exo-m as dads

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- honestly the softest bean

- would always make them food and feed them even when they say they can already do that themselves

- soccer evenings tbh

- he would also play soccer with them all the damn time

- probably jumps around like a quirky fluff ball when his child says “dad” for the first time

- lu would make stupid faces to make his children laugh

- takes a picture of every damn shit…even their first poo bc he is just THAT sort of proud

- would teach his children all sorts of language he knows

- will deny that he ever had a song named lu when they ask

- would only let sehun or minseok babysit his children

- pinches their cheeks and always say how soft and cute they are

- will probably still look younger than his children (does he even age??)

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- let’s all be real, this is minseok. he’d probably get the best dad award before his child is even born

- most likely to pain the entire children’s bed room by himself and even more likely that the color will be the same as his hair

- piggy back rides…AND A DAMN LOT OF THEM

- will cook for them and tries his best to make it healthy but still tasty (and ofc succeeds bc this is kim minseok we are talking about)

- when the kid gets injured he’d give a kiss on the band aid (which has depending if its a girl or a boy either bunnies or dinosaurs)

- would teach his kids how to ride a bike and make a video of it

- his children are probably going to get a nobel peace prize bc he raised them just THAT well

- would play tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny and whatever fairytale for them

- once they hit puberty he’d be the cool dad and all. would allow them more stuff, but not too much

- would buy them what they want, but will try hard to not spoil them 

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- father to the next generation of super musicians and actors

- is probably trying too hard to be a good father

- often busy, but would call and facetime all the time

- most likely to have his children in the same kindergarten, elementary and high school as baekhyun’s

- would always tell his children how beautiful they are

- always proud. literally. child fails a subject? no problem, he’d say they’ll do better on the next test

- very likely to have more photos of his children in his purse than cash

- would drive his children anyway and sing during the drive 

- would believe his children over anyone

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- the type of dad to scare his kid’s friends away at first, but then turns out to be the softest potato in the kettle

- kids will speak english, chinese and korean before they entre kindergarten. safe call

- suho is the mom. fite me

- would be a rather chill father tbh

- when suho flips his shit about his children failing a subject or getting drunk kris is like “hey, we used to be children, too. and we were wild”

- first present is most likely a telescope so they can watch the galaxy

- burned toast for breakfast basically

- everyday is selca day

- philosophical quotes in the birthday cards bc why not

- would prolly communicate with emojis 

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- oh god this is going to be a ride

- too swag to change diapers he says, but he’d do it still

- tries hard not to cry, squeal or lose his shit when his child does something utterly cute

- death glare @ everyone who wanna mess with his children

- never ending competition on whose baby is better with sehun

- “My kid can already count.”

- “Well, my kid already knows the principle of pythagoras”

- designer diapers provided by gucci much

- gucci barbie dresses

- gucci toothbrush

- gucci everything

- probably the kid’s middle name is gucci

- kids will prolly get into martial arts

- a lot of dog x baby pics on his instagram

- disgusted faces at poop and puke but would judge everyone who’d say “ew” and look at them like “dat ew is my child u wanna fite?”

- if he doesn’t get gucci stuff at father’s day he is gonna be one sulky individual

- at first he would be very much confused and would call luhan to help him bc he clearly doesn’t know what to do to calm a baby down

- when the child hits puberty he would involuntarily witness that there exist more salty people than him and would cry and then ground them

- the only one cooler than him has to be his child ok

- random nicknames given that he’ll forget the following day tbh

- has no chill when his child causes trouble, prolly turns into a drill sergeant when he is pissed 

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- what do you expect, he is a beagle

- prolly pouts when the child gets more attention than him

- the kid is likely to be more mature than him

- 5000 watt smile children

- excited over everything

- clingiest dad alive

- “dad, it’s just a sleepover…”

- “i know, perfect for father-son time!”

- his, bbh’s and pcy’s child would definitely become the new chaos trio

- angelic voice much

- would lose his child in the ice cream parlor 

- and then piss his pants bc wow he really managed to lose his child

- turns out child makes a public announcement in the mall

- “hey, i lost my clumsy dad, pls return… or no, just keep him.”

min yoongi as your boyfriend

if you guys like these, feel free to request the other members! (of any of the 3 groups i write for) 

Taehyung / Hoseok / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- waking up would be interesting because sometimes he would be too far gone in his slumber but also he may be up working still on his laptop, you never know. 

