Little things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: Orange flavored soda, math class, pulling an all-nighter, skipping rocks on the water, making new friends, a pure laugh, buying travel books, going to music festivals, falling asleep in the shade
  • Taurus: Finding an old treasure map, reading mystery novels under the covers, the scent of cedar, having deep talks with your mom, roasting marshmallows with your friends, a full moon, exploring old castles
  • Gemini: Driving down the expressway way to fast, reading novels about magic, missing your mom and dad, peach ice cream, doodling animals in your school notebook, keeping a secret, singing in the shower
  • Cancer: Boarding a flight, the mid-July heat, reading art technique books, jumping on a trampoline with your best friends, waiting for the storm to pass, bakery fresh apricot brioches, relaxing on a river bank
  • Leo: Falling in love for the first time, watching shooting stars, going to an art museum, exploring a grassy meadow, bright blue eyes, peeling an orange, Sunday brunch, the smell of roses
  • Virgo: Sunday mornings, kayaking on a lake, making s'mores on summer nights, having a picnic in a meadow, cuddling with your cat, writing in your journal, baking oatmeal and cranberry cookies
  • Libra: Endless rainy days, watching old French films, sipping freshly brewed coffee, getting strawberry jam on your fingers, watching historical documentaries, the scent of honeysuckle, keeping a dream journal
  • Scorpio: Dark skies, grape jelly beans, finding old love letters in your attic, going on adventures through the forest, the beach in the winter, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, quiet libraries
  • Sagittarius: Dark eyes, paint stained jeans, buying new art supplies, taking late afternoon naps, binge watching tv shows, drying flowers in a book, freshly made lemonade, the scent of cotton, reading on the train
  • Capricorn: Your first heartbreak, sliding across a wood floor in your socks, orange and yellow autumn leaves blowing in the wind, cramming for a test, the scent of cinnamon, reading until you fall asleep
  • Aquarius: French braids, watching a meteor shower, a foggy shower mirror, breeze blowing through an open window, succulents, reading about space, the smell of the ocean, eating fresh red cherries
  • Pisces: Old film cameras, newspaper clippings, a cloudless sky, yellow rain boots, picking blueberries with your brother, sleeping outside on a warm Spring night, blowing bubbles, toast with honey
Gosh, your lips look delicious

Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil x danisnotonfire)

Genre: Idk fluff with very, very, very slight angst, probably

Warnings: Some swearing and alcohol, but I don’t think there’s anything more

Words: Approx. 2.5 k 

Summary: Dan and Phil are childhood friends and adult sense something

A/N: This took such a long time to write why + don’t be misled by the tittle, this is not smut as I have no idea as to how to write the butt sex

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tozbraks  asked:

“why are you looking at me like that?” “can i kiss you?” milevill or stozier your choice

I was originally going to write both, but the Milevill one took on a life of its own, and is now being put into my Nanowrimo story (teaser available here) so this is a little over 1k words of pure Stozier fluff that I wrote in twenty minutes on my lunchbreak, and it’s probably terrible. Credit, of course, to @tozbraks because I used Lee’s post as a basis for this!


Mike gets a trampoline, and it’s the best thing ever, because it’s huge, and his grandparents put it way out in the back paddock, which means the seven of them can all jump on it at the same time, and scream and swear wrestle with each other without alerting any adults. It takes all of thirty seconds for it to become a free-for-all. Bev jumps off one end with a whoop and runs back towards the house, and while Ben is staring after her, bouncing peacefully while he waits for to come back, Richie sneaks up behind him and double-bounces him, sending Ben rolling into the centre of the trampoline.

“POPCORN!” Mike yells excitedly, jumping enthusiastically around Ben, who starts laughing loudly, wrapping his arms around his knees to keep them safe. Richie leaps into the game with a war cry of ‘YOWZA!’ although it becomes obvious very quickly that he is less interested in ‘popping’ Ben, and more interested in trying to double-bounce Mike too. “Not so fast, Trashmouth,” Mike warns playfully when he wises up to what Richie is doing, putting a large hand on Richie’s curly head to push him away towards Eddie. “Try it, and you’re on the grass.”

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Something about moonlight

A/n: okay this one was a bit of stretch, but since eventually SasuHina will get together, I figure Hanabi’s mere presence fulfills the Day 7:In-Laws prompt. Also in which we learn why Hinata stole the scroll. Sort of.

Good evening Sasuke-san. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Hanabi says politely, kneeling across the low table from him. The steam of their tea makes her pale features ghostly, but her eyes are still shrewd and amused as he growls his irritation.

“You’re not the one I was looking for.”

“Then who was this Lady Hyuuga you were asking for?”

“Hinata…” He says her name like it’s disease, with so much distaste, he can feel the girl’s chakra rise.

Her eyes might even be paler than Hinata’s. They glint fiercely in the bright lighting of the receiving room, and Sasuke finds himself just a tiny bit sympathetic for the poor soul who would be Hinata’s suitor.

Hanabi smooths down the folds of her cream colored kimono with practiced elegance. Something about it strikes him as false. He can see her inexperience in the tightness of her jaw, the constant movement of her fingers as she traces the rim of her cup.

She glances up at him, eyes cutting through the steam.

“What do you want with my sister, Uchiha?”

Sasuke finds himself mildly amused, and while he can see why Hinata would do anything to protect her sister, he’s having a hard time reconciling this fierce young clan leader with someone who needed protection.

He wonders what sort of clan head Hinata would have been, with colored cheeks and a slim neck peeking out from those cream robes. It doesn’t matter.

Hinata still has the scroll, and he’s bought her as much time as he can. The librarian is starting to get suspicious.

“She borrowed something from me. I need to get it back.”

Hanabi stares at him for a long time. He can see the sheen of her slightly bulging veins as she lets her silvery chakra flow and checks him for signs of lying.

His heart rate is steady. His breaths are normal. He’s calm in the face of her scrutiny and with a sigh, she shuts her eyes and nods.

“I’ll call for her. Wait here, she’ll come soon.”

And with a delicate wave of her hand, she rises and seems to float out of the room, closing the sliding door behind her with some measure of force.

He stares at the painted screen, admiring the white of the cranes that seem to nearly fly from the lake. Their heads are crowned with red and he feels a sharp sense of melancholy.

There’s sadness here. He’s not entirely sure why, but it hangs over this home like a rain cloud. He finds himself curious. Perhaps he can ask Hinata about it.

She’d thought her entire world had shattered again on that one clear night. A night where the stars had winked out clearly with a cold light. And then she’d thought that a rebirth was incoming, a hope blooming in her chest until she felt she was choking on flowers.

She’d thought, she’d wished, she’d cemented her pathway…until stagnancy settled in and wilted her hopes to nothing. Hanabi keeps those same hollow eyes trained on her duties as clan head, unknowing. Her father holds the same weight of secrecy in him as Hinata does.

She’s trying. Trying hard to unravel the lock mechanism that keeps him and herself strained and sad.

This had all been a month after the war. She’d raged. She’d swept aside any of her father’s assurances as she broke down sobbing.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! Why didn’t you tell us?!”

Hiashi hadn’t explained that.

“Hinata…daughter…let me take care of this…I’ll find a way. I’ll work with Lady Tsunade…you just…concentrate on finding your place in this world.” His words were like scissors, frigid, merciful. Snip, snip he cut away her bonds to her station and set her free.

She resents him for that.

For the way that she was dismissed from that lonely hospital room…away from the moonlight cradling a thin figure who was hooked up to too many machines, their dark beautiful hair splayed out all over the bed.

She knew that person wouldn’t have wanted her to linger. So after she had wept, after she had decided that her mind counted this person lost but her heart did not, she had gathered herself up and attempted to find her place.

But she was forever bounding to places where the village wanted her to be. It seemed that even if her clan had set her to meandering, Konoha had its own plans for her. Konoha was growing and recovering. It would not wait for a girl forever bouncing on a trampoline.

She tries her best by choosing her own assignments, by trying out new things and giving herself new experiences. But she hasn’t let her father cut her loose completely. She’s clinging onto those fraying threads with dying hope while she waits for some sort of end to this whole thing.

It’s the waiting that kills her. It’s the waiting that prompts her to steal a precious scroll from the library. And she hadn’t thought she’d be able to keep it this long, she’s already made some headway. But there’s too much here to copy of her own accord.

She feels a little guilty for blackmailing Sasuke like she had, but if she could unravel the Caged Bird Seal, it would all be worth it. She might even be able to save the thin, comatose person sleeping in lonely moonlight and sunlight. But the days have worn on. It’s been nearly half a year.

She should count herself lucky, but she’s still grieving.

And she needs help. She doesn’t want to arouse suspicion of what she’s attempting, but maybe all her questions to Sakura might already be too much of a give away.

She trusts Haruno. She trusts her team…she doesn’t trust herself…to have the ability to see this through.

She needs the Sharingan for that.

And by happenstance or by fate, Sasuke is at her door today. She’s sent Hanabi to distract him for a bit, but she needs to lay out what her request will be.

She chances a brief glance at one of the many picture frames on her nightstand. She needs to swallow her doubts and say her wish.

So with one last longing look at the group of picture frames on her desk, edged by stacks of paper and the scroll. She smiles softly at the candid photo and Then she heads out to meet her guest.

She catches him doodling. He’s taken up one of the extra pens she brought out, and while she overlooks the sections she’s interested in, he’s already covered a napkin with perfect little Uchiha fans. The style is familiar, and it reminds her of the personalized stationery his shopping list had been on.

She smiles at him, setting aside the scroll for now.

“You’re very good at that.”

He stops and looks up at her, one brow raised to silently ask what she means by that.

She nods towards his designs, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“They all look exactly the same. They’re perfect. Did you copy the pattern from your stationery?”

Sasuke blinks slowly, bemused at her interest in something so simple.

“I made that too. It helps to relieve stress.” He waves a hand over his eyes. “The Sharingan makes it easier.”

“Ah…I see.” She frowns a bit. “Do you remember learning something about the sharingan being descended from the Byakugan?”

He grunts, unsure of where she’s going with this. He’s starting to feel wary of her line of thought, especially when her white eyes spring up to meet his with such excitement, he feels his heart leap up into his throat.

“Do you think…I could borrow your eyes for bit?”

“Aren’t you already borrowing them? I’ll copy down whatever you need me to. I already agreed.”

She shakes her head vehemently, bringing up a few trembling figures to trace over her temples and her eyes.

“I want to see what it looks like when you activate it? You have the Rinnegan too, so I want to see if I can decipher what chakra pathways our types of eyes activate!” She places her hands happily on the table, leaning forward until her face is too close for his comfort.

He could drown in that quicksilver, could lose himself in those eyes of hers. He leans away, crossing his arms over his chest until she gets the hint.

