TSO Class: Incense, Potions, and Oils

Hello, Witchies!

Tonight’s class is going to be on all things concocted: from incense, to oils, to brews, potions, ointments, powders and the like. Make sure to tune in at 8 PM Wednesday nights on the Spiral Oak Grove page!


As a crafty witch, one of my favorite things to do is make my own everything. I love to make my own loose incense, oils, potions, powders, etc. (as I stated in my last class post) I believe, as do most craft practitioners, that creating your own anything for magickal workings imbues them with more power. I also like to make my own just because it can be cheaper, especially if you have most of the supplies already, or only need a few new ones.

Sometimes I use recipes already out there in books an on the internet, but a lot of times I create my own, or draw off of already existing ones to make it more personal to me.

Supply List For Concocting Magickal Goodness

As with any recipe for food or otherwise, you need certain supplies as a base to do ANYTHING. I will tell you what I use and what others use, but feel free to reblog and add your own to the list.

Kitchen Utensils: Get yourself a good pot (big or small) or use your cauldron, a wooden spoon, measuring cups, bottles, bowls, stirring sticks, those sorts of things. I get really kitchen witch with some of my concoctions (think The Aunts from Practical Magic stirring potions in a soup pot), but other times I just mash things up with my mortar and pestle and go from there. It is good if you are going to be making these magickal recipes consistently to get yourself a separate set of kitchen utensils to use for that. Not everything I make is food grade or safe to take internally, so I make sure that I make these using their own special set of cookware so as not to make myself or anyone else sick…no one likes to be poisoned.
This sort of thing doesn’t have to be expensive either. Like my last post…THRIFT THAT SHIT! (pardon my language :P)

Ingredients: This can be pretty self explanatory, but I will list stuff any way.

  • Herbs: Any kind (some are easier to obtain than others, so hunt around. eBay, online retailers, local shops, the grocery store, etc.) sometimes you can substitute certain herbs for others depending on the recipe, just look in to their magickal properties.
  • Resins: These can be a little harder to find locally unless it is the more common types like copal, myrrh, frankincense, even dragon’s blood (though that can be pricey, it is one of my FAVORITES)
  • Carrier Oils: Depending on what carrier you like, you can get these just about everywhere from the grocery store to the health food store. Whole Foods is usually the best, but more expensive. I just stick with good ole Olive Oil.
  • Powders: I talked about  most of this in the last class blog, but corn starch is my fav and the easiest to work with,
  • Essential or Fragrance Oils: Essential oils are best if you are wanting the magickal properties, but fragrance oils work too if you just want the scent to make a wearable oil or magickal perfume
  • Food: As I said before, ingestable items work well in magick and can make for an edible spell or drinkable potion (like teas and liquor or crystal infusions)

Last Minute Extras to Make Your Recipes Complete:

Depending on how you practice magick, depends on what you might need to make your magickal recipes and concoctions complete. Some like to use candles while they chant, some stir widdershins or deosil depending on the outcome they want, some want music playing or dancing in the kitchen to raise energy, while other like to sit quietly and recite spells while they work. You do what feels right to you in your own personal spells, or follow ones that have been traditionally used over the years to make what you need. Sometimes concocting can take weeks and you need specific moon phases, colors, days of the week, etc. But ultimately it is up to you as the witch or the practitioner to give life to your creations.

Before You Get to Mixing and Magick, Why Do We Use These In The Craft?

There are many reasons we use incense, oils, brews, and potions in the Craft. We are perfectly capable of creating magick all on our own without any sorts of tools or implements, but sometimes it helps to give our magick form, thus giving it more power since we have something to focus our intent in to. Whether it be releasing it in to the air to carry off our intent, taking it in internally to absorb the magick, or putting it on the skin to anoint and protect, all of it becomes physical manifestations of our will. Making anything causes us to focus our energy into it to complete a task and magickal crafting is no different than the mundane. Anything can become magickal if you want it to be just that. Magick is about creating something out of seemingly nothing, but adding our energy to the mix produces a whole new product that isn’t just physically tangible, but energetically too.

Recipes A La Madame Moon (Personal and Traditional)

Crafting is one of my absolute favorite parts of magick and incense, oil blends, and brews are some that I use the most. I keep a personal recipe book of the things that I create so I don’t forget what it is I used in a blend and what has worked the best for me. If you like to make all the things, make sure that you write it all down so that you don’t forget! Also, my recipes aren’t exact (just like when I cook regularly, I have a tendency to pinch and dash instead of measure out most things, unless I am baking) These recipes are just guidelines that you can add to, subtract from, or give actual measurements too, I am just supplying the list of ingredients and what they are being used for. Some may be more detailed than others. Some of these recipes are made personally by me, while others are ones I scoured books and the net for. I will label each accordingly.

