Some random work in progress pics again. Yeah, existing bridges and embankments don’t fit in the concept so I ended up creating additional ones from scratch. And there’s even more to come! So there will be awful lot of special hood decos.
Road layout is taking shape quite well. Not sure if I should leave real road visible or totally replace it by custom made pieces. The thing is that new pieces are almost ground level. It’s about 0,040-45 above the ground level and still z-fighting a little bit when zoomed out at maximum. But it’s okay with me. So comparing to these pieces original neighborhood road model is floating in the air as hell. So I’m thinking about to make it invisible and add decorative pieces instead.

And, oh well, the whole thing will take some time.

Fans of The Gazette probably saw this coming~ BLACK MORAL conversion/recolor set coming… as soon as I finish it. LOL

Gonna be this top + a T-shirt + accessory(ies)

AND MORPHS!! I think I can do them now!

Are you all realizing I have a terrible concept of time? I live a lot in something I call “The Daze-Meld”. So, here now is the Sims 2 update about Pom Pom and Rainbow Cat that i said would be up..oh, a few days ago, normal- people time:

I sent them out to one of the casinos in Sedona. Here is how it looks at night.

Lotta Ts3 to Ts2 conversion stuff, obviously..links will be placed on my Simblu’s Sims 2 CC credits and links page  soonish. (a text post, for search purposes..)

Note: I DO edit out lot boundary lines in Photoshop before posting..I also generally use either the “Hagrid” or “Ingrid” settings in Pixlr to accomplish brightening and some sharpening at one editing go.


Finally the little subhouse that is connected towards the back left side of the house, i turned into a bath house complete with mud baths, jacuzzi, and massage tables upstairs. then the pool which is central to the whole house the walkway between the dining room and the smoke room and the steps down towards the back area there which is a lovely open space with a simple fountain.


Top pic: Rainbow Cat strolling into a casino in Sedona. Of course, there is a hippie, dressed inappropriately for the venue, preaching about environmental issues at the Tongo table. Sigh.

Bottom Pic: PomPom decides they should play MahJong

I’ll post link to her wonderful outfit on my cc credits page soon as I track down the creator. A lot of my Sims 2 cc dates back to before my daughter suggested i start a Simblr , so I wasn’t thinking about anyone seeing my screenies and asking WCIF.