so when i wrote this scene the first time it was from a different character’s pov and i’m so glad i’m writing it from seb’s pov this time around because he’s the most extra piece of shit gay in the world

The door opens then–Sebastian isn’t facing it but the tinkle of the bell makes his heart jump into his throat, and he twists around in his seat to see Mamoru rubbing his big hands together against the cold. He’s tall and broad and fit and has the prettiest skin, like matte bronze, and god. He is so gorgeous. It’s probably not even legal.

“Mamoru,” Adeline calls, unnecessarily given that they’re three feet from him and the only people in the cafe, but Sebastian resolutely does not care because Mamoru smiles this subdued little smile at her, which means he’s smiling in Sebastian’s direction, and life will never be the same because he has dimples and now that he’s walking toward them Sebastian is close enough–for the first time ever–to notice the flecks of green and gold in Mamoru’s dark brown eyes. He’s going to fucking lose it.

“Hi,” Mamoru says, low and rich, and that’s another revelation. His eyebrows pinch together. It’s adorable.


                                           Thomas turned to see Newt there, smiling.                                                                         That grin sent a wave of reassurance through Thomas,  

     as if he were finding out                                                                                                              the world was okay again.

Dating Newt Would Include…

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  • him being ridiculously overprotective
  • pointedly kissing you whenever he gets jealous
  • always being the reason he wakes up with a smile on his face
  • lots of hand holding
  • rubbing his shoulders when he’s stressed
  • him calling you ‘love’ all the time
  • being best friends with Minho
  • sleeping in his shirts
  • temple kisses
  • late night conversations about life outside the maze
  • teasing him about his accent
  • him protectively wrapping an arm around your waist
  • “That’s my girl.”
  • comforting each other after a nightmare
  • warm hugs
  • constantly catching him staring at you
  • him secretly loving it when you call him ‘Newtie’
  • random kisses
  • helping him through his depression
  • being the reason he never tried to jump off the wall again
  • lots of sexual innuendos
  • making weird faces whenever he looks at you
  • falling asleep in each others’ arms
  • him being an absolute gentleman
  • excessive cuddling

When John was with Mary, a canonically romantic and sexual relationship, he felt unfulfilled enough to stray (even if he didn’t physically cheat). He had love and romance and sex, and it didn’t fulfill him.

When John was with Sherlock before the fall, a close but nonsexual or romantic relationship, John felt fulfilled enough that he did the opposite. He STOPPED dating. He STOPPED having sex with people. He didn’t have sex and romance with Sherlock, but the relationship fulfilled him.

So what do YOU think the future holds for John?