Are there any dark skinned women in Africa? You wouldn’t know it from looking at many of our music videos - This Is Africa
There’s no denying that Africa has some of the most talented musicians in the world. By making hit after record-breaking hit, these artists have proven that the continent’s musical talent stacks up against the best in the world. There’s just one problem: too many top artists seem to be promoting the warped impression that true beauty only comes in one form: light/white skin. Is this a wrong-headed marketing ploy or are these artists truly blind to the negative body image attitudes they are promoting?


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(Pearl please, for the prompt thing) "Why choose me?"

Glancing back at the city, you wait patiently for Pearl to show up. You set up a date with her, after turning down another girl who had her sights set on you. After talking to Pearl on the phone about the whole thing, well, she’d been distant but you know she wouldn’t stand you up on a date.

Looking over, you see waves crashing onto the beach. The water in the kettle you brought was warm, still not hot enough to pour and make tea though, the hot plate itself had to heat up too. The classical music you have playing quietly from your car’s speakers really sets a melancholy tone, without her here yet. Candles flicker gently, the moon obscured by the deep clouds overhead. 

You can hear the gentle crunching of sand underneath even footsteps, and then someone sits next to you on the blanket you set out. “Sorry, Amethyst under cooked some food and made Steven sick.” Pearl sighed. You shrugged and smiled, the smile quickly fading when you saw her expression. She looked.. Almost distraught. Placing a hand on her forearm, you ask her if she’s alright. 

It takes her a minute to respond, but when she does, she answers with another question- “Why choose me?”. It caught you off guard to say the least. You took a minute answering, choosing your words carefully. “Because you’re extraordinary. Someone like you doesn’t show up everyday, Pearl.” she glanced at you, then to your little… ‘Setup’.. and smiled? 

She looked back at you, a gentle smile on her face. “Thank you.”