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This is the house makeover I did. I know it may not be the best, but at least I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This house contains: 

   º1 Bedroom.

   º1 Bathroom.

   ºKitchen and dining open area.

   ºA garage for 1 car.

   ºLiving room with fireplace.



Steven Bolovatu  |  Heath Breaker  |  “Babi Rayza” Nayli

Click names for a lil info, CC List and TOU (that’s basic stuff tho). I plan to do more sim downloads over the next couple week cos why not. Thanks for making me feel super welcomed to Simblr everyone!



Flannel Buddies

The girls spent the day at the Brooklyn Heights Ice Rink with their younger siblings and cannot wait to warm up by the fire with their hot cocoa and hot coffees.

Lindy LIPSON || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Malia CARMICHAEL || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Bela MORENO || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair



The time has come when I give you my first collection, which serves as a gift for the new year. If you want to test this collection. You should follow me, and write me messages that you want to test this collection. In the description of the finished work you must specify that you are testing and who is the author of the collection. All just ^33

 Warn you that this is my first collection. So I’m sorry if you have bugs with your sim from my content. Often you need to thicken your sim. Then the bug disappears, but it’s probably not a single bug. 

(original meshes and textures are not mine).

/Jacket/2 scarf/5 shoes/

The Reveal

She sat patiently in the dark waiting. Not really thinking, unsure of herself. She didn’t know if she wanted to kick his ass or cry. She wanted both. She wanted to burn their house to the ground and dance on the ashes of her once happy life. She wanted to tear the pictures off the walls and break everything he ever touched. She drank until her eyes watered and her throat burned. She prayed until her knees were raw. She cried until there was no water left in her body. So she sat. She sat and waited.

At 4:31 am the door opened, and like clockwork, Bryson stumbled in making every effort he can to be quiet. The light turns on and he nearly trips over a pair of shoes on the ground.

“Lani? What are you doing up?”

“What perfume does she wear?”

Puzzled he looked at her face and knew that she knew.

“Baby what are you ta…”

“I went into Lush today, just to look around, and a sales lady came up to me pushing a perfume trying to make a sale. She told me that I would love this one perfume and she held the test strip up to my nose and I wept. Japanese Cherryblossom. That’s the smell that reeks through your clothes when you stumble in at night and lay side me. It’s in everything in the house. It’s in your clothes, it’s in mine. It’s in the furniture. I smell it when I walk down the street. I smell it when I turn around every corner, it’s everywhere.”

“Honey I swear I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Do you think I’m stupid Bryson?” her voiced strains as she tries to control her rage, her Barbadian accent growing stronger with frustration.

“Your boss said that you are working extra hours but even then you’d be off by 10:00. Before you can make up some ‘rational’ excuses about hanging with the boys, John, Stef, Ray, and Scott haven’t seen you in weeks.”

He raised his voice as a diversion, hoping to guilt her out of her wild, yet true, accusations.

“So you’re out here calling my boss and my friends?!? You’re CRAZY!!”

Quietly she got up and threw a pair of lace underwear, that didn’t belong to her, on the table and walked upstairs.

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The Fight

Bryson stood there trying to collect his racing thoughts. ‘She knew’ ‘There’s no way she knew the whole time’ ‘How did she find out???’ ‘Of course she found out’

He ran through every lie, every hypothetical situation, every bit of fuck boy training he had and came up blank. There was no “baby pleases” or “of course I’m not cheating on you”, he knew damn well she was far too clever and far too angry to believe him. He decided to sit and take what she had to throw at him like a man and try to explain as best as he could.

He began to walk up the stairs slowly, anxiously dreading the conversation he was hoping he would never have to have with her. As he reached the top of the stairs he tentatively called out, “b..babe? Babe, I just want to talk.” Before he could say anything else he was dodging a glass vase that shattered on the wall and sent shards glittering down the stairs.

“Baby I’m sorry!” He exclaimed in fear.

“BABY I’M SORRY???” Lani flung another glass at him, barely missing his feet.


Bryson tried to approach her but jumped back when she raised her hand to throw another object at him. “Look” he tentatively raised his hands in front of him “I never meant to hurt you or embarrass you, these things just..happen.”

“JUST HAPPEN??” Lani restrained herself. Her throat burned from screaming and she needed to collect her thoughts. She sat for a long while in silence. After what seemed like an eternity she spoke.

“You brought some raggedy bitch into our home, into our bed, and you have the audacity to say ‘these things happen’. I sat countless times in the dark, crying. I felt inadequate like I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t tall enough, or thick enough. I felt unworthy of you when all this time you were the one that was unworthy of me.

“….Get out”

“Baby…please” his voice cracked as he began to plead for her love, for her forgiveness.

“Take your shit and go.”

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