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Been wanting to make Aniyah a recording studio for about over a yr now but the first time I tried I ended up downloading faulty CC so I gave up since my old comp was like no.

Luckily her new house gave me some motivation and extra leeway to try again.


TS3 to TS4 Conversion ~Mod Bed~

Pretty sure these have been converted before, everyone loves platform beds, right? Haha. These are my version because I get so lazy looking for conversions, I just do them myself. Pretty soon my whole game is going to look like TS3. Without the open world. And swimmable oceans. And toddlers. Sigh. Anyway, the bedding in the preview pics are by the lovely Saudade Sims, so you will have to grab them from there as my download only includes the bed frames. Credit to Annachibi for the separated EA meshes which I used as a base for these conversions. 

Download Mod Bed frames here.

Saudade Bedding can be found here.

Annachibi separated EA bed frames can be found here.



At first this was supposed to be Tara’s house but it’s been a while since i gave a followers gift so i thought i could share it. 

  • It comes as .Sims3pack
  • 30x40 size
  • Some of the objects were placed with OMSP
  • You’ll need Late Night and University Life (There’s some cars and floors placed outside that require from this expansion pack)
  • The wheels from the first shot are from Pets and the sideboard from the living room belongs to Supernatural, but they are not really necessary.

If something doesn’t work or you have any question message me and, if you want, feel free to tag me if you’d like :3

DOWNLOAD: Dropbox | Mediafire