Diana never thought the day of being a grown up would come so soon, no longer was she the wrong side of the trcks girl with drug store makeup and powder under nose living in a dinky apartment with barely any furniture but she was in New York City, Manhattan itself, in the elite Gramercy Park the few places where the streets of New York are squeaky clean and only residents there get a key to the exclusive Park itself.

She and Sebastians address was legally 10 Gramercy Park S Apt 1. It was two bedroom and two bathrooms both beautifully done with spa amenities a perfect place tk experience lush bath bombs.

The kitchen was surprisingly large and professional, there were french doors to a backyard, there were california clowets with mirrors and drawers, she never thought she would ever be in a place like this.

It was morning and the sun cracked througjthe window of their bedroom, it was beautiful fall morning and leaves were covering everywhere. She kissed his neck, Sebastian was sleeping still she kissed down his chest and then straddled his waist.


These problems shouldn’t be given attention as I said in my resolutions but nothing has come to a change. I still have this mannerism of taking and seeing every little and witty things going into a big one. I should stop this because this is just causing me to feel bad; feel bad about myself and feel bad about everything else. But I think therefore this time that this is probably a big one.

Do you know the feeling of – yes, you’re friends with them but as if they don’t exist and you don’t exist? I feel that every time. Ever since I stepped in to this everybody-thinks-this-is-a-happy-section where all of it inside is so much negativity and judgement. I don’t like to have this kind of friendship where you aren’t close to the heart. You are close physically but not in the heart. 

And I now know what to do; Is to consider them as they consider me. Because I consider them all as close friends and they think of me just as a friend so from now, let’s call it quits. :)

PS: My friendship with Therese, Kayla and Celine is the best anyone could ever have. Where you won’t feel out of place and where you won’t be afraid to say what you want to.