... UM GUYS ... a thought occurred to me....

So, remember how the shapeshifter said this would be the last form Dipper ever took? 

And then in the last episode, he took that form. 

But wait a second, that’s not his last form right. He got better right? Yeah. We see him after the woodening, talking and partying with folks.  

But a thought occurred to me. What if that’s not Dipper anymore. What if the shapeshifter was right. What if that’s Bill? 

It’s a stretch (and probably not remotely true) considering we aren’t seeing the “Bipper” behavior in full swing. And we aren’t used to Bill being subtle. Or are we? Whenever we have seen Bill directly everything is flashy and ridiculous. But up until that point, everything about Bill was subtle. The messages, the background images and clues. All subtle. Maybe that’s why Bill acts as crazy as he does, so that the more subtle things are less likely to be noticed. 

So when I saw this:  

I remembered this: 

Similarity? The hand placement on the hips. A subtle similarity. 

And maybe Bill’s possession was more subtle than it seemed? I mean, the episode was essentially all from Dipper’s point of view. No one else noticed Bipper’s eyes. No one else seemed to notice the voice. Maybe when we aren’t seeing from Dipper’s point of view, Bill possessing someone isn’t as obvious as we first experienced. 

Or maybe Alex Hirsch has succeeded and I have joined the ranks of those who are full of theories and have no answers (see: raving lunatics at this point). 

I don’t know. It just bugged me. How is that his “last form” then? Should I even take the shapeshifter seriously? Why did Dipper seem put off by McGucket saying something terrible was going to happen? Granted, he’s 12 and almost just died. But, he seemed annoyed. 

And how the hell did he miss the tapestry?? 

That’s Bill plain as day and it was right there. 

I know the episode is hyping up Stan Pines as being “not what he seems” … but what if that’s the point. What if the hype is like Bill? The hype is crazy and huge. But what if that’s the distraction? What if it’s all a red herring? What if “not what he seems” for once doesn’t just imply Stan Pines?

What if it’s Dipper who is not what he seems? What if we should not trust him in this next episode? 

Anyone else notice those symbols are the only ones that stay lit? 

The top comes from Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. The bottom is Arcturus, “the Guardian (or Watcher) of the Bear” as in Ursa Major. The Romans believed its activity was a warning of “tempestuous weather." 

A storm is coming.  

Bioshock Companions
  • Playing Bioshock:Oh thank god, at least I have 1 trustworthy person in all of this mayhem
  • After Bioshock:I will never trust anyone ever again
  • Playing Bioshock 2:Nope, I remember what happened with the last ""trustworthy"" person that helped me, I'm keeping an eye on you
  • After Bioshock 2:I'm so sorry I ever doubted you, oh my god
  • Playing Bioshock Infinite:This girl's cute, 10/10 would show her my eiffel tower ;)
  • After Bioshock Infinite:WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???