More decorating progress. I did some landscaping around the road out of town, it became a little rural area with farms and fields now. And the rest stop/gas station community lot that I had from earlier fit perfectly into the concept (it can be seen on the 4th pic). The coastal area also got a bit of a touch up; nothing particularly interesting though, just some hood deco until I can fill the empty space with lots. I’ve got a loooot of building fun ahead of me… I ain’t complaining though, I love this new hood to bits. I mean, just look at Old Town being all dramatic and spiffy up on that cliff.


Parker uses the crystal ball to find another date and this time it’s Tiffany Sampson. Tiffany asked if she could bring a friend over and it soon becomes evident that Tiffany was never interested in Parker. I’m pretty sure she only agreed to come over so that her and Kevin could use the dorm’s dirty hot tub of woohoo.

School stuff is still happening in the background of the dorm. In fact, Margaret and George are now seniors! Time flies when you’re watching dormies form love triangles. Parker also recently declared the Art major. The basic gist is that George and Parker are doing phenomenal in school and Margaret is doing okay.

George: Hey, congrats on scraping by this last semester!
Margaret: :D


On the topic of love triangles, this act of treason happened. Betty, despite hooking up with George for the entire length of college, is now woohooing with Parker. George doesn’t care though because..

He’s decided to hook up with this dormie now instead! At this point I was getting angry because I actually like Paulina and George has this want locked to get engaged to her, but now he wants to canoodle with this random dormie who looks like Marvin’s wife.