- when you two are getting ready together (which doesnt happen too often) you do it in silence but he occasionally will reach out an arm and just pat your back or something when you’re brushing your teeth idk

- sometimes you dont know what to wear and yoongi is like “i got this” and picks out a bomb outfit tbh he has a really nice fashion sense and it works so well 

- you guys dont have any of the matching couple stuff but you do have identical leather jackets and they are super cute but not cheesy

- tbh both of your diets are pretty crappy because he never is home in time for a home-cooked meal so there is a lot of nights you order takeout and eat it in front of a bad crime TV show or go out to a fast food restaurant at like 2 a.m. and order a bunch of fries. its fun tho

- he’s the type of boyfriend that’s really subtle with his love. like he knows your order at almost every restaurant and he knows all your clothing sizes and such but he tends to blush when you call him out on it

- “i was not blushing, shut up”

- “yes you were, it was cute" 

- when he’s stuck on a song, he calls you to the studio since you guys live close. you’ll come in and inspire him but you dont usually go home. instead he lets you sit on his lap and 9/10 times you end up falling asleep with his headphones in as he works. it’s v cute and warm

- you really enjoy his voice but he is quiet a lot so you purposely poke at him to get a reaction and he acts annoyed, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable af

- he was a little nervous meeting your family but he pretended like he wasnt so you told your family to give him a little of a hard time at the start for a joke and they did and he was /so/ flustered but a minute later everybody was laughing and giving him hugs but he just glared at you with a murderous look

- he is really supportive and encouraging, but he doesnt push you more than needed. like if your boss is demanding you to do something you absolutely do not want to do, he’ll just be like "yah, dont do it. screw him” but when its something you just arent sure you can do, he’s always there like “there is no reason to be like that, you can do it" like honestly he is the cutest lil motivator

- when it thunderstorms and he’s at the studio he always calls you because you get a little nervous and he will sometimes rap softly or hum or narrate his day and honestly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. 

- when you convince him to cuddle with you its really relaxing because he’s warm and cool at the same time and he always knows how to make you comfortable subconsciously and you feel really safe

- kissing yoongi is hard to describe because sometimes his lips are cold and quick against yours but other times they’re hot and slow and honestly it doesn’t stop there, its different every time

- during the holidays he acts like he’s too “swag” to participate in the corny couple things but you always convince him otherwise. on halloween you always carve pumpkins together and drink apple cider but on christmas you two wear ugly sweaters and bake (terrible) cookies that you leave out over night for “santa” just for the fun of it. he pretends to hate it but he really does enjoy ever second of it

- he’s protective but in a way you dont notice like he gives a hard glare to anybody who looks at you wrong while you arent looking or making sure to walk on the outside when you guys venture out 

- and he always makes sure to stash a granola bar or crackers in your bag because you forget to eat sometimes and people wouldnt expect him to be so thoughtful, but he is  in his head a lot so he has a lot of time to think of such things

- he didnt want to introduce you to the boys for the longest time because you were his and he was secretly a little afraid that you would like the outgoing and affectionate members more than him but you assured him that you were with him and wanted to stay with him

- he wasnt quite reassured because he’s that type of person but when he introduced you to them, you always gravitated back to him which gave him peace so he didn’t have to worry anymore

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because you had told a really bad joke but kept giggling and yoongi was just like “you’re so cute, i love you” and then you stopped giggling and stared up at him with disbelief but quickly smiled and hugged him tightly and said i love you back and tbh yoongi was so relieved because he was so in love with you and if you werent he didnt know what to do because he had to protect his “swag” and ya know, pride

- being in a relationship with yoongi would be very calm and comforting and you both were extremely content and very much in love with the other

BTS at High School Graduation
  • Jimin: I would like thank my abs for not failing me LIKE MY JAMS DID GODDAMMIT-
  • Rap Monster: *Gives a deep and meaningful speech lasting 20 minutes long* *Takes his diploma*
  • Suga: *Rides a wheelchair up the stage because he's too lazy (swag is pushing the wheelchair)*
  • V: *Licks the diploma in an attempt to open it*
  • J-Hope: *cant stop screaming while he waits for his diploma*
  • Jin: *Is in the crowd clapping for his children*
  • Jungkook: *Is in a stroller next to Jin downing his 10th juice box*
Just Yoongi Things

A TO THE G TO THE U TO THE STD. SUGA AKA AGUST D, that tongue technology though?? Man suga can rap….and I mean like totally obliterate it. He honestly makes me think about life sometimes, but its okay cause it’s Suga <3. (gifs are not mine)

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He may seem like a hard ass but under all that, HE’S JUST A GUMMY BEAR I SWEAR. He’s so savage too, it’s awesome xD. He has swag, but he can also do very cute things with that swag too.

