Interview: TRMRS Shake the Southland

By Mariana Timony

TRMRS are a four-piece band from Costa Mesa, California, who’ve been playing a thrashy amalgam of surf, punk, and classic rock since forming in 2010. Made up of singer/guitarists Anthony Perry and Tommy Stewart, bassist Loui A. Tomic, and drummer Wyatt Blair, TRMRS are known as much for their unhinged spin on rock and roll as for being, well, unpredictable. “We cause a lot of problems without meaning to,” says Anthony apologetically. “I’m usually just getting stoned in the car until we play because I know something funny’s going to happen. When I walk in, Loui comes up to me and tells me what’s going down: ‘Okay, the security guy is pissed at Tommy. He brought a bunch of beer in, they’re trying not to let us play, and Tommy’s over there yelling at this guy.’ And Wyatt’s just in the front with a beer enjoying the band playing, no matter who it is.”

And that’s TRMRS: hard-working, fun loving, and defiantly local, they’re one band who don’t hold back. Take-the-time Tommy was aggressively kicked out of a church where the band was supposed to play by three Marines (yes, really). What was Tommy Stewart’s response to such treatment?

“I did the most offensive, non-violent gesture you can do to somebody.” He whipped his dick out. “And all these 16 year old kids were throwing stuff at the guy, all these little TRMRS fans.”

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  • Sea Things

Let’s start 2012 off on the right chord, Tumblr universe. Everything that is pure and meaningful about rock and roll begins with a scuzzy four-piece garage-rock tribe of musicians. Enter TRMRS (pronounced: Tremors) and their debut album, Sea Things. Landing somewhere between the Fresh and Onlys and the Black Lips, TRMRS’s grainy surf-punk blitzkrieg is wild and untamed. Hailing from the same neck of the woods as Cosmonauts, Orange County, CA might just be the rock and roll jungle you’re lusting after this year. 

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TRMRS // Good Time Blues 7"

Although their sound might suggest otherwise, the self-proclaimed “trash pop” quartet TRMRS hail from Southern California of all places. Rather than radiating beach vibes or anything of the like, these guys play a grimy version of Southern garage rock. Check out the title track from their split 7" with Night Beats up top.

If you’re into Black Lips, The Strange Boys, or The Growlers (who the boys are actually on tour with right now) then you’ll surely dig TRMRS. They certainly have that Southern swagger and their raucous blues-rock sounds like it was dipped in the inky black waters of the swamplands. On “Goodtime Blues” the band takes their good old time as they mosey along through the first half of the track before shredding everything on the second. And I hear the band is known for their rather rowdy live shows, so if you have the chance make sure you check them out.

If you want the split it is out next month on Volcom Entertainment & Resurrection Records. Until then stream or buy it on the TRMRS bandcamp page.

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