Tried out some other experimental sky dome recolors by @jahkatai a few days ago. Thanks so much! Love them!

Yurei house by day and night.

This is Sims 2.

I also play Sims 3, if you look thru archives you can see various alien world pix from that “universe” also.

 I maintain a beacon for other  alien world travelers.  I remember how long it took me to find other explorers. There are not many of us.

In TS2 is there no way to get a family to sit together at a restaurant? If I take a household somewhere to eat, an adult can select the host station and “be seated” but there’s no option for anyone else to join them. :/ And kids are just left without any way to eat since they can’t ask to be seated. Was the whole “eat together” thing just left completely out of the game?!

(I guess in the past 10 years of playing this game I’ve never had a family go out to eat before!)