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You stood in the rubble of New York, looking around frantically as your heart beat faster in your chest until you spotted him.

“Steve!” Your call got his attention, and you swore you saw a smile as he got closer, clutching his side, dirt and blood on his face.

Instead of the gentle touch you expected, he wrapped his arm around your waist and kissed you fiercely, pulling you flush against him, with a smile he whispered, “We won.”

The Sudoku Factor|| Nick and Viola

Sudoku and pencil in hand, Nick made his way over from his dorm room to Viola’s. He was actually really excited that they were hanging out on a Friday night together. During the past few weeks or so he started talking to people he normally wouldn’t normally socialize with but Viola, she was different. From the few conversations they had, Nick knew they both had so much in common. They both loved math, superheroes and staying in on a Friday night. However, he could tell that there was so much more to learn about her, and Nick honestly couldn’t wait ti do just that.

Once he made it to the right set of dorms, Nick triple checked to make sure he had the right room number before lightly knocking on Viola’s door. He really did not want another embarrassing story to add to his already large list. He knocked again, louder this time, to make sure she knew he, or someone, was waiting outside.