1.,2.,3.,4. Someone else who was very into “borrowing” her camera - Antoine Triplett. She loved him dearly, but when she found the stack of photos he’d left on her desk for her… After hunting him down and getting into a playful sparring match with him, she later went back to her room and added her own notes to his photos. She knew he would see them, because she knew he would steal her camera again.
4. Trip would take more photos, and be in more photos, but that little smiley face was one of the last comments he scrawled down before the San Juan op. Daisy still likes to pull out this photo every now and then, and not stare at Coulson’s arms as Trip had hoped (okay, she doesn’t stare at them every time), but to gaze at that little green doodle. She heard Trip’s laugh when she looked at it, and it always hurt a little bit, but it also always made her smile.

I’m feeling salty, so I’m just gonna list some of  the shit the MCU fandom has done to the black characters over the years:

Rhodey Rhodes: Erased his entire existence from the narrative, and Tony’s life, and bring him back when it was time to blame him for shit that was out of his control.

Nick Fury: Use him as some big scary boogieman who bullied the poor white people, and curses too much. Also characterizes him as untrustworthy, shady, and evil, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Sam Wilson: Pretty much makes him the caretaker/mammy of every white character in the MCU. 

Mike Peterson/Deathlok: Either ignored, or used as some kind of prop for Ward’s redemption. Has his entire relationship with his son Ace erased.

Antoine Triplett: Ignored.

Raina: Ignored

Mack: Ignored

Gabe Jones: Ignored.

Heimdall: Ignored

Claire Temple: Desexualized, while also ignored as a potential love interest for Matt Murdock.

Luke Cage: Erased from the Jessica Jones narrative, and mischaracterized as some big scary, untrustworthy monster. And this shit iscoming from a show with Kilgrave in it. Kilgrave, people.

Malcolm Ducasse: Has his entire emotional nuances, and complex character  erased in order to better be the “caretaker” for all the white people who treat him like shit.

T'challa:  Characterized as some crazy vengeful murderer when he was on the hunt for Bucky, and is now characterized as the new “Mammy” character. Basically klandom expects him to use all of his resources to better help the white faves.

Jason Wilkes: Met with HUGE resistance as a potential love interest for Peggy in Agent Carter.

I know I’m missing some. These are just off the top of my head. You guys got anymore?