30 Days of Whedon: Day 8 - Favourite Dollhouse Episode

“The Attic” is my favourite episode from Dollhouse. In this episode, Echo, Victor, and Sierra are sent to The Attic. As they try to escape, they get sent back to where they started and relive the same escape over and over again.

This episode features nightmares, a coma, and twist ending which are the reasons that this episode is my favourite Dollhouse episode. I’ve explained before how I find coma’s to be interesting and I love surprises so I enjoy a good twist. I find nightmares in television shows to be pretty fascinating as they reveal the darkest fears of that character.

One thing I love about “The Attic” is it features nightmares. The Attic is this physical place in which out-of-control employees or unstable dolls are sent. Echo, Sierra, and Victor are sent to The Attic. The Attic is a pretty interesting place. The minds of the Actives are like computers. Their own minds could travel from mind to mind. When Echo, Sierra, and Victor attempt to escape The Attic, they always end up where they started. Once Echo figured out that their fears were keeping them in the Attic, that’s when she found it easier to escape. I love how realities kept changing. It was interesting to find herself in the middle of the Dollhouse while it’s snowing inside and a large tree growing in the middle. It was cool to see how she retained some of Caroline’s childhood memories. Overall, I enjoyed watching their escape from The Attic.

The second thing I love about this episode was that it featured a coma. In this episode, Paul Ballard was in a coma. Topher and Ivy try as hard as possible to find a way to get him out of his coma. I love how they decide to turn Paul into a doll in order to save his life.

The third thing I love about this episode was that it had a twist ending. For it awhile it seemed like Adelle Dewitt was turning into the enemy. It looked like she might have been turning into the Big Bad of the season. I love how she reveals that she sent Echo to the Attic so Echo could discover on how to defeat Rossum.