SpeXial Wes Exposed To Be “A Dad” By Members; Next Second He Rebuts Brilliantly!

SpeXial released new album “Boyz On Fire” and hosted a fansign in the heat on 13th in Ximending. They performed with all their strength, and member Simon even split his top from dancing. During the interview, Brent said he is excited and touched. They spoke of worrying about fans queuing since the night before, but soon moved on to teasing leader Wes for “being a dad” and cued him to speak to fans “as a father” and Wes was speechless.

Because a lot of fans has started waiting at Ximending at the night of the 12th, Brent was full of gratitude for the fans’ support and worried about the fans waiting there. Afterwards, he cued leader Wes for his thoughts and asked him to speak to the fans “as a father.” He joked, “Wes try to see what it’s like to be a father. He’s the closest to being a dad in the group, and in the future he will worry about his kids.” At first Wes was speechless when he got teased by the little brothers, but he rebutted, “Being the oldest doesn’t mean I’ll have kids first!” In the next second he seriously spoke to fans: “It’s good that you’re out for events, but be careful.” He couldn’t help but look like an elder when he spoke to the fans and then he got teased by the members again.

SpeXial added two new members this year: Dylan and Zhiwei. They confessed that they are very nervous to see so many fans, but it got better when everyone came out to sing and dance together, and they thanked the members for helping them grow. Leader Wes also complimented them: “They have experience with performing, but they just need to work on reflexes. They’re doing really well, though.” Increasing to two members, he laughed, “It’s always been hard to keep control, because we juts have a lot of people, and everyone’s boys in their 20s, so it’s hard to avoid bickering.” Then everyone agreed that Wayne talks back to Wes the most, and Wayne immediately looked shy: “I’m very obedient, seriously.” After he said that everyone stayed quiet, so he broke down, “So nobody’s going to save me?” Then the members started laughing again.

Article from ETtoday (16.08.13)
Please credit translation to stop_raining.


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“To bare someone your honest self and true emotions, that’s something I find really difficult to do. I always try to show that I love you all and am thankful, but it’s still extremely difficult… But now, I’ve managed to show a little bit of how I feel here, so.”