Who Was Ada Lovelace, The World’s First Computer Nerd? 

This 19th-century female mathematician created the first computer program, but do you know who she is? Who is Ada Lovelace?

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Trace spellbound us with her delicately supple, softly drifting beauty, Honey, earlier this year. It’s a very different sort of sweet sumptuous Honey that fellow SoCal resident Mahalo dishes out on his remix of the song. The producer takes us in to dark waters with the deep luscious, booming bold edit. Mahalo’s Honey is electrifying and captivating, and it takes me to the dance floor on a warm summer night, ready to set that dance savage hiding deep within me free. Mahalo’s remix is a limited free download, here.


Why We’ll Always Believe In Monsters 

By now we can safely say that most monsters stem from our lack of understanding of the world around us. So what do we still not understand?


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"The two images do look very similar, but we promise you, it is just a coincidence." A response from the neopets team today on The Official Neopets Team Message Board. Honestly, how do you feel about this?

Wow you guys. 

Here is what they fully said:

“ Hello! So we’ve heard quite a few rumblings about a similarity between a newly released item and a user’s fan art, and we wanted to clear some things up! First of all, we appreciate and really encourage Neopets fan art, and would never use it as our own, especially without permission from the artist. Now, the item in question was independently created completely by our in-house team. It was created based on references of the basic green Korbat image and other existing springy toys, particularly the Blumaroo toy, which is also in a similar pose. The two images do look very similar, but we promise you, it is just a coincidence. “

The only difference is the wings and tail were made shorter to fit in a square dimension. I’m just…in shock. Now it bothers me because they’re saying the image was made completely in house. It obviously isn’t, the expression, ears, feet, hands…??? I did not expect them to go down this path at all.

And it’s not like this was an image I ever submitted to Neopets. It was on my own personal website, deviantart, etc. 

Not fair game, Neopets. Respect your fans, respect artists in general.

Gif created by wildmareep: