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appreciation post for the under rated newsies.

yes I love jack, davey, crutchie, les and spot. but I would like to acknowledge some of the unsung heroes of newsies the musical.

the ensemble deserves just as much love.

race- nobody can tell me that he doesn’t have some of the most iconic lines in the show. also he manages to do everything the others do, with a cigar in his mouth. -Ryan Breslin, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ben Cook, Daniel Switzer-

specs- is the newsie that knows everything, he gave jacks sketches to Katherine and sparked the beginning of the children’s crusade. -Ryan Steele, John Michael Fiumara, Jordan Samuels-

buttons- possibly the saltiest of all the newsies, constantly calling everyone out, while still managing to look innocent and adorable. -JP Ferreri, Jess LeProtto, Damon Gillespie, Chaz Wolcott-

jojo- without a doubt, no matter the cast, always has the biggest smile, and best expressions on that stage. -Corey Hommerston, Thayne Jasperson, Hogan Fulton, Nico Greetham, Joshua Burrage-

finch- single handedly made slingshots cool again. -Aaron Albano, Julian DeGuzman, David Guzman, Iain Young-

mush- that kid can always tumble like nobodys business -Max Ehrich, Ephram Sykes, David Guzman, Jack Sippel, Nick Masson-

albert- one of the few newsies that can challenge race’s sass. -Garett Hawe, Daniel Quadrino, Sky Flaherty-

sniper- was played by a girl for the entirety of the tour. damn. -Scott Shendenhelm, Alex Wong, Jacob Guzman, Ginna Claire Mason, Kaitlyn Frank, Daniel Switzer-

mike/morris- it takes a lot of takent to make a bully likeable, and yet somehow they manage to do it. -Mike Faist, Adam Kaplan, Mike Ryan, Devin Lewis-

ike/oscar- both the delanceys have some insane quick changes, yet still never miss an entrance. -Brendon Stimpson, Jon Hacker, Anthony Norman-

smalls- get it kid, be proud of the bronx. -Laurie Valdheer, Molly Jobe, Josh Assor, Julian DeGuzman-

henry- is here to keep things real and will show you who’s boss. also can’t understand race. -Kyle Coffman, Iain Young, DeMarius Copes, Michel Rios-

elmer- pure comic relief, you can never have enough Elmer. -Evan Kasprzak, Jeff Heimbrock, Anthony Zas-

kenny- may have only been there for the filmed production but that doesn’t mean we forgot you. -Jack Sippel-

tommy boy- has possibly the best reactions onstage. -Tommy Bracco, Michael Dameski-

kid blink- another newsie only named in the filmed production, played by the one and only Andy Richardson, someone who’s been in every American cast of newsies. nobody deserves to carry the namesake of Louis Balett, the kid that inspired this all. -Andy Richardson-

romeo- oh romeo, you cheeky little charmer. -Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton, Tommy Martinez, Nico DeJesus-

peanuts- only part of the paper mill production, but had one of the most developed backstories of any ensemble newsie -Jack Scott-

feel free to add your own ;)

(EDIT: this post was written before the live recording was released. you can find an updated list here )

Dating Tommy Ryan Would Include

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@theboardwalkbody :  Could you do a first time post and a dating would include post for Tommy Ryan (Titanic)? It could be fluffy or smutty (or a healthy helping of both). lol Please and thanks! :)

  • This Irish bastard would be such a great boyfriend
  • Like, THE biggest pain in the ass
  • But still the best boyfriend.
  • I bet his hugs are the best
  • Big bear hugs that make you feel so warm
  • And he just engulfs you in his arms
  • And you cuddle up against his chest
  • And he rests his chin on the top of your head
  • And you are the happiest you could ever be when he’s hugging you.
  • He likes to take you out on fun dates
  • Where you two figure out who can drink the other under the table
  • (Hint: It’s not you)
  • And he loves to take you out dancing
  • And takes you out to parties
  • But you’re much quieter than he is,
  • So you two usually end up leaving parties early to get back home.
  • The first time you two slept together,
  • It was after you got pretty uncomfortable at an overly rowdy party
  • And he noticed how upset you were
  • So he got you out of there
  • And offered to bring you back to his place and unwind there
  • And he brings you back
  • And starts massaging your back and neck to help you relax.
  • Soon enough, you turn your head and you grabbed the back of his neck
  • And pulled him down to your level to kiss you
  • But that position is so uncomfortable
  • That you end up lying on your back with him hovering over you
  • And you’re tearing each other’s clothes off
  • And it’s really rushed
  • Because you both need each other so bad
  • And your first time with him ends up being missionary
  • But that doesn’t make it any less amazing
  • Because my GOD, does that man know how to make love.
  • Afterwards, when you’re laying in his arms
  • He starts singing an old Gaelic song
  • And you feel yourself slowly falling asleep
  • So peacefully,
  • But soon you don’t hear his quiet voice anymore
  • And it’s replaced by snoring
  • Which makes you laugh a bit
  • As you wall asleep with him.
  • In the morning, he’s a mess
  • He will not wake up before 10 a.m.
  • And if he does, he gets really pissy,
  • So you wake up before him
  • And make breakfast
  • And when he finally wakes up
  • He’s so flattered that you made breakfast
  • And he starts blushing
  • Because he realizes at that moment that he wants you in his life for forever
  • And you secretly feel the same way.

I’m bringing this back because it deserves to be brought back

listen im angsty but im not ‘steal-a-horse-then-ride-it-through-the-streets-of-new-york-city’ angsty


ALRIGHT GUYS What you see before you is a new nighttime show at Disney’s Hollywood Studio down in Lake Buena Vista, FL called “Disney Movie Magic” that celebrates live action Disney movies. The photo on the left is a picture of one of the final shots, which includes silhouettes of such famous movie characters such as Indiana Jones and Mary Poppins. On your right is a zoomed in screenshot of said shot where, right next to Capt Jack Sparrow, is oh who is that iS THAT A NEWSIE YES IT IS THAT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT A NEWSIE IN A NIGHTTIME SHOW AT WALT DISNEY WORLD NEWSIES IS MAKING A COMEBACK GUYS