She looks apologetic. Very much so as she fists her hands in the folds of her brown skirt.

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

For some reason, she looks like she’s collapsing under the gravity of her own eyes, as if they had their own lunar gravity and they were slowly pulling her into herself.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t.” He remarks, and wonders if he’s made a mistake when she gasps and nearly leaps over the table to clasp his hands in hers.

“Thank you. Thank you so much! I promise I won’t bother you anymore. You won’t have to see my face ever again after this.” She tells him earnestly.

He believes her. And somehow, the thought of never seeing her again makes him feel queasy.

He heads back home that day. The scroll safely in his possession to return tomorrow to the library.

His face still feels strange. Foreign to him. Even when he looks in the mirror and the same sullen expression as always stares back at a him, he can feel the lingering brushes of her fingertips. Can feel the pathways she’d traced while she examined his active Sharingan with her Byakugan.

He looks back at her stolen umbrella near his door. It stands guard over the assurance that he will see her in the future.

Somehow, this also makes him queasy. He tells himself it’s probably just the strange tea blend he’d been served and shuts up the little nagging bits of his memory that won’t let him forget the feeling of her gravity, slowly…slowly pulling him into her orbit.

For @penpenheart. :)
Birthday Cake (M - Jungkook)


Requests:  Can you make a smut about the reader being Jungkook’s birthday cake😉 &   @allaboutthespn said: Can I have 43 and 106 with the golden kookie? 😃😄

Word Count: 3,209 words

Look at this happy little bean aww

You woke up early, making Jungkook breakfast and setting it up nicely on a tray before you returned to see him still fast asleep.  You figured he would still be asleep, the time only being just a little over 9am and he couldn’t fall asleep until around 1. He made you sing to him, saying your off key singing always put him to sleep and you hit his head. You still complied, seeing his body beginning to relax with the sound of your voice and your own eyes being to droop as well.


“5 more minutes…”

“I should have stopped after our fifth round.”

“Why, so you can say you only lost to me 3 times instead of 4.”

“You know, most guys would let their girlfriends win so he doesn’t make her feel bad.”

“I’m not like most guys.”

“I figured that out when you buy me a custom Pepe for our 3 month anniversary.”

“Don’t talk about him like that when he’s in the room, babe. He has feelings too.”

“I liked you better when you were asleep.” He rolled over to look at you with a mischievous grin on his face as he took the tray from your hands, thanking you and you sat next to him on the bed. He spread some jam on his toast and cut it into pieces.

“Open up.”

“Jungkook, it’s your breakfast.”

“I know you haven’t eaten, babe.”

“I’m not hungry.” Your stomach decided to disprove your statement by growling loudly and you could feel Jungkook’s disapproving look, letting him feed you a bite. You fed him in return, finishing his breakfast together before he placed a kiss on the corner of your lips. He smiled at you gingerly as you snapped your head in his direction, seeing him lick his lips and look down into his lap.

“You had some jam on your cheek, cutie.”

“I could have wiped it off.”

“And miss that priceless look you’re giving me, no way.”

“How are you older than me?”

“Well, Y/N, when a man and a woman love each other a lot, they–” You hit him in the face with your pillow, him taking a few moments to process what happened before he swung his pillow at the side of your head. He took a few hits from you before he hit your sides, getting away from you and you chased him with your pillow. He tossed a couch pillow when you entered the living room, aiming for your face but you caught it and aimed it back at him. He dodged, the pillow hitting your wall and he tossed another pillow at you, this time hitting your face.

“Jeon Jungkook!” He let out a laugh, running away again and you following him again, catching him in the bedroom. You two stood in front of each other, standing on either side of the bed and he looked at you smugly.

“Why aren’t you moving, Kookie?”

“Why aren’t you moving, babe?”

“Because you could move first.”

“So can you.”

“Drop your pillow, Jungkook.”

“You drop yours, Y/N.”

“At the same time.”

“On the count of 3.”



“Three.” You ran over the bed, Jungkook pushing you down and quickly climbing atop of you and tossing your pillows away. He grabbed your wrists, holding your hands above your head and looked at you with a triumphant smile graced upon his face. You knew he was proud to have another victory over you again, his competitive nature always showing in anything. You could remember the one time you played chess with him, you were sure he didn’t know all the rules yet he still managed to get checkmate.

You’ve been playing chess since you were little, playing Namjoon once in a while when you found him in the dorms. But Jungkook beat you on his first attempt at the game. Maybe you need to rethink doing anything that could be a competition with Jungkook involved.

“I win, Y/N.”

“Fair and square.”

“What’s my reward?”

“It was a pillow fight, Kookie.”

“And you lost, now give me a reward.”

“I don’t know what to give you.”

“I have an idea.”

“What is–” He pressed his lips against yours, the taste of strawberry jam and lemonade flooding your taste buds and you kissed him back. His lips were skilled, moving sweet and slow and letting his tongue run against your bottom lip. You let his tongue enter your mouth, tangled tongue with him and felt his tongue roam every inch of your mouth.

You craved more than his nectarous lips, wishing to feel his hot body press against your bare skin. You wanted to let yourself be vulnerable for him, allow him to tear you apart and mould you back together with his hands. He pulled away, snapping you out of your bawdy thoughts and looking at him, dazed.

“It was worth it. So worth it.” He said before lying on top of you, his whole body weight on your body and you hit him.

“Jungkook, get off me! You’re crushing my body.”

