Trey Burke #3 of the Utah Jazz accepts his January Kia Performance Award before his matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves at EnergySolutions Arena on February 22, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Chapter 40 Part 2: Furthest Thing


I could feel his tight grip against my warm blue satin sheets. I missed shit like this but he needed to get his priorities straight before we could move further.

“Seppie get your feet off my head lil mama.” He groaned pulling me closer until our legs collapse over each other.

I hadn’t even realized the twins had come in here to sleep with us. After our talk I drifted off into a well needed sleep.

“Mommy, I hungry!” Seppie whispered in her sleepy voice climbing over Aug to get under me.

“You hungry, Auggie?” I turned around watching my boys sleep peacefully. They looked exactly alike from the smooth honey complexion to the soft black tight curls on those beautiful big heads.

They nodded yes in unison making me and Seppie giggle.

“Whats funny? ” Aug asked placing his hands under his head allowing AJ to cuddle closer under him.

I nodded towards AJ, “you and your mini me over there!”

“You can’t talk … she ah lil spoiled brat just like you.” He joked pulling me down on his chest kissing my lips passionately.

“Ew!” The twins giggled in unison.

“You don’t want us kissing?” Aug asked.

“No! Thas yucky daddy!” Seppie yelled.

“How you think y’all-”

“Shut up!” I laughed hitting his chest.

“I’m just saying. We hungry though mommy … can you cook sum’n fah us.”

I looked around the king size bed to see my family giving me their puppy dog eyes and pouted lips. I wiggled out of the bed into my slippers and robe set off for the kitchen. “I’ll call you when its ready!”

I moved down the long staircase into my almost boxed up kitchen shuffling around to retrieve my pots and pans to get breakfast started.

"Damn CoCo, how long it take? We bout tah die up there.” Aug replied rubbing my belly.

“Hush! Yall can come eat now foo’!” I giggled placing the plates full of food onto the table.

“Good!” He chuckled pulling me towards the cabinet lifting me up.

“Aug what are you doing?” I giggled covering my face with my silk robe.

“Relax boo, I want some chocolate.” He winked pulling the robe down licking his lips feeling under the shirt at the lace lingerie.

“Aug what ab-”


I had to shut her ass up. She was looking good as hell in my t shirt. All I wanted to do was get a taste of my shit.

“Baby stop!” She moaned in my ear as I played with her tge metal hoops that hooked around her breast. I smirked pulling it over her head taking in her beautiful chocolate skin laced in the black material.

“Gimme some.” I demanded separating her thick thighs letting my full length rub against the damp lace. 'Damn she was wet’

“Aug pleeeeaase …” She moaned pulling at my curls while I flicked my tongue against her neck rubbing on her clit slowly.

I allowed my fingers to slide inside of her chocolate. “Go slow baby.” She managed to get out.

‘Fuck! This lace shit gotta go.' I thought before ripping a hole in her panties as I increased my speed enjoying her moans of pain and pleasure.


“Mommy is food done?” AJ yelled from the top of the stairs.

“Yeah we hungry! ” Seppie added.

“Stay Uuuh-p the.. there babies!” She stuttered as her juices began to flow down my leg. As soon as I pulled out my index and middle finger she was cumming on the floor. 'Damn I ain’t neva had her squirt before.’

“Clean this up.” I winked licking my fingers sitting down at the table.

“You can come eat now!” She managed to get out towards the stairs as she started mopping the tile floor.

“Daddy you no know how to drink.” Seppie giggled.

“What you talm bout lil mama?”

“You spill juice on your pants.” She pointed to the big wet spot on my lap.

“Haa, nah mommy got some juice on me.” I replied looking straight at AirRen licking my fingers again.

“Hush and ea-” Her phone rang mid sentence. By the look on her face I could tell something was up but didn’t want me or the kids to worry.

“Look we’ll talk later. I said last time. When I wanna talk I’ll call you … bye.” She slammed the phone on the counter.

“Who was that baby?” I asked moving towards her holding her belly.

“Nobody just drop it please.” She looked stressed

“Tell that niggah stop before I handle him. He don’t want that, do he?” I asked jogging up the stairs a little irritated. I could hear her foot steps following close behind.

“So you mad?” She asked with her arms folded.

“Nope! Go handle yah lil boyfriend 'foe I do. ” I kissed my teeth.

