Some Tips For Creating Your Killjoy Outfit

- Remember that you might want to wear this out and about, so make sure it’s something that is appropriate for everyday wear too.

- Keeping with the theme of the above, remember to take the weather in your country into account. Make it adaptable, for example, having an optional jumper or extra layer under that denim jacket.

- Make more than one outfit. You can keep some aspects the same, but you gotta wash that shirt sometimes.

- Bear in mind your budget. If you’re going to start collecting items now (2017), note that you might have changed sizes by 2019 if you’re still growing.

- Make it your own. Getting inspiration and borrowing ideas isn’t out of the question though. Someone wrote “Keep Running" on the toecaps of their shoes in a certain style? Think that’s sweet? You’re allowed to borrow their technique, but make it your own. For example, write “Noise” or “Killjoys Never Die” instead!

- And lastly, keep it stylish, please. For yourself and for killjoys everywhere. I have faith in you.