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Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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Movie Night [Sehun Slight Angst/Fluff]

Request: hi! i was wondering if i may request a sehun scenario where his girlfriend is at the CeCi photoshoot, and she slowly gets jealous. when sehun’s on break and they talk, he doesn’t notice her jealousy and goes back doing whatever, being the good boy model he is. eventually, he notices and he teases her; and at the end, she ends up eating chicken nuggets with him and the rest of the boys (which leads to sehun’s turn of jealousy bc baekhyun’s laying on her thighs) while watching mulan LOL. thankyou!

One of the worst things in life. It was one of the worst things in life. A blank expression stood firm on your face as you watched your boyfriend get close to one of the most beautiful women you’d ever seen, all for the sake of photography. 

You wish he would have realized just how jealous you were. You wish he would have just completely declined the offer. Its not like his career would have been on the line if he had. One of the other members could have done it, one without a girlfriend. 

You let out a sigh, knowing you were being irrational, but the glint in Sehun’s eyes as he looked at her, well it made you feel as if your entire world was being tugged away, just out of reach.

She was beautiful, the woman he was posing with. God…It only made matters worse, causing you to question your own physique. What did he actually see in you?

Still, you couldn’t hate her. No matter how close she was to him, or how many times they touched one another, how could you hate a woman who was immeasurably kind and inhumanly perfect. It made it so, so hard for you to hate her.

Damn her. Damn Irene for being so…perfect.

The photoshoot was almost over, and as the time to leave drew closer, so did Sehun’s proximity to Irene. Simultaneously, your tolerance for your boyfriend and your self esteem dwindled. Every time you flipped your eyes up from your phone, you saw Sehun looking ever so much at ease giving heart eyes to someone who wasn’t you.

Glancing down again you shook your head slightly. Generally speaking, you were a rational person, but be it jealousy or simply your boyfriend’s complete incompetence to both your emotions and his current situation, you were anything but rational at this moment. 

In an attempt to channel your frustrations, you had been taking out your phone all day, venting your grievances to one of your closest friends, Baekhyun. His humor did end up slightly lightening your mood and boost your confidence to normal proportions, but every time you looked back at your boyfriend being a picture perfect model, a scowl grew across your features. Sharply inhaling, you hatched an idea to maybe, just maybe, salvage the rest of the day.

“Alright, we’ll take a half hour break, do another hour, and then we’ll call it a day,” the photographer in charge announced, taking the camera off of the tripod to change the settings. You had looked up from your phone as the instructions had been outlined, seeing Sehun stay a few moments after the break was called, chatting animatedly with Irene, brilliant smiles lighting both of their faces.

Another pang of jealousy arced through your heart, the same scowl that had been present on your face most of the day making an appearance yet again, but as Sehun turned his attention to you with a smirk on his face, you schooled your features into a passive look of loving support.

He approached, sitting across from you. “So I was thinking, since you’ve been so wonderful today, that we go out to eat tonight and then maybe at home-” Sehun’s grin grew more hungry. “-we could-”

“Oh…” Your furrowed your eyes together slightly and tried you best to hide just how annoyed you were with him. “Sorry, babe, I already asked the boys over tonight to watch movies,” you interjected with false emotion, pasting a slight frown on in your act. “But I’m sure they’ll be gone before it’s too late. Otherwise, you could go out with Irene, you know, since you’ve been enjoying her company ever so much.” Your facial expression slipped with those last word. The anger evident in your eyes flashed brightly as you were having difficulty keeping calm.

Sehun’s face had gone from a pout to brows raised in surprise at your change in emotion, as you let your jealousy seep outwards. You stared at him for a heartbeat longer, making your scowl more pronounced, before pulling your phone out and shifting your attention. At least you had tonight to look forward to, as Sehun’s band members always cheered you up.

“What’s up with you, jagi?” he asked, not grasping the cause of your annoyance. In response, you glanced up and rose your brows, honestly a little shocked that he hadn’t understood.