“But you’re so warm.” He nuzzled his head on your chest and you bit your lip, feeling your nipples becoming more sensitive and tried to pry him off you.

“Jungkook, I mean it. Off me, now.”

“You’re no fun.”

“I can’t believe you’re 19.”

“Feels like just yesterday, I came here from Busan. That shy 15 year old boy that didn’t know people. That kid who looked up to his hyungs because they were all he had.”


“I’m glad I met you. You’re the only girl who really took the time to figure me out. You were patient with me, taking me out of my shell, letting me come around to see that you weren’t just going to disappear like other girls.”


“Too much emotion?”

“No. I’m glad I met you too. You might not be a complete transformation from that shy 15 year old but it doesn’t matter. I fell in love with Jeon Jungkook, the guy who can’t let me win anything over him, the man who lives with passion, the boy who sings his heart out every time he graces upon a stage, the man who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Whether you’re 15 or 50, you’ll always be my Jungkook.” You were tearing up through your speech before feeling Jungkook wipe your cheek. He kissed you softly, pulling away seconds later and you smiled.

“Thank you, angel.”

“But for real, let me win something against you.”

“You won one match yesterday.”

“Which you profusely denied and claimed that I clearly cheated somehow.”

“It’s still a victory.” You rolled your eyes, Jungkook put his hand on your face and you looked at him. He squished your face, making you pucker your lips and you slapped his hands away.

“You’re better at me in cooking.”

“That’s a skill you don’t have. I remember when I told you to watch my soup while I go to the store to buy some meat for it and you somehow managed to let it burn?”

“How do you burn a liquid?” He grumbled, you in return placing your hand on his face.

“You have a talent for ruining food, Kookie. I think you inherited it from Namjoon.”

“Whatever, are you happy now?”

“Thanks for trying.”

“Come on, babe. What does winning over me even mean?”

“That you aren’t the golden maknae.”

“Although I am, why does that matter to you?”

“I just really want to see you lose for once.” He poked his inner cheek with his tongue, looking at you and you stared back at him. It unintentionally turned into a staring contest and you blinked first.


“This is just a small victory.”

“It’s still a victory.”

“I know the perfect place to resolve this.”


“Indoor trampolining?”

“Best two out of three, who can jump the highest, score the most points at the basketball game, and who can jump the furthest into the pit.”

“We need a moderator.”

“I already thought of that, baby.” You saw the rest of BTS walk in, peeling off their masks and Taehyung let out a loud pant.

“What do you need all of us here for, Kookie?”

“It’s my birthday and you guys don’t want to see your favourite 19 year old.”

“We would want to see if you don’t tell us a location and give us 30 minutes to get there. I swear Taehyung almost lost his shoe trying to catch up to the car.”

“It’s not my fault that you guys didn’t want to wait for me to tie my shoes.”

“It was taking too much.”

“It was 30 s-”

“Can you two idiots argue elsewhere?”

“The only idiot here is Taehyung.”

“Shut up, Jimin. You’re not clever either.”

“Okay, we brought you here not to argue like children but to moderate our little competition.”

“Plus, trampolining is fun. Don’t knock it until you try it.”

“If this is lame, I’m going home.”

“Namjoon, quit being so grumpy. You sound like an old man.”

“You mean Yoongi?”

“Do you have a death wish, kid?” You eased the hostility and grumpiness, getting everyone ready to jump on the trampolines. Jungkook jumped in the one next to you, off the bat trying to outjump you but you tried to bounce higher. You switched spots and gained more height in your jumps. You tried to do some tricks, Jungkook trying to mimic you.

“Do your own tricks!”

“Yours are so much better.”

“At least I can jump higher than you.”


“Yes, taste defeat.” You said as you tried a flip off one of the wall trampolines, bumping into poor Jin and knocking you both down.

“Oh god, Jin. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay; we can bounce back from this.”

“Jin hyung, that was so lame.”

“Why do we go out in public with you?”

“You all are ungrateful brats!” You laughed a little before getting out of the same trampoline space as Jin, you getting out of the section and Jungkook gave you the victory. You both moved to the area when you and Jungkook played basketball. You both had difficulty, although you eventually go the hang of it and starting making shots. Jungkook began making all his shots, having a smug look on his face every time he made a shot. You bumped his elbow and he elbowed you back when you take a shot.


“You hit my elbow first.”

“You had a smug look on your face.”

“That’s because I’m winning.”

“Jimin, what’s the score?”

“Y/N have 43,” you were smiling until you heard the rest of Jimin’s sentence, “but Jungkook has 44.”


“I’m so going to kick your ass in the pit jump, just watch.”

“That’s some statement, baby girl.”

“It’s a promise.”

“You’re really hot when you’re competitive.”

“Then, I’m about to get sexy.” You walked over to the pit area, Jungkook hot on your heels and waited for your turn. You both jumped, wanting to claim victory quickly and looked at Taehyung who was supposed to watching you both.


“Oh, shit. Do it again, I swear I’ll watch you both this time.” You both looked at each other, he was looking at his phone and you two got out the pit. Jungkook helped you up, you meekly thanking him and jumping into the pit again.

“How about this time, Tae?”

“It’s a tie..”


“You guys landed around the same spot, so it’s a tie.”

“We can’t have a tie, I have to beat this stupid golden maknae. Taehyung, be honest. I won, didn’t I?”

“Excuse me, little girl. I’m golden for a reason and I won this round.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Here, children. Quit it and let’s get out of this place.”


