#ONCE 여러분! 저희 제주도 잘 다녀올게요
이따 컴백 무대 때 봐요>_< 첫 방 화이팅!#TT


Sometimes you make all these plans with a person and you can’t wait to get there because you think the two of you will finally be happy.

Then shit hits the fan, and all your plans are lost.

Then you realize that those plans were shitty anyway. Now it’s time to build a life for yourself and your kids. Now it’s time to include everything in it that you’ve always wanted to be, and fuck those stupid plans anyway because they were dependent on another person.

You can’t make someone else happy, only yourself. They have to already have found their own happiness before you, if it’s going to have any chance of working. If someone says their entire happiness is dependent on you, you better pack up your shit and run.

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