I was scrolling through October photo challenges to do in rl for Instagram but thought they’d be so much more fun for sims! So I decided to make up the list and inspire you all as well :) Have fun! Tag #slytherween for reblogs 🎃

  1. Moon Goddess
  2. Vintage Halloween Pin up
  3. Shadows Truth
  4. Monster Mash Up
  5. Neon Halloween
  6. Victorian Portrait
  7. Living Doll
  8. Quija Inspired
  9. Orange and Black
  10. Twisted Twins
  11. 80′s Horror Movie Character
  12. Nerdy Zombie
  13. If a vampire had a day job
  14. Playing with Magic
  15. Paranormal Romance
  16. Beautiful Bones
  17. Intergalactic Prince/Princess
  18. Black eyed children
  19. Post-Apocalyptic Disney Princess/Prince
  20. Joker and Harley Quinn Gender Swap
  21. Pastel Colors Demon
  22. Modern Grim Reaper
  23. Cute Werewolf
  24. Ruler of Hell
  25. Black Widow
  26. Halloween Sweater
  27. Stranger Things Character
  28. Washed ashore Mermaid
  29. Tim Burton-esque
  30. Stephen King Character
  31. Trick or Trick - Inspired by your RL costume

Caff: Hello everyone! Welcome to the Bacheloret! Don’t be nervous, chances are, Dakota is even more terrified of this than you are. You’ll all get a chance to talk to them as the evening progresses.