Shinkiba day 1:

-Got a super bad number but I got to pack myself in the front, don’t ask me how, it just happened. Even if I was literally packed and couldn’t barely breathe.

-The concert was rough and wild. And so hot, I was like if I just had a shower after the show. People were moving almost all the concert even in parts were usually they don’t, I got people pushing me.

-the setlist was amazing since the beginning; powerful songs and amazing energy from the audience

-I love kaoru’s facial paint, each show he gets more and it looks like his neck is broken? So weird

-Toshiya was a bit lost and off and at some points I could see his struggling trying to keep it cool. Anyway he is still on fire when ppl sing along with him his vocal parts. Love his performance at conceived sorrow and how he gives us the finger in Grief xD

-I barely could see Die and Shinya. Kyo was good, saw him a few times checking how the crowd was a it was so rough that some people fell. He got his sweater off at the encore. In the end he threw kaoru and die picks lol

-Toshiya caught too kaoru’s pick and threw them to the audience laughing. Kaoru threw his guitar after the last song xD wireless guitar wins.

Now it’s 2:29 am and I can’t sleep so let’s see how tomorrow goes

I was literally dying last night when I arrived my place. Shinkiba second day wasn’t as hot as first day but the energy was amazing. I still don’t know how I could wake up this morning.

The live was pretty good, nice view from a barrier so it was my first time watching Kaoru,Toshiya and Kyo at the same time. Random but Toshiya looked amazing at the encore, his hair wasn’t so stylized so it looked like Kaoru’s.

Now just one left.

The festival performance was so violent. It didn’t feel like a Japan performance but more like in Europe. Lots of pushing and heat. I felt bad for non dir en grey fans who were watching and got in the middle of it.
The setlist was short but really intense. They started with G.D.S Intro which was a nice warm up. Then, Kukoku no kyouon created a nice mood. Toshiya performed it, yeah, I mean he was singing along and performing the song when he didn’t play. It was amazing to watch.
Now some days to recover.

The other day, I flew from South Carolina to Denver for a wickedly cool job interview with a man from London for a job in Georgia. After the interview, I flew to Orlando, drove to Daytona Beach and slept for a few hours before getting on a bus and going to our next tour stop. Not only am I going to be visiting all 50 states in one year, I am visiting most of them multiple times. When did my life get so cool?