Oh, don’t feel bad about it, dear,” she placed a soothing arm around the young girl’s shoulders. “I reacted the same way you did when I heard it first.”

Rachel let out a deep, relieved breath. ”I… see. Still, I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect –” she began apologizing before Rita’s words actually registered in her mind. For a second or two, her mouth hung open in astonishment.

“Wh – what do you mean, ‘when you heard it first’?” she stammered, her eyes widening.

“Garfield’s adopted,” Rita’s smile widened a bit. “His full name is Garfield Mark Logan.”

Rachel followed Rita out, slowly emerging from her confusion. A smirk formed slowly on her face.

“Rita?” she called to the older woman. “You’ve been married to – to Steve for many years, right?”

“That’s correct,” Rita nodded, raising an eyebrow at the question. Rachel’s smirk got bigger.

“He’s rubbing off on you.”

Rita gave her a wide, crooked smile in response and led the way.

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