She Waits

The winds blew fair that summer day
as captain and crew sailed boldly away
with fond farewells they left their home
to lightly dance atop the ocean’s foam

Staring blankly out from a widow’s peak
in wordless prayers she dare not speak 
watching as the sails slowly disappear
she bravely smiles holding back a tear

In the dead of winter with still no word 
distant thunder she thought she heard
knowing as she watches waters churn
she waits for one who will never return 

Unafraid of either gale or giant beast 
they sought vast treasures of the east
now lost to the depths they ever sleep
for the ocean hides her secrets deep 

Your fave is problematic: my mom

- says “THE INSANELY COOL JARED KLEINMAN” every time she plays a Jack in any card game
- calls Bruno Mars her boyfriend
- calls Rachel Maddow her News Wife
- didn’t stop listening to Blurryface for a month after it came out
- instead of calling me her daughter or son or child, she refers to me as her offspring
- wishes she had married Paul Whitty after divorcing my dickass dad
- gets excited when I talk about writing fanfiction
- worked at a goat farm full of lesbians for several years
- made a fanedit of Community and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia once (the guy who plays Garret on Community retweeted it)
- says “WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEBODY, YOU PUT YOUR PANTS ON” when I walk into the living room in my boxers
- cooks shrimp at every opportunity



I have made 5 of these now, so I guess it´s a series now. :D

CHARACTERS: Marina, Mata, Ariel, Jane, Amelia


OBS: I do not own the backgrounds, characters or the original sketches that these drawings are based on. For more information, please check out the description boxes under the “Watch Me Draw” videos.