“Sorry, babe, guess I’m just tired. I think a night in will be better for me,” you lied, giving up with trying to clue Sehun in to your mood.

He nodded, a smirk reappearing on his face. “We can still find something to do with the boys around.”

A mirror smirk of Sehun’s, but without the warmth, fell onto your features, as you already had your night planned, and what Sehun was insinuating was not on the agenda. “Of course.”

It seemed that no matter how many objections escaped the lips of the boys, every movie night ended up with watching Disney musicals. After nearly thirty minutes of arguing Mulan was finally chosen. Normally their silly arguments would make you roll your eyes, but not tonight. Their silliness was just what you needed.

After settling into the couch a bit more, you smiled a bit brighter. If the movie wasn’t entertaining enough, hearing the members of EXO sing off key to Mulan was, despite the gloom that had settled over Sehun.

Tonight was what you needed. A lighthearted movie to take your mind off of the jealousy and anger previously coursing through your veins earlier today, even if Sehun was now the one in a foul mood.

After the shoot, you had been pleasantly surprised to see Baek already in your apartment, holding a bag of chicken nuggets in his hand for you. You had run into his arms with a strong hug, sending him a look that told him to keep quiet as he smirked upon looking at Sehun’s wounded expression over the top of your head. Not long after, the others showed up, and so began movie night.

Chen, Baekhyun, and you had taken up the couch, you in the center with your head in Baek’s lap and your feet in Chen’s lap. Lay, Xiumin, Kai, and D.O had taken up residence on the floor, sprawling out and packing your apartment’s living room.

Across the room, on the other couch, Sehun’s eyes had either been on you, looking like a kicked puppy, or had been sending angry glares at Baekhyun, as you had hoped he would, from in between Suho and Chanyeol.

Despite the majority’s light hearted mood, Sehun began to get fidgety towards the end of the movie, especially as you had moved your arms to pillow your head on Baekhyun’s thighs. Baekhyun sent glances at you that seemed to ask Are you getting what you hoped for?

I am, you answered in a quirk of your brows. Everything was going to plan, and it seemed as if the rest of the band picked up on your game quickly.

By the time the movie ended and the boys began filtering out, Baekhyun being the last with a smirk on his lips, Sehun was positively livid.

As the door shut behind Baek, Sehun was upon you, with his arms crossed and a pout still twisting his features. “What the hell was that about?” he fumed. “You were draping yourself over everyone tonight.”

“Hmm? Can’t I just spend time with my friends?” you queried, trying to duck around Sehun’s tall frame, only for him to spread an arm and push you into the wall, caging you in with his body.

“You kept sharing looks with Baekhyun hyung like this was part of a plan,” he mumbled, burying his head into the crook of your neck and moving his hands to your hips.

“Me? Never. Why would I do something like that?” you mused sarcastically, trying to make it obvious to your boyfriend without seeming needy. Even still, you wrapped your arms around Sehun’s neck to show you weren’t completely aggravated at him.

He was silent for a second, then raised his head to look you in the eyes. “Was this because of that photoshoot today? Because I had to take pictures with Irene?” he questioned, the realization of your jealousy dawning on him as he put the pieces together.

It was your turn to bury your face in his neck, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

“Y/N…” He pulled away, with his hands still on your hips. “Were you jealous? Were you only with the hyungs tonight to get back at me?”

Since Sehun’s neck was no longer an option, you looked at your feet to disguise the blush creeping over your cheeks. “MaybeIwasalittle,” you blurted in one breath, not looking at your boyfriend.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you,” he teased, becoming the little shit you loved once more, leaving his pout behind.

“Maybe I was a little bit jealous,” you enunciated, looking at Sehun frustratedly. “I know it’s stupid, but Irene is just so perfect and you looked so at ease with her and it just felt like you guys would make a better couple than we do.” Ducking under Sehun’s arms, you moved into your living room, picking up a bit of the mess his friends had left to avoid looking at Sehun.

