My new skin tone for you ,

Thanks to my inspiration, and  stefizzi
 nose shadow - stefizzi With nose are still problemstherefore take the credit.
I tried to make skin for the albino Gabrielle happened a little not that what I relied. The work took a lot of time and effort considering the on tuition session.
Thank you all, I’m not wordy, but it sincerely.
Sorry for my english Of makeup in the screenshot:
  1. in the screenshots are a shadow on his nose (makeup)
  2. Moles on the face (freckles)
  3. glow on his nose (makeup)



facts about the skin:
  • ND (non-default)
  • for women only
  • There are birthmarks on the body

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✿springcolds dear deer blush 01

  • Adult male/female
  • 3 recolorable channels
  • Do Not reupload & modify my creations

sorry I’m very late X( 

it’s my first blusher hehe

hope you guys like it and always thank you my followers *3* muah


DOWNLOAD(dropbox)<use when the zip file has problem!

Model : Chikachika . Bam

SET Piercing №1
mesh by me
  • Piercing cheek

View the piercing face, wherein a puncture is made in the cheek. The most popular version of of piercing cheek when done through facial tissue through a puncture in the oral cavity. Distributed by the location of the two ornaments symmetrically on both cheeks, so that creates a piercing or simulates dimples.

  • Bite cyber 

Symmetrically located above and below Labret piercings and jellyfish;

  • Bite dahlia

Performed two punctures in the corners of the lips;

  • Bridge

Piercing tissues in the nose at eye level or between the eyebrows. There are vertical and horizontal embodiments puncture.

  • Bite angel

Symmetrically arranged two punctures Monroe;


Enjoy the game


New Pose: Couple Pose Pack *Tumblr couple pose*

this supper sweet poses were requested by Elenaproductions ~~
Thank you my dear for asking me^^
I really hope you will like them and I’m so sorry if you feel they look bad or they aren’t the poses you wanted T_T~
I really tried to do my best~ enjoy them^^
*many many hugs*

**Pose List Compatible**


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