TRASH LAWYERS: the video game

Gets no love from her fucked up family 

Is pressured into being perfect at all times

Develops what is probably NPD

Gets ignored for her brother and left behind by him

Is shot at by a murderer when she’s 13 years old

Finds out her father, whom she admired, was just a murdering, cheating, liar

Said father is executed

Loses her first two cases ever to a man whom she swore to beat

Gets shot for real

Is unable to prosecute a trial against said man that she would have won, had she been there

Gets taunted mercilessly by Godot and kicked off the case by him

Gets accused of murder by fellow meme ranger and used as bait 

Has evidence stolen from her, resulting in massive embarrassment that is only furthered by the defendant’s snide remarks


we’ll be singing! when we’re winning!! we’ll be singing!!

More pics of me as Athena Cykes at Youmacon~!

I find that my natural expressions made for the best pictures……..and my rendition of her courtroom yelp. ;u;

sorry for all the pictures, I can’t help my excitement!

photos by: the girlfriend, oricanestmile