△ Allie Collection △

Hello people, well I’m the @epiphany-s4 for some reasons I had to change my tumblr…Today I bring you a small collection, a new beginning 

  • Custom thumbnail 
  • All Lod’s
  • Has shadows map
  • HQ Mod compatible

Feel free to make recolor, but do not forget to give the credits and do not include the mesh

If there is any problem, please let me know

Credits for : @eduardocassi , @maertice , @daisuki 

> Download


Urban Jungle: Cutaway Seating & Tatsuro Kiuchi Art - TS4 Recolors

✔ Grab meshes by @peacemaker-ic || Mesh by @mxims included

✔ 32 Solid Colors || 30 Patterns || (separate solid & pattern files)

✔ Custom Thumb Overlay

✔ Seating found in Peacy’s original places in comfort || Art in Decoration (Wall) §25 || Search BlueHopper

Download: Sim File Share || Find @sympxls part here

Enjoy beautiful people ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

♡ Have your ever -- Simblr Edition ♡

Send me any numbers and I will answer truthfully!


1. Killed a sim on purpose?
2. Made one of your sims have an affair?
3. Tried to make a sim based on a celebrity?
4. Uploaded something to the Sims gallery?
5. Used cheats in your game?
6. Used mods in your game?
7. Tried to make your simself?
8. Played with a full family of 8 sims?
9. Had a sim be saved from death?
10. Forgotten to pay the bills and the power was shut off?


11. Played Sims for 8 hours straight?
12. Been drunk while playing Sims?
13. Skipped a meeting or school to play Sims?
14. Played Sims with a friend or family member?
15. Skipped a meal to play Sims?
16. Played Sims past 2am?
17. Played Sims to get your mind off of something?
18. Received a Sims game as a gift?
19. Played Sims with a pet in your lap?
20. Introduced Sims to another friend or family member?


21. Created a piece of Sims CC?
22. Had a crush on another Simblr?
23. Entered to win a Sim expansion giveaway?
24. Done a Follow Forever?
25. Received anon hate?
26. Made a good friend on Tumblr?
27. Stalked someone’s Simblr?
28. Sent your favorite Simblr a nice message?
29. Posted a Sim edit?
30. Posted a Sims story?


Maxis Match Lookbook

I had the opportunity to test the lovely @helgatisha’s upcoming model poses! I had hard time choosing, all of them are soo amazing!! They are coming soon guys! :) 
EDIT: download them here

Meanwhile, I’m showcasing some of my favourite MM items atm with the help of my gorgeous models: Hailee, Mayra, Brittany and Chelsie! (from top to bottom, left to right) :)

Sweater @serenity-cc / Skirt @rusty-sims / Tights by FENC  / Shoes @dreamteamsims / Headband @wildlyminiaturesandwich / Hair @kotcatmeow

Dress @rusty-sims / Shoes @dreamteamsims / Hair @rusty-sims

Dress @wildlyminiaturesandwich / Jacket @blogsimplesimmer / Tights @daerilia / Sandals @madlensims / Hair and Flower @grimcookies

Top @pixelunivairse / Jeans @nolan-sims / Shoes @theslyd / Necklace @tukete / Hair @aquarius4sun


Laura Hair by Buttersim - 1.500 followers!

  • Available for female.
  • Comes with Base Game Colors.
  • Hat Compatible.
  • Meshes that i did used was by EA.
  • Thank you @thesadnesshotline​ for helping me the mesh!
  • Isnt perfect but i tried to make the best i could on this hair.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • Dont repost or use like was your own creation!
  • Feel free to do a recolor but dont put togueter with my mesh and tag me!

Acessories for the hair and download link at below!

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dish: how to recolour something that isn’t white

difficulty: easy as long as you already know basics like how to use s4studio etc.


- photoshop (please do not ask me where to get photoshop)
- a dds plugin for your photoshop if you’re using dds textures
- the texture of the item you want to recolour
- optional - topaz denoise (please do not ask me where to get topaz)

if you have any issues, please feel free to ask questions only about this tutorial (preferably off anon so i can help you easily) - please don’t ask about how to obtain programs or operate s4studio :-( google is your best friend!

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