There, an actual picture of Nimi finally trying out Criquette’s horizons (yay!!! ♥) instead of reblogging every other of his posts. ;)

Perfect for Avonlea! ♥

As you probably figured out by now, with some fiddling you can still get the sky globes to look fine. They just need to be adjusted for every angle, because they are smaller… and then (just like for the larger skybox+animated clouds) you need to be prepared to give up cameraman mode if you like to take pics from the other end of the terrain. ^^


The difference: Avonlea with mountain horizon, or Avonlea with flatland horizon.

Since it’s supposed to be based on Prince Edward Island, I think the below version is more realistic… but that doesn’t take away the prettiness of the above picture!

While checking up on the above information, I randomly found a RL bridge+surroundings that looks strikingly like the TS2 terrain… It’s even located really close to the area Green Gables is based on, too! If you remember, I created the terrain from a map, but the proportions were greatly off (the river is supposed to be a brook trickling from the forest). Now it seems that unwittingly, it ended up resembling the original even more than I knew!

The spot is here, should you want to look it up. It’s inspiring, too, since on one shore there is an amazing building called “Joey’s Deep Sea Fishing” advertising its seafood eatery and lobster fishing tours. There are also holiday homes and lots with gigantic lawns. And so many Sim-like houses.

I love it when stuff like this happens and the real world and the Sims world intertwine. :)