“Really Aug? Stop jealousy doesn’t suit you love.” She smiled pinning me on the bed kissing my neck.

“Damn CoCo you want some mo’?” I chuckled.

“I never got the rest!” She smiled.


I been trying to call Ren all night. I was starting to think her and Calendar made up but I still had to be sure. I walked up the steps making sure not to fall off of the 6" Steve Madden heels I decided to wear.

“Tae Tae!” AJ yelled jumping into my arms.

“Hey boyfriend! Why yall opening the door for strangers?” I asked looking for Ren in the kitchen. “You not stranger though.” Seppie shrugged leading me to a plate full of pancakes and Turkey bacon.

“Where’s yah mommy boo?”

They both pointed to the upstairs. I took off my shoes and tip toed to the end of the hall to her room.

“Stop fuckin and come hea!” I giggled making a beat on the door. I heard someone smack their teeth then a guy throwing a temper tantrum. 'CoCk blocking’ I laughed.

“Hey Tae!” She said cracking the door shuffling with a t shirt she just threw on.

“You could have at least put a bra on!” I smacked squeezing her nipple ring.

“I swear if you didn’t have Brian I would think you were gay!” She chuckled seating my hand moving slowly out of the crack pushing the door close.

“Naah where his hoe ass at!? I wanna meet him cuz you definitely wanted me to come over and yo ass didn’t even answer when I called you outside last night.” I rolled my eyes smiling.

“Girl we got into a argument then made up. Im such a sap ass bitch when it comes to Aug.” She smirked shaking her head.

“This is true but I do it with Brian hoe ass all the time! That niggah know what it is.”

I looked up to see a tall lanky well tattoo guy moving around in the kitchen with the twins.

“Is that his big headed ass?” She nodded her head up and down laughing. I walked into the room clearing my throat waiting for him to acknowledge me.

“Yah Chante?” He asked washing the dishes.

“Mmh hmp! Wass good August.” I said crossing my arms ready to grill this niggah.

“Yah homie tell you nun but bad stuff, right?” He chuckled.

“Your sex game isn’t bad.” Ren joked. “Stop tryna be rude girl. Get in his ass later!”

I rolled my eyes cracking a smile. I know Aug wasn’t a bad person that mutha fucka was doing dumb shit when it came to Ren though and that shit needed to stop.


“So 50 guest … 10 tables…” I thought going through the sitting chart for my baby shower. I was barely 5 months but I wanted to have two showers for baby TJ. I was so excited to be having my first child with the man I loved. Nothing could tear us apart.

“Ny why you tryna have two showers?” Trey asked copying the guest list full of names to blue vanilla scented invitations.

“Cuz baby this is our FIRST child! I want him to ’ve spoiled and loved! Now get back-”

“Why is Aug’s name on here and Med School’s not?” He asked handing me the list and a pen expecting to write her name in.

“Cuz we ain’t friends! I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a shower the same day as mine!” I snapped.

“Ny stop … Aug ain’t gon come wit out ha! Yall been cool way too long.”

“You not understanding! Fuck her … the friendship and everything else in between! ”

I was tired of everyone not understanding me. AirRen was my home girl but our lives were getting crazier and crazier. We really wouldn’t have time to hang out like we use to back in our Houston days way before we came to Atlanta and she got pregnant for the first time. I was far from mad at AirRen for being pregnant because at the end of the day I had something that she wanted. That was for Aug to be a real man and commit to her. I was just upset that she kept letting that niggah back in her life do easily.

'Maybe I’m trippin’.“ I thought as I continued the party list.

"Invite her.”

“Already did.” Trey chuckled kissing my forehead.

Trey B.

“Trey! What are you doing?”

“Im recording you!”

“While I’m in the shower … naked?”

“Yep. That rag ain’t hiding shit either. Damn you sexy!”

“Hush can you close the door! Pleeeewase!”

“Not until you say I’m THE BEST boyfriend you had! … lets go I’m recording.”

“Mr. Burke is THEE BEST boyfriend a girl could have! Now can you let me finish? ”

“I can join you … if you like?”

“What you waiting for then…”

Ever since we broke up I’ve been watching this video. I love AirRen. She had been in my life for 2 years and regardless of that hood ass NOLA niggah I was the twins real father. He wasnt gon take them away from me. Nobody was. AirRen was gon be mine again. No matter what. 'Fuck that niggah.’ Period.