You jolted in surprise when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist and a kiss pressed to the back of your neck. “You know it’s just for work, jagiya. I’m sorry I upset you, but I would never be with her, especially when I’ve got you,” he murmured to the back of your ear. “Maybe I could show you how much you mean to me, since all of the hyungs have left…”

Even with a smirk replacing the frown on your face, you had to roll your eyes at  Sehun’s grease.

“No, I trust your words,” you told him sweetly, once more escaping his wandering hands. And if nothing else had come out of Sehun making you jealous, at least you got to see the look on his face as you turned to get ready for bed and left him hanging.

;A; I hope this was the photoshoot you meant and also I am so terribly sorry for this sucking so much. My only excuse is that I was writing this in front of my family at a party lol. bUT if it sucks too bad, send me a note and I’ll redo.

-Admin A

3 AM

Vegas | 3 AM | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: Read this so you can understand what’s going on a little better lol. So this is not v7. This takes place in between Vegas and Tease, so just keep that in the back of your mind while you read. This is the story of how Y/N got on birth control. Also, credit to @adothoe for a couple lines of dialogue she helped me with.

Word Count: 3066

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: smut, lazy sex, pharmacy, little bit of jealousy, cursing

Tagging:  @jordanfishest @jazy2015 @alexanderhamllton @this-ally-loves-you @duckoffury @hamrevolution @curiositykilledthecompanion @thegirlonhamilton @shinymarbles @legattoassassino @nadialinett14 @an-abundance-of-hannahs @someonesblogger @the-ashy-phoenix @hamiltrashinn @texasprincess3 @patchesthed00t @teenage-band-loser @hetafairyaot @hmltntrsh51 @kkoolaid1 @londonbridgefalling @ashthewinchestergirl @aquamarrineee @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @iguanamineral @vickyvickerson @edge-oftonight @vishuddhakid @kink-george @loopietoopie @hamil-scribbles @iamgrayfox @zaire-is-worth-it @hamiltonwasbienough @butter-times @lilybutterworthstuff @velvetsirius @fandom-nerdness7 @snoozing-hippogriffs-23 @agent-fangirl @traash-canz @meand-mybrain @jadee-ee @oshlow @me—lancholy @ridiculousn3ssfangirl @newyorkyoucanbeanew @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @sitdownjohn-youfatmotherfucker @finnydraws @exhibits-no-restraint @secretary-thomas-jefferson @completehamiltrash @clamilton @for-god-sake-john-sit-down @pandoraspieceofcrapbox @thenutella-cat @manateegrl @meavenel @hamilsquadsrighthandman @seungcheoljpg @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @i-am-trash1828 @helplessly-hamiltrash @haletotheking24 @bootybiersack @thoughtfulbearpanda @5vibesofsummer @completehamiltrash @canadianfruitpunch @faatlouie @accidentally-impeccable @ask-sherlock-221b @missgallaxy @nonxstop @emilysyrup @erinlikestrains @basheverythingyesterday @yukiyoru @duckslier3 @drwhomtrenchluvr @sweetestjensener @pearltheartist @dulharp-a

Daveed sighed as he laid on his back in bed next to your sleeping form, restless because he’d been wide awake for almost an hour now. It was one of those nights where his brain was on overdrive. His mind wandered from replaying the lyrics to the new clipping. song he was working on to images of the small baby animals he saw while doing a voiceover for a Disney documentary.

Letting his eyes fall shut, he wrapped his arms tighter around you, pulling you up against his chest. He buried his face into your neck, trying his hardest to clear his mind as best he could.

You stirred in his embrace, awakening groggily and slowly due to the new feeling of Daveed’s warm breath on your neck.

“D?” you murmured tiredly, shifting closer to the warmth his body created.

“Mm,” He hummed against you, his voice rough from not using it for a few hours. He was tired, yes, but the way his train of thought couldn’t come to a stop kept him wide awake, awake enough to respond with no sleep evident in his tone at all.

