the signs as pinkprint songs

aries: only
taurus: i lied
gemini: the crying game
cancer: truffle butter
leo: feeling myself
virgo: get on your knees
libra: want some more
scorpio: shanghai
sagittarius: four door aventador
capricorn: win again
aquarius: buy a heart
pisces: trini dem girls


Nicki Minaj - Trini Dem Girls Choreography by Tricia Miranda feat Aiden Prince

Not pastel (technically lol) but seriously everyone in this class crushed this. Tricia Miranda is so amazing. I feel like before I die I need to take one of her classes.


omg the babies at the end!!


Music: Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

The OFFICIAL tracklist for ‘The Pink Print' :

1. All things go

2. I lied

3. The crying game

4. Get on your knees ft. Ariana Grande

5. Feeling myself ft. Beyonce

6. Only ft. Drake Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

7. Want some more

8. Four door aventador

9. Favorite ft. Jeremih

10. Buy a heart ft. Meek Mill

11. Trini dem girls ft. Lunchmoney Lewis

12. Anaconda

13. The night is still young

14. Pills n Potions

15.Bed of lies ft. Skylar Grey

16. Grand piano

17. Big daddy

18. Shanghai

19. Win again