11 random facts about me

I’ve been tagged by @sinnyskelle (。・ω・。)

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1. I draw fluffy things when i’m sad and angsty when i’m happy. 

2. I’m afraid of moths 😱 

3. I adore green tea 💙 and don’t like coffee. 

4. I watched too many horror movies, and now they don’t scare me. 

5. I’m older than 21, but looks like i’m 15 😂😂 

6. I love very spicy food, so if i’ll say ‘wow, it’s spicy’ my friends even won’t be taste it x) 

7. I never killed Papyrus :D 

8. I had two concussions of the brain, when i was child. 

9. All my friends (except one) are taller than me 😂 

10. Undertale is my first fandom where i ship only one pairing. 

11. I love cartoons sooo much more than movies and tv series :) 

Sorry, i’m so boring 😂

I don’t want bother anyone so let’s assume that i tagged all and if you want do this, go ahead :))