“D, go the fuck to sleep.”

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anonymous asked:

FiERroCHaSE HeADcaNNons. I nEEd ThEM *TrAasheS ALex fiERRo's HoteL SuITe

Sorry it took awhile!!! But letz do this!!! (I needed this tooo)


  • Magnus and Alex always go to Pride
  • With their gay fathers of course
  • And it’s one of the few trips they make to Midgard
  • They go all out
  • Flags
  • Face paint
  • Clothes
  • Signs
  • Weeks ahead of time planning
  • It’s basically a holiday
  • They also end up moving in together after 14 months
  • Because hey
  • They spend all their time together anyways!
  • Like… Honestly it’s hard to tell at first but they’re both super clingy and protective.
    • Not even just Alex.
  • Alex totally hogs the bed and kicks
  • Movie nights are their ideal dates
  • They just like to relax together after a hard day of death and murder and more death
  • Heathy food and meditation and stretching is so Alex’s thing
    • Magnus joins in.
  • Half of the time when people walk in on them.
  • It’s candles.
  • And they’re on the floor.
  • And they’re totalllyyy zen.
  • Not the expected
  • (Naturally they’re very passionately romantic, Magnus the cute kind and Alex the intense and sexy kind, but they never get caught. Alex is too slick and cunning.)
  • (Like honestly now I’m thinking about makeout sessions in dark hallways… DAM NOT AGAIN)
  • Alex is a fan of Chinese, and Magnus won’t eat anything but falafel if he’s gonna go out.
  • SO takeout is very very popular.
  • After they start dating, both of them show up to less and less events
  • But no ones gonna tell that to the badass terrifying shapeshifting daughter of Loki.

ikeracity  asked:

44, cherik!

Ahhh thanks so much!!!

anyways i’m sorry if this is absolute trash

Charles freeze ‘em!” Erik yelled as they were face to faces with guards and weapons they had no chance against aimed right for them. 

Charles sighed. “I can’t.” 

 Erik’s eyes widened before turning to look at the man on his left, but before he could react he heard the deafening sound of gunshots. The bullets flew out and before Charles could even process what he was doing he jumped in front of Erik, shielding him from whatever could’ve cracked the already broken mutant.

In a matter of seconds both boy’s world had been stopped. Charles gasped before instinctively rushing a hand up to his throat, moving his hand outward again and staring at the sight of his own blood pooled in his palm. He stood in shock staring at his bloody hand until he could comprehend that he’d just been shot in the throat, and that he was going to die in a matter of minutes. Not even milliseconds before he could register what happened he could feel his metal bender friend at his side throwing out swears and screaming at anyone is his vicinity. 

 “Charles look at me” He commanded. “Charles you’re going to be okay, you need to see a doctor.” Erik spoke, rushed and panicked. 

 Charles lifted a hand to touch Erik’s face as an attempt to get the other man to calm down. “E-Erik-“ Charles croaked out weakly, his hand still cradling the face of the man he loved. 

“Sshhh-hh. Shut up” It was supposed to be affirmative but came out so softly that it was soothing enough for them both to ease a bit.

 “Let me go” Charles gasped out, his bright blue eyes staring into the broken ones of the man he wished he could’ve gotten just a little more time with.

 “what?” “No. Never I’m not leaving you that’s insane, Charles.”

 You have to” Charles replied faintly before shifting his gaze so they no longer met Erik’s eyes. 

 Erik jumped up and wave of panic flashed over his face. “I swear if you die I’ll kill you”  

 Charles attempted to laugh but it just resulted in him gasping for breath, until he felt even too weak to breathe. 

Erik refused to move, and Charles in no condition to make him

They both just sat there, even with the world of chaos happening around them, they both just sat there with their hearts beating in sync, until only one broken heart was left.

(another) Troll Ask Meme! Its a big one!!