“Did I fucking stutter?” Yoongi could be commanding if he wants to and you guy got back into your regular shoes, going back to your apartment. The boys went to the dorm, Jungkook staying at your place instead and being teased by the other boys.

“So, we’re both equals.”

“I guess so.”

“My girlfriend is pretty golden.”

“You’re lame.”

“So are you.” He smiled at you and playfully bumped elbows with you until you smiled, making a cute sound when he saw the smile on your face. You two just spent a few hours, taking a nap before going out to dinner with the rest of the boys.

“Baby, can we shower together?”


“Saving time and water.”

“It’s always the same excuse.”

“Can we or not?”

“Pushy.” You followed him into the bathroom, starting the shower and began taking off your clothes. You didn’t notice him staring at you until you looked into the mirror to fix your hair into a shower cap.



“Your shower cap have little cookies on it, were you thinking of me when you bought this?”

“No, I was thinking of protecting my hair. It’s not always about you, Jungkook.”

“That’s weird, I thought it was.” You rolled your eyes, hearing him chuckling and entered the shower with him. He put his hand on your hips, slowly running his fingertips against your sides and you shivered to his touch. You felt his hot breath against your neck and you hit his head.

“Ow. Shit, babe, you hit my eye.”

“Kookie, are you alright?” You turned to face him and he had his hand covering his eye, you grabbing his hand to look at his eyes. It wasn’t too bad, just glossy from irritation and you kissed under his eye.

“The last time I try to be sexy in the shower.”

“No, it’s not.”

“You’re right, it’s probably not.” You washed him, making sure to not dwell on cleaning his back and chest for too long before washing yourself. Jungkook snatched your personal sponge from you, washing your back even though you didn’t want him to. You both got out the shower, drying yourself before changing into formal attire. You wore a stunning scarlet hi-low dress, pairing it with silver heels and Jungkook drove you to the bar.

“Happy birthday, maknae!”


“Hyung, are you already drunk?”

“I may have had 2 or 3 drinks before you two decided to show up.” You sat down in the booth next to Jungkook and Hoseok. You always found talking to Hobi easy, always talking about dance, music or your plants. It was strange to talk about plants but Hobi managed to make anything seem exciting.

“Who’s the birthday boy?”

“Him.” You eyed the waitress, seeing that she had a few buttons loose and her cleavage in full view when she leaned over. You linked arms with him, Jungkook oblivious to you and she placed a birthday hat on his head.

“Happy birthday.” You kept your hand locked with his, his thumb running over yours as you took sips of champagne and seeing Jimin, Namjoon and Tae drunk with Hobi a bit tipsy.

“Yah, Kookie. How is your girlfriend so hot?”

“Because she’s out of your league.”

“Apply cold water to that burn, dude.” The rest of the guys laughed at Jimin’s drunk confession but you felt Jungkook squeeze your hand a little.

“Let’s dance, okay?”

“Okay.” He led you onto the floor, the blaring sound muffled once you felt Jungkook’s hands roamed your body again. You almost purred in his ear, wanting him to take you home instead.

He quickly said his goodbyes before pulling you along with him, eager to get home. You let his hand rub against your inner thigh, his fingers brushing against your panties often. He parked the car, taking you upstairs and you made him sit in the living room.

You slipped off his jacket, loosened his tie and left kisses along his jaw. Your red lipstick stained his skin, you eyeing your masterpiece before he pulled you into a kiss. Your senses were flooded by his pine scented cologne, the craving you felt earlier returning to you and you kissed him deeper.

“Jungkook…” You gasped, his lips moving to your neck and taking a bite. He sucked the skin, soothing the bite with his saliva and you worked on unbuttoning his shirt.

“I’m much sweeter than that stupid cake.”


“Wanna a taste?” You said close to his ear, his reaction was picking you up and taking you into the bedroom. He unzipped your dress, eyeing your underwear. You had a feeling he would want you, wearing red lace which was his favourite tonight.

“You know me so well.” He put his hand on your neck, kissing you again. You felt the core beginning to burn again, wanting his tongue lick you clean instead of exploring your mouth.

“I know what could make you taste even sweeter.” He mumbled before leaving the room and returning with a container of frosting. He tore off your bra, opening the container and coating your nipples in frosting. He licked your nipple, eating the frosting off you and you moaned his name. The way his tongue swirled around your nipple before he sucked it, cleaning all the frosting off your breast.

He licked a line is frosting off your stomach, his eyes locked on your as you watched his pink tongue licked your torso clean. He slipped off your panties, glancing at the glossy layer that coated your pussy.

“So wet for me.”

“All for you, baby.” He slipped two fingers into you, pumping them into you while watching your face contort in bliss. Your head rolled back in the mattress, shameless in your loud moans of his name and he moved closer to your pussy.

“Oh god.” He licked you haltingly, purposely wanting to see your squirm and you whimpered when you felt him begin to suck on your clit. You grabbed at his hair, the brunette strands handling your tug.

“Fuck. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Please, I’m on the pill. I need you.” You didn’t care how jumbled up your sentences were, the only coherent thought was feeling Jungkook pounding you into your bed so hard that he had to wheel you around. He flipped you over, your face buried in the mattress and he pushed into you.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

“Shit, shit.” He waited for a bit before moving his hips and you bit your lip. You bit back your moans, taking every thrust he made and stopped with him all the way inside.

He pulled you up by your hair, letting you press your hands into the mattress and let every moan spill out of your lips. Your voice was hoarse from the broken sobs and he held onto your hip while he pounded you.