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His Cypher performances never fail to amaze me, like ever. YOU FEEL LIKE HE’S ROASTING YOU PERSONALLY, BUT IT’S SO GOOD TO NOT LISTEN TO IT. I know why Taehyung loves the cypher’s so much.

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If he hasn’t wrecked your bias list…WELL HE WILL TODAY, HE’S SO RUDE LIKE STAHP. HE’S PART OF THE RAPPER LINE AND PART OF BTS, OF COURSE, HE IS DISRESPECTFUL. I can’t lie, it was during baepsae performances that he ruined me.

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You guys remember the BTS RUN episode where he was the female classmate? I could feeeeeeeel the damn sass coming from this man, it’s unreal.

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His rapping skills are phenomenal and his song writing skills as well. Well known genius of bts also to keep bts in line xD IS MIN YOONGI AKA SUGA. In his next life, he wants to be a rock…but suga you are too hard working for that. Army loves Mr.Tongue technology <3 WORK HARD YOONGI BUT ALSO GET SOME REST PLEASE. (ARMY YOU CAN ADD TOO)

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Just Jin Things

Just Hoseok Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Taehyung Things

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Just Bts Things

wildd-dreamerr  asked:

Hiii can you do please write an imagine where y/n is a popular western singer and how each member will flirt with her when they meet or are on same show? Hope you understood what im trying say lol

Hello again @wildd-dreamerr! Ahhh I’m so upset because I was writing this until my Chrome crashed!!! But anyway, thank you lovely for requesting again! I understand what you’re say ahaha sorry if it’s kinda bad, I lost my motivation to write once my text got deleted but I’ll do my best~


“Hello! You must be Jungkook, right?” You greet the youngest of the Bangtan members.

Jungkook happened to be a huge fanboy of you and your music, being heavily exposed to Western artists and music. He wanted to badly impress you by bringing up his cover on your latest single, but he was extremely timid when you approached suddenly.

“Ah, yes, hello. My name is Jungkook– ah, you say my name already…” He stumbles over his words cutely. You give him a reassuring smile.

“You are so talented. You all inspire me~” You compliment. “Oh! And I just thought of the cover that you posted to my Twitter! It was daebak!“ 

Jungkook flushed with embarrassment and pride, as you praise him.

``You like my cover on your song, yes?” He ruffled his hair nervously and bit his lip which was a nervous habit of his. “Uh, I hope you like it– you’re very pretty– I mean very good– you nice… uh… my cover…?”

“I don’t like it…” You say, with a dark expression. Jungkook suddenly give you a shocked look. “I’m kidding! I love it.” You joke, bowing to him apologetically for scaring him.

“This noona is funny.”

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“Hello! V! You are Y/N, yes?” Taehyung approached you with his famous box-smile. 

KPOP had gone viral, world wide and BTS happened to be your KPOP bias group. It was an honour getting to finally meet them, artist to artist.

“Hello! Nice to meet you V!” You smile as you extend your hand to his. He takes it gratefully and shakes it with bliss.

You laugh at his friendly handshake as he lets go of your hand.

“My hobby is uh… dancing… You know dab?` He pulls out his phone and insists to entertain you.

``Yes I know dab.” You giggle as he puts Cypher pt. 4 on. He begins to rap and dab to the beat.

You smile at him as he enjoys himself, and partially rap to the part you could barely speak.

He pauses the song and hurries back to you.

“You enjoy the perform?” He asks with puppy eyes.

“I really did. That was so good V.” You smile as he smiles back in satisfaction.

“We see each other again, okay?”

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“Hello! Jimin is me!” Jimin the mochi greeted you, casually ‘accidentally’ flexing his upper arms as he stretched his arms up.

You stared at him, but rolled your eyes playfully smiling.

“Hello! 안녕하세요 Jimin!” You greet him. He looked taken aback by your formal Korean greeting.

“Ah! Good to finally meet Y/N!” He gives you his signature eye smile.

“Thank you! You’re 100 times more cuter in person!” You tell him, slightly embarrassed that that had happened to slip out.

He blushed and quickly shied his face away from you, smiling like an idiot. He turned back, blushing with his puffed cheeks and eye smile.

“U-Uh, h-hey! You pretty too! Uh, yeah, come date maybe?”

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