• Mick:If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Ray:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Stein:That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Raymond, learn to listen.
  • Kendra:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Sara:It’s voodoo.
  • Jax:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Rip:That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Ray:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Snart:That’s kinky.
  • Kendra:Oh my God.

so, peridot and lapis always believed they deserved better than what happened to them… and jasper didn’t. this just confirms to me more than ever that she needs a support system. her lack of one just. tore her apart mentally, by letting her perpetuate and reinforce her toxic ideas about herself without any real outside input from someone who knows her issues and still accepts her.

@ the entire show, please help her.

We really loved that dynamic [Captain Canary], too. It was so much fun. We’re glad we had a chance to get them to kiss before Leonard died. This Legion of Doom thing will be an interesting spin. It will make a very challenged relationship even more challenged.

Marc Guggenheim talks about Captain Canary on LoT S2

Captain Canary is the best of LoT. Hope they really do a great job with them this season.

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get to know me ≡ [4/40] dynamics: Sara Lance and Mick Rory. “I know what it’s like to be trained by an organization for one purpose: to kill, and the kind of loyalty that it can inspire. I need to know that we can reach Rory. For my own sake.”






A/N: all aboard the feels train TOMORROW part 2 is here wooooo! as y’all know i wanted to try something a bit different and i’m really enjoying writing this series for you all so far! let me know what you think! As always feel free to send me an ASK/REQUEST! and ENJOY X X X

Monday mornings were always a drag, but the fact your bosses office sat only feet away from the erosion of yours and Taehyung’s relationship made the usual painfully slow morning drag agonisingly slower.

Sat in Mr Jeon’s office your mind reflected on the events of the weekend. Jimin had driven you to your friend and old flat mate Belle’s small two bedroomed apartment, where you’d stayed in your old room and ate your feelings for two days. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell Jimin about Yumi and Taehyung, you were a total wreck and couldn’t even forge a coherent sentence whilst you were in his car.

Scrolling through your phone you saw almost 400 missed calls from Tae, and 3 calls from your parents. You hadn’t told anybody other than Belle about what happened on Friday night, you didn’t know how. Everything you knew and loved and wanted, was a lie.

As the birds aimlessly flew by the big glass windows of the office you inhaled deeply and composed yourself into a calm mindset, ready to finalise exactly what you came into the office to do.


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Arima told Kaneki he would know the reason why he killed himself soon? One chapter later Eto told Kaneki why. They were working in harmony. I think you are ignoring a lot of ambiguous stuffs about Arima...

Yes, perhaps. But like what you’ve said, there’s still a lot of ambiguity with Arima’s character even until this point. So it’s still rather difficult to confirm anything for sure especially since we haven’t seen the whole picture yet.

Arima and Eto knowing each other is one thing, however, Arima actively working with Aogiri is another question. Eto’s plan sort of revolved around who may be the strongest figure in the game which happens to be Arima. What are the chances that Eto read what Arima may have done seeing how she’s a good judge of character (as she has mentioned herself) and based her plan around that? Would things still be the same if Kaneki didn’t meet Eto along the way? There’s too many holes, at least for me, to confirm anything at this point.

Arima being an active party is an interesting twist but it can also imply that he was lying about his death, about himself, and about his supposed love for Kaneki/Haise and for me, Arima’s words during his death still hold water.

The reason why Arima spared Eto (and possibly Tatara) is somewhat similar to how Arima never laid a hand on Minami in Jack. Until the very end, Arima wasn’t the one who killed her, it was Fura.

I understand that you hold an opinion opposite of mine but I just wanted to put my point across with regards to this Arima-Eto situation.

I know where you’re coming from and I know reading this would end up frustrating you and I know I may sound ignorant of what may actually be happening but trust me, I’ll believe it once the manga itself has shoved it onto my face similar to how I denied Arima being OEK my entire life.

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OOH OOH OOH I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR STORIES ABOUT WHEN YOU WERE IN THE CHRISTMAS CAROL (i only know this bc i was looking at the tags below your wizard of oz post im not a stalker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎ ) okaY ILY SPICY MEME QUEEN

ahem ahem yes yes helo and welcome to today’s episode of Theatre Story Tuesday; today we’ll be chatting about the winter show I did in 2014, A Christmas Carol. 

In this play, I played a lil homeless child named Shifty, and I have plenty o tales to spin ok ok lesgo *stacks notecards*

• ok so when we were getting our costumes there was this super rad coat lyin on the bench of our costume room and since it was like October I was a lil cold so I put it on; now you guys remember Sue from wizard of oz right- well here she is again, and she’s in charge of costumes. She goes over to me and she’s like “hey why do you have that coat on” and I’m like “I got a lil cold” turns out Sue is like “I like that coat on you, I think I’m gonna have you wear it in your costume” and I’m like hoooolyfriiiick this is such a cool jacket i swear and I ended up getting to wear it for the show 

• the other street rats and I assembled a “thug squad” during tech and called it West Side London, and we took sharpies and on opening night we wrote “WSL” on each other’s arms so we could have thug tats for the performance  #WSL4LYFE 

• at like the first read through we thought it would be funny to take poor quality panos of the room, and I got this super creepy picture of the guy who played Fred, and afterwards we got da whole theatre squad to make it their profile picture on Instagram #toddtakeover2k14


• the ghost of Christmas present had to throw glitter on the thug squad, it was lit asf

• we assembled a lil choir of like 6 or 7 in our dressing room and recorded a straight fire cover of “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen 

• the kid who played Tiny Tim is a freakin legend, he may have an insanely smooth face and look absolutely innocent, but on the down low he the hardest hustler in the streets

• DIRTY LITTLE GUTTER SNIPE was the go-to insult at the time (this term came from one of scrooge’s lines)

• it took us like .05 seconds to strike this set 

Purple Pickles was the main inside joke, but I’m not finna go into details bc it involved me and someone else who may or may not have been tryna holla; everyone else in the cast was tryna squeeze the love jooce- someone even wrote a whole frickin fanfiction series now that I remember 

• we had a German exchange student play Mr. Fezziwig, and in the makeup room before opening night we had him say “booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere” to see like what it sounded like with an accent and he said it and we were all so proud

• I still have a 2 minute video on my iPad of where a few people had downloaded Doctor Anna Foot from the App Store onto someone’s phone and were making an “Anna Foot Hurt Let’s Play 2k14” video

that’s about it y'all, I gotta go get ready for my first day of a brand new school tomorrow, we got the hobbit comin up next tuesday so stay woke ily all see you on the other side of the war

shining like the stars p50

Despite how carefully he wiggled out from between them, Lance woke when Keith moved. He blinked his eyes sleepily at Keith, who had made it to the end of the futon and was sitting on his knees, considering whether or not he would make it to the bathroom. “Mm, Keith?” Lance murmured, rolling onto his back from his side and then stretching one arm out, above his head, arching his back to the futon.

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