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Do all of them

Awh thanks for asking all I cri
I’ll just do the ones I haven’t done yet

♍️ - What I hate: Weakness
- What I love: How my shaved head now makes for a perfect potato aesthetic

♎️- My fav people on tumblr: Def himonal she’s BAE and so is itsmonatariq. @thekidacrossthehall is super swag too and so is motionlesscloud

♏️- What scares me the most: The future

♐️- Places I wanna go: E V E R Y W H E R E but if I had to pick a couple it’d be South Korea, some place in Europe, and Argentina/Chile

♑️- What I think my like will be like in 5 years- Well hopefully I have my shit together and have a nice job

♒️- 10 random facts about myself - I hate all the people at my school sm you have no idea, I like a lot of fall colors, Most of the time just listening to anime osts, Im pervy as fuck, Read too many fanfics idealizing sex and love, Too in love with love, I like cheese, I look like I’m 12 and even younger with this haircut, I don’t drive yet, and I’m so average it’s funny

♓️- A movie that made me cry- Three idiots and Waqt.. Not too much of a movie crier

Again thanks for asking all:3

Selena is not FAT !! Ugh this world is so fucked up :| it makes me wanna kms


Drake’s Secret Message | ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ #Socialflyte 

I’m not the biggest Drake fan but i have friends that are and they put me on some shit i wanna share with yall. I always thought to myself Drakes Album titles and cover art where both a little strange but if you look a little closer, It might make better sense. Room For Improvement, Comeback Season, So Far Gone, Thank me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Views from the 6. If you read his album titles in sentence format, What he’s saying is:

‘Hey check out my mixtape, But don’t judge me off of this because there’s Plenty Room For Improvement, So just wait, because i promise i’m going to be alot better on my “Comeback Season” And After yall hear that, I will already be ‘So Far Gone’ (So Far Ahead) that my old shit wont even matter. So ‘Thank Me Later’  and ‘Take Care’ because you’ll realize ‘Nothing Was the Same’ once i got to the Top. So ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ because im already At the Top of the Game, So later on, I’m going to show you what things look like up here, So you can get a ‘View From The 6′ 

And to Further My Point, In his song Madonna, He has a 2nd verse where he says: 

‘Plan this shit out on my own, the way it should go, Wrote it in code then wrote it in stone, So they’ll never know ,But I might tell you one day, you never know’ 

It might sound a little strange that niggas put this much thought into something like this, But Drake seems like all this is all apart of something bigger and Im advising anyone to read this before it’s too late! 

Drake edit

We are learning about the Renaissance and how women were supposed to inspire art not really create it and a boy said “a woman’s art is in the kitchen” and his girlfriend stood up and goes “what did you say?!” And he goes “babe calm down it’s a joke” and she says “why is that funny? Explain to me I don’t get it?” And he says “it’s funny because… because.. you know… girls are..” and she goes “girls are..? You can’t even say what you mean because you fucking know it’s wrong. That’s not a joke. It’s not even funny. You’re embarrassed.” And she sat down. Change is coming.