Psychic Incense (By Emilee Moon)

  • Balm of Gilead
  • Star Anise
  • Wormwood
  • Vervain
  • Bay Laurel
  • Lavender

Mix ingredients together in a mortar and pestle and focus your intent in to it as you compile the ingredients. Choose the amount that you desire of each component based on your intuition; this is how I do it any way. When finished and the mixture is charged, burn it on a coal to release the smoke.

(Please be careful with burning certain incense blends INSIDE. This one has Wormwood in it which is better to burn in a well ventilated area as it is toxic. Use with Caution.)

Super Cleanse Incense (By Emilee Moon)

  • Lavender
  • White Sage
  • Star Anise (3 chunks, not whole pieces)
  • Sprinkle of Black Pepper
  • Pinch of Sulfur
  • Vervain (3 pinches)
  • 1 Bay Leaf
  • Horehound
  • Rosemary

Mix ingredients together in a mortar and pestle and focus your intent in to it as you compile the ingredients. Envision the mixture glowing with a white light and clearing away all the negativity in its midst. When finished and the mixture is charged, burn it on a coal to release the smoke and use it to cleanse yourself, your house, or your ritual space.

(With the added sulfur and black pepper it really adds a punch, so open the windows if you burn it inside!)

Home Blessing/Protection Incense (By Emilee Moon)

  • Coriander
  • Juniper Berries
  • Hops Flower
  • Lobelia
  • Rue
  • Acacia
  • Kava Kava
  • Mistletoe
  • A dash of Guar Gum (optional)
  • Salt

Mix ingredients together in a mortar and pestle and focus your intent in to it as you compile the ingredients, however you envision protection, and you can even create a little chant to go along with it like:

Blessed are the home and hearth

Protection I do call thee forth

Keep us safe and keep us warm

Let nothing from the darkness harm

So mote it be

Or some such wording; whatever you see fit!

Full Moon Incense (By Emilee Moon)

  • Juniper Berries
  • Myrrh
  • Rosemary
  • Vervain
  • Jasmine

This has one of THE BEST scents and you can just feel the Full Moon energy in it.

More Traditional Incense Recipes

Van Van Oil

  • 16 Parts Lemongrass EO or Herb
  • 8 Parts Citronella EO or Herb
  • 1 Part Vetivert
  • 1 Part Palmarosa
  • 1 Part Gingergrass

Van Van is a traditional hoodoo blend designed to clear away negativity, grant luck with money, luck with love, and with drawing influential people into your life

Oil of Abramelin

I have two recipes for this, the original and Aleister Crowley’s version. I prefer the original, but Crowley’s version is easier to make due to the simpler ingredients.

Original Oil of Abramelin:

  • Calamus
  • Cassia
  • Myrrh
  • Olive oil

Crowley’s Oil of Abramelin:

  • Galangal
  • Cinnamon
  • Myrrh
  • Olive Oil

Traditionally this was used for anointing. For the history and more details on different blends and recipes for Abramelin oil, Wikipedia has good resources:


Madjet Oil:

  • Amber
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemongrass
  • Cypress
  • Pine Kernel
  • Wine Soaked Myrrh
  • Olive Oil

You can use a different carrier but I prefer the live oil. This recipe comes from the Temple of Horus at Edfu and was traditionally used with the intent to knit bones and flesh back together in the afterlife and became a way of honoring the divine. Information is a bit hard to find, but this site, that also sells the oil, has a good description.


Books with Good Information on Incense, Oils, and Brews

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews by Scott Cunningham

Potions, Herbs, Oils & Brews: The Reference Guide for Potions, Herbs, Incense, Oils, Ointments, and Brews by Kristina Benson

Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils: Over 550 Oils and 1300 Spells by Anna Riva

Magic With Incense and Powders: 850 Rituals and Uses With Chants and Prayers by Anna Riva

This is just a brief overview on this subject, but we will be going over more tonight in class. I also have quite a few more recipes, both personal and traditional, if anyone would like to request anything.

Please tune in tonight, Wednesday at 8PM on the Spiral Oak Grove Page for the full class! I will also try and share the LIVE video here on my blog tomorrow for everyone to watch.



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