“Does it feel good, baby?”


“You love it when my thick cock pound your tight little cunt, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“You want me to make you cum, baby?”

“Please, please. Please make me cum.” You gasped out as his hips moved rapidly, his burst of energy and his hand moving to rub against your clit causing you to climax.

He rode through your high, his hot seed spilling into you before he pulled out. You collapse to the mattress, your breathing heavy and shallow. He cleaned you both up, cuddling with you on the bed before you pecked his lips.

“Happy birthday, Kookie.”

~Admin Blake

Ok, but what about...

A Supercorp AU where Lena sustains a grade 2 muscle strain from landing on her head at one of those trampoline parks (it was her best friend’s daughter’s birthday party & Sam is *still* laughing about it, so don’t ask), and Jess is forcing her to go to physical therapy. 

Lena grudgingly agrees because the pain is almost unbearable, but only if they can find a discreet place, away from prying eyes and paparazzi who would just love to get a shot of Lena in a cervical collar. 

Like a metaphorical boss, Jess finds a small PT center that caters exclusively to individuals who value their privacy–minor league athletes, aliens, Luthors who are desperately trying to shed their unfavorable family legacy, etc. Lena actually likes the place for the most part. The doctors are professional and patient with her, if a little cheeky at times (esp. Dr Sawyer), and the therapy seems to be working if her gradually diminishing pain is anything to go by. 


There is one particular patient who occasionally comes in during the same time as Lena who’s always always always a loud blast of sunshine in an otherwise subdued setting. 

She’s too chatty, sorta unreserved, and just a little obnoxious, and keeps changing the channel to the Food Network on all of the TVs. Kara also claims that she’s attending PT for valid reasons–Yeah, apparently, my quads are just too strong for my hamstrings, you know?–but Lena is beginning to suspect that Kara’s actually only there for two main reasons: 

1. To annoy the head doctor, who Lena later finds out is Kara’s sister. 

2. To ignite Lena’s already uncontrollable gay fever by performing gratuitous exercises that somehow show off all of her rippling muscles at the same time.

Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen.

Does anyone know a good plumber? I fucked up one of those stupid ritual things that everyone is doing and now my shower is leaking and also there’s some faceless guy in my kitchen. My landlord comes tomorrow and he’s going to kill me, especially because I also have a cat and I’m not even supposed to have pets.

It all started when I was drunk messaging a girl on Tinder and she said that the only way we would meet up was if I did this weird ritual thing where I summon a ghost or some shit. I think she called it Mea Culpa or something.

Actually, her exact message was,
the decaying flesh will not rest i am the alpha and omega i have seen the burning cities consume the earth hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [LINK TO RITUAL INSTRUCTIONS] our souls meet when darkness spills mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggg

She was a weird chick.

At least, I think she was a girl. I couldn’t really see her face. Her picture was just a black background with two shiny dots that kind of looked like eyeballs. You could sort of see some features, but it looked like her face was gray and I couldn’t really see her mouth. But she had really good skin. I wasn’t about to rally for a pizza face.

So, anyway, I weighed the pros and cons of spooky rituals vs trampoline booty as best I could on five shots of Patron.

It was totally worth it.

I set my cell phone to 3:26 am, but since my phone is a 2005 Motorola Razor that was dropped in the toilet several times, it went off at 4:00am. FUCK.

I decided to go through with the ritual anyway. I was also supposed to have a friend during this thing, but my bestie recently got incarcerated for selling heroin on the corner of Patterson Park and Eastern Avenue. Shout out to my main man, Roscoe.

Anyway, I sat up and turned off my alarm, but the moment I turned it off I drunkenly passed out again. I woke up 20 minutes later and actually got out of bed this time, stumbling around the room in the dark because apparently you’re not supposed to turn on the lights, because if you do a GHOST WILL POP OUT OOOH.

I was supposed to find a candle and light it, but my hangover just made me trip over one of the several candles I placed on my floor. Eventually I gave up and flipped the lights on, grabbing a candle from my desk.

I squinted out my window to see what my ghetto Baltimore neighborhood looked like at 4:20am. The street was empty except for some rando wearing a black robe and a giant pointy black hat. He was staring up at me through the window. I couldn’t really see his face. You know, Baltimore has gone to the fucking dogs. First gang wars, now an updated KKK. For God’s sake.

I lit the candle and looked at my phone. I was supposed to knock on my bedroom door 66 times, the 66th knock timed on the 4:06, but since I had fucked everything else up I just did a “Shave and a Haircut” knock and then walked into my hallway. My bedroom door is opposite the stairs, and looking down that dark stairwell was pretty spooky. I thought I saw something move on one of the lower steps.

For the next step, I was supposed to close my eyes and walk forward while chanting, “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa”, which is Italian for “my Culpa”, which is probably some kind of shitty Italian car. I tried to close my eyes and walk forward while talking about Italian cars, but my cat, Fish Sticks, ran under my feet and I ended up tripping over him and falling down the flight of stairs.

At some point the stupid candle went out as I flailed down the stairs, but I was too concussed to care. I rolled up from the ground, groaning, and decided that I would just continue to go through the motions, which meant hiding in a closet and waiting for the ghost to play hide and seek with me. I chose the kitchen pantry because I had some opened potato chips in there, so I made my way back.

As I stumbled, I heard several soft whispers behind me. I spun around, hoping that I was right about Fish Sticks knowing how to talk, but there was no one there.

