Sota blog update:

Heya~! !

Yesterday, I was invited out for a meal by my friends,,,

But such a large number of them were waiting for me ( ’; ω; `)

I had the biggest smile…

Yuta Kawamura who does entertainment activities in Osaka came all the way from Kansai, and Akky who I’ve known since about the third year of junior high also came, and also four old friends who I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with in maybe ten years! ! ! !

I’m so happy I went! !

Also Ken-chan, Kazumo,
Ken-chan’s back up dancers
They all came after Ken-chan’s live

Pippi and Chihi also came,
and Chihi had consulted with Ken-chan about how to make the surprise party, which made me really happy.

Yosuke from Fiima also came,
and I also got to meet X4 for the first time officially,

So many friends!!! wahaha

So happy~~~~!