Pre-Christmas Gift II // Hair: Unkempt in December

Because it tends to get unreliable for me to post CC as it gets closer to christmas (because of…well y’know…”christmas”), I’m gonna continue pushing finished CC as “Pre-Christmas Gifts” :P

For the second pre-christmas gift (the first one was the ME Military Fatigues ;)) is another male hair. Available in all EA-base colors, it likewise has all LODs and hat compatibility + BGC and the usual stuff.

Like with most hairs I’ve released, there’s never really much else I can say other than enjoy it ;)

Download‘s down here↯  

[Sims Workshop]

| Xld_Sims: Unkempt In December |

[Sim File Share]

| Unkempt in December |

Marionette Outfit - The Sims 4 Outfit

Hey guys! It’s finally finished! This outfit took us so long due to several issues with other textures and sweaters, but it’s finally fixed and finished! This outfit is inspired by Marionette, a song by STELLAR (If you look it up on YouTube, it’s quite NSFW FYI.) We hope you enjoy the mod and as always, feel free to recolor it and let us know if there are any issues you are having! Thank you so much for downloading!

Info & Download Below!

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anonymous asked:

i know this is a lot to ask, but would you rerelease your ts4 simblreen gifts before you go?

I’m not going anywhere, no worries. But sure! Here they are ♥

  • GTW Cabinet recolors in eversims pallet
    Requires Get To Work. 

Poppy Proper re-vamp: A short sleeve fleece top with a belt + ankle length skirt. If you have the original Poppy Proper outfit you will need to delete it before downloading this or else they will conflict. 

Posters: Feat K. Sausage art 
Base game compatible, 4 swatches.

Unspoopified Couch
I think? This requires Spooky Stuff Pack, I honestly can’t remember. 


As I blogged about the past few weeks, I started a series of default overrides for some of the Sim dishes in my ongoing battle against plain white plates. The first batch of the Simtopian Breakfast Brunch Buffet Basket contains eight flavours of Bread, Gumbo and Breakfast Scrambles - as well as the resources for the dishes and their empty-states. Additionally the set contains decorative versions of the dinnerware for your sims to have matching plates on their tables and in their cupboards. So clutter away …

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Butterscotchsims’ Daffodil + Pixelsimdreams’ Daydream + Sweettacoplumbobs’ #2 Hairs Recolored




                           HOSPITAL VISITS POSE PACK 
                Requested by @dopecherryblossomheart

Click the video below to see a preview of the poses in game and how to use the statue with my poses! Go on don’t be shy….

                       *How to use it? Watch the video. *

                                         DOWNLOAD (SFS)

                          Sims 4 Studio Team @sims4studioofficial

               To all the creators cc I used, Thank you very much!

    Hair @missparaply , Top @elliesimple, Pants PZC, Shoes @jfc-sims
 Hair, Top @sims4-marigold, Pants @alecseycool, Shoes  @madlensims
                         Hair @stealthic , Top @peacemaker-ic

                                                  Hair Cazy
                                  Thank you for downloading.
                                           Happy Simming!

Hello again! here’s another set of group pose, I meant to include them on my previous group pose but I realize that it would be too much so I decided to place it on this one ^-^’’ you will need the wheelchair for one of the pose! Everything is linked below! enjoy! ♡ Credits to Severinka for the wheelchair!

  • Severinka’s Wheelchair (original mesh) here
  • My recolored version of the wheelchair here
  • My download: Qnie Group Pose N03 (includes guide & the pose)

Thank you and feel free to @qvoix​ or # qvoix when you use them, I’ll love to see what you’ve done! You can find my other CCs here TOU