Except for the figure standing in the corner.
I stopped, blinked, and it was gone. I really needed to lay off the Patron.

As I honed in on the closet, the alcohol and concussion finally caught up with me and I stumbled to a stop, doubling over and vomiting watery Patron all over my kitchen floor. FUCK. My ass was landlord grass. The hellish combination of alcohol, concussion, post-vomit and a looming eviction notice caused my emotions to go haywire and I unleashed a violent sob, mucus and tears rivering down my face.

I heard a noise outside the kitchen.
My eyes fell on the kitchen window and I spied that stupid gang member/KKK dude in my backyard, still staring at me. I must’ve looked like an idiot, weeping in front of my kitchen pantry. Too ashamed to confront him, I just crawled into the pantry and shut the door. It was so cold in there it damn froze my man-titties off. My air conditioner was probably broken. I definitely needed to call the landlord, but that would mean sedating Fish Sticks and stuffing him in a suitcase under my bed.

At this point, I realized that I needed to reevaluate my life. Maybe I shouldn’t drink as much. Maybe I should give Fish Sticks to a good home. Maybe I should find women with intellect and poise. Maybe I should move out of my shit neighborhood where KKK people roam around at 4am.

After going through an entire existential crisis in my pantry, I decided to say fuck it and end the stupid ritual. That Tinder girl wasn’t even that hot, anyway. And besides, I still had like seventy more ritual things to complete, which included lighting eight more candles, stabbing a Japanese doll, and spinning around in a circle while screaming, “YOU’RE IT, YOU’RE IT!”
This was all supposed to culminate in me going to my basement, sitting in front of a mirror, and looking into the mirror but not actually looking into it, which made absolutely no fucking sense.
As I got up to open the pantry door, I heard a low moan coming from behind the door. I froze. I prayed to God it wasn’t my landlord.

I cracked open the door to see the gang member/KKK guy standing in the kitchen, staring at me. I finally got a good look at him. He definitely didn’t have a face. I guess getting your face taken away is part of a gang ritual now.

He didn’t react to my presence— he just stared. I didn’t know how the hell to deal with gang members or faceless KKK members, so I just stared back. We did this for about five minutes before I slowly inched out of the kitchen and back upstairs. He turned to watch me as I went, but didn’t move.

So after that I went up to my bathroom to take a shower and now my shower-head is leaking, which I blame on the stupid ritual. So if you guys know any good plumbers in the Baltimore area, I would really appreciate it.

Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen. (AKA the best scary story I've ever read)

(seriously, this one’s a doozy guys).

Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen. by narrativeofthelife

Does anyone know a good plumber? I fucked up one of those stupid ritual things that everyone is doing and now my shower is leaking and also there’s some faceless guy in my kitchen. My landlord comes tomorrow and he’s going to kill me, especially because I also have a cat and I’m not even supposed to have pets.

It all started when I was drunk messaging a girl on Tinder and she said that the only way we would meet up was if I did this weird ritual thing where I summon a ghost or some shit. I think she called it Mea Culpa or something.

Actually, her exact message was,

the decaying flesh will not rest i am the alpha and omega i have seen the burning cities consume the earth hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [LINK TO RITUAL INSTRUCTIONS] our souls meet when darkness spills mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggg

She was a weird chick.

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anonymous asked:

finn and rae have sex on a trampoline

Not my best (I’m no good at smut writing) but I hope you all like it regardless!



Originally when Finn showed up with a huge trampoline in a box, Rae had been against it. It looked like an easy way for her kids to bounce to their deaths, but he had promised it would be fine.  Plus, Tia was begging on her knees that Rae let him set it up, so she caved.

It was worth it though, because watching Finn try to put it together might have been the funniest think she’d ever seen.

“Why don’t you just read the instructions?”

“Because how hard can this be?  Just put this pole in this hole and call it a job well done!”

“It’s attitudes like that, that leave hundreds of women unsatisfied.” She called back to him, making him glare at her.

“Why are they unsatisfied, mum?” Kyle asked her, his little seven year old eyes peering at her.  Rae blushed and Finn sat back, laughing.

“Luckily for you son, you’re a Nelson.  You’ll never leave a woman unsatisfied.”


“You started this!”

Rae shut her mouth after that, sitting with the kids while they waited for their dad to finally finish.  It took Finn most of the after noon before the Trampoline resembled something one could bounce on.  He happily jumped on it to prove to Rae it was safe, but all she noticed was how it creaked every time he landed.

“Mum, please can we go on it?” Tia asked, pulling on her mother’s hand.

“I don’t know, it still seems a bit shotty to me.”

“Dad!” She whined, and Finn bounced off to join them.

“Give me the night to convince your mum, and tomorrow I promise you both can use it.”

The kids seemed happy as they ran back to the house, but Rae was doubtful.

“There’s nothing you can do to convince me that that death trap is safe for my babies.”

Finn smirked at her.  ”We’ll see.”

After dinner and homework, the kids went to bed and Finn lead Rae out to the back yard to show her.

“I just want you to jump on it!” He begged as he bounced up and down.  Rae stood firmly on the ground, crossing her arms.

“You’re delirious.”

“Come on.”

“What, is this part of some sick fantasy?”

“Well I wouldn’t call it sick but…”

“You’re serious?”

“What!  I think you’d look hot, bouncing everywhere.  And your boobs! Babe, come on, let me live out my seventeen year old self’s fantasy. Please.”