Send a symbol and a muse! (Sorry if some questions are repeated from my last one ^_^“)
💊- do they have to take any medicines or health precautions?
🔫- Has your troll killed anyone?
🙎- Does your troll know any humans?
🌙- How do they spend their nights do they go out? Stay in?
☉- what keeps them up at day?
🏘- Who are your trolls neighbors?
☄- What do they wish for or want?
🍸- do they have any bad habits?
🐇- do they have a good relationship with their lusus?
💰- How wealthy are they?
🗝- whats the key to their heart
☢- Are they a mutant in any sorts?
🏳- Would they give into a highblood?
🚩- Does your troll pick on lowbloods?
⚄- RPG Class?
☡- Is your troll ok or accepting of mutants?
🔶- do they have a pale crush?
💙- Do they have a flush crush?
♠- Does your troll have a pitch crush?
♣- Who do they desire to be Ashen with?
- would they be the mediator?
🎭- Name a time when your troll was over dramatic
🛡- Is your troll overprotective?
👕- what is one of their alternate outfits?
👖- Would they steal their quads clothes?
😎- Who is a troll that thinks they are cool and really arent
👉- Who is a troll that is actually cool
🤓- Do you have any nerdy trolls?
👻- Which troll is a scaredy cat?
💅- Which troll cares for their looks too much?
😱- Which troll is easily Embarassed?


inktober day 4 and 5 bc imma busy the following week im goin to taiwan

ALSO based on Hima’s canada n his lil pumpkin costume i take it into sth simple but ha H hahah

yes i just want him to look hot u can slap me lol

idk if he based on scarecrow or jack o latern maybe both hmmm but meh canfran though <3 <3

EXO Reaction To You [Badly] Dancing And Singing To Their Songs

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

basically-traash said:

Hey I love your blog! Could I get EXO reacting to you singing and dancing (badly, probably) to their songs? Thank you! UwU

*this would also be me all day every day. Clumsy tone deaf person*

Xiumin: oh that was not what I was expecting. oh god. I thought I had issues with the choreography…hehehe…Oh…but they’re still so cute. I’ll just stand here and watch hoping this isn’t how I dance this song next time…

Luhan: oh hi baby! What no, I wasn’t standing here for long…hehehehehehe *but thinking to himself* if I had stayed I would have been able to teach it to them properly

Kris: thank god I didn’t have to stick around so I didn’t end up looking like that.

Suho: I can teach you that dance! Come on, let’s learn it together!!

Lay: come on and dance with me! I’ll even teach you the lyrics.

Baekhyun: you’re going to dance to our songs and sing them without asking me to help you? Aish. I’m done with this.

Chen: let’s just hope they won’t look this way for a while and I can get this all on video to show them later…trollolol

Chanyeol: wait those are our songs? Are you sure? And out moves? Are you absolutely positive? What’s going on here?

DO: oh my s/o  is so cute trying to dance and sings our songs!! *squishy mode*

Tao: come over here babe and I’ll teach the moves myself.

Kai: come on, wouldn’t you rather come over here and dance with me? I’m the master.

Sehun: that’s are song and our dance? Ah! Are you sure? *brat mode*

Reasons To Date Sehun

The way he looks at you 

Going on dates with him 

Trying to look good before you come

Actually looking good 

Him calling for you from the car

Being excited that you’re in on the pranks he wants to do on the other members 

Excusing you 

Being shy when you accept to be his girlfriend 

Trying to be strong infront of you 


His derps

When you make him smile

When he first sees you 

When he eats


@yeol-traash @somewhere-in-cognito

so I just reached my goal and im really thankful for everyone who has decided to follow me and stick around over these past couple of months !!!

 im so happy that I got the chance to meet so many wonderful people and make some great friends that I’ll remember forever~ 

 so I decided to make a list of all the people that I follow, and since this is going to be quite long, I will cut it off here~~~ 

thank you all so much, I love you !!! 

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