Rae hated caving, but she wasn’t going to pretend that she wasn’t turned on.  It made her infinitely happy to know Finn still fantasized about her.  It was the hope of what would happen later that made her climb onto the creaking trampoline and join him in the middle.

“Don’t let go, okay?” She asked him, grabbing tightly onto his hands.


And it was fun.  Rae couldn’t help from screaming as she fell onto the trampoline, bouncing back up and landing again, pulling Finn with her.  Both were laughing uncontrollable and for a moment they thought they might wake the kids.

“Shh!” Finn whispered and Rae tried to compose herself.

“Sorry. There’s just such a good bounce!  I wish our mattress had this bounce!”

“If it did, you and I would smash the ceiling.” He winked at her but Rae was overcome with a feeling, that she couldn’t help but pull him to her in a kiss that could rival any kiss they’d ever had.

Their clothes were thrown over the side and hands were roaming everywhere.  Finn was prodding her thighs apart and she happily complied.  His nimble fingers entered her and she felt a spasm reverberate through her entire body.  He started slow, enjoying her hands digging into his back before quickening his pace, feeling her tighten around his fingers.  When her breathing returned back to normal, he removed his hand and made to unhook her bra.

“You always go for the bra.” She laughed and he shrugged.

“I love you Rae. But I love the mini Rae’s.”

"Mini Rae’s?”

“I haven’t been able to think up a name that matched their grandness.”

“It’s been fifteen years.”

“Yeah, fifteen beautiful years since I first got to see these babies.”

“Please stop talking.” She told him, bring his lips to hers while his hands explored her for the thousandth time.

Rae busied herself with Finn, making him groan and rest his head on her shoulder.  She pushed him onto his back and slid down to take him in her mouth.  His whole body tensed as she sucked on him then taking him all the way into her mouth.  Years of experience had taught Rae that Finn could last long, so she decided to surprise him.  She pulled back and positioned herself over him before lowering herself.  His eyes had been closed, but they snapped open at the familiar feeling of her.

“Shit, girl.”

His hips thrusted up to meet her in the middle and she leaned forward to rest her hands above his shoulders.  Finn caught one of her breasts in his hands, layering kisses over and over again, occasionally landing a light bite.  He flipped them over so Rae was on her back, speeding up.

Rae was loud but for the first time, Finn didn’t try to quiet her.  Every time she moaned his name, it encouraged him to go faster.  He reached a hand down to circle her clit until she rode happily into what she would later call the best orgasm of their relationship.  He finished a minute after, tensing against her until his body relaxed and he rolled over to her side.

“Wow.” Rae breathed.

“That was…” Finn couldn’t even finished his sentence.

“The trampoline can stay, but I don’t know if I want the kids on it.”

“Can we not talk about the kids right now? It makes me feel dirty.”

Rae laughed at her husband, kissing him on the cheek.

Two months later, as they’re staring at that dangerous little stick, waiting for an answer, Finn will suggest they call the new baby Trampoline.

In the end, they call him Trevor.


Tiffany Grace

(The title will make sense after the next part is up)



Part One

“Race you to the bed!” Grace screamed as soon as Chester opened the door to the New York apartment.  She flew past him, her hair smacking the side of his face.  He couldn’t help but lose himself in laughter as she clumsily stumbled over herself before disappearing into the bedroom.  He liked this game already.  He followed behind her with curiosity and excitement. 

“What the hell Grace?” Chester screamed as the laughter returned. He should have known to expect the unexpected when it came to Grace Helbig.  She giggled as she bounced up and down on the bed making little squeaking sounds between each jump.  Chester shook his head but continued to laugh.  “You are four years old, ya know that.”

Grace didn’t miss a beat.

“Well…. You’re…. An… Idiot.” She turned in a little circle as she jumped in hopes that he would catch the smirk on her face.

She stopped briefly to add.  “I miss the trampoline, and this is the next best thing.”

“I thought you said my trampoline was dumb” he smiled.  She teasingly rolled her eyes and turned away, prepared to jump again, when she was tackled off her feet.


He rolled her over as he pinned her down and started tickling her.  Scream laughs filled the apartment as the two wrestled with each other.  When Chester thought she had had enough he got up and sat next to her while she caught her breath. 

Grace looked over at an unexpected serious Chester.

“What’s wrong baby?” Chester looked up, taken back by Grace’s question.

“Nothing is wrong Grace. I’m not sad.   I was just thinking. I was just thinking about how much I have missed you.  Grace, this has been so hard for me… leaving you… being away from you. It is the hardest thing I think I have ever been through.” 

Grace stared in silence as she took in the words.  Her heart hurt. She didn’t question Chester’s love for her.  He had proven himself to her time and time again.  She understood.  She had missed Chester unlike anyone she had ever known.  When they were apart she physically hurt.  Then a thought crossed her mind that terrified her.

Chester saw her mind at work.  He reached down and took her hand carefully, like it was a new concept to them.  She looked up at him briefly before looking down at their linked hands. 

“Chester… I… know.  I feel the same way.  You know how I feel about you.”  Silence.  He didn’t need anymore.  He did know.  He knew by the way she spoke to him, by the way she laughed around him, by the way she took care of him, the way she kissed him… not to mention the fact that she was with him in New York every chance she had.  He thought about how much she has opened up since they first met. He knew.  He reached up for her chin and raised it in order to make her look at him. 

“I love you Grace Helbig.” He smiled then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead as he stood up.

Grace stood up with him. “Wait…” Chester turned back around and before he could look at her, her lips were on his.

Ends part one.

Part two

Part three