anon suggested ‘dancing together at a fancy party’, which is an almost embarassingly cliché concept that i wanted to draw. i don’t know if either of them know how to dance, but i’m sure markus is quick to teach them and the kyrmera caught them at a graceful moment.

i took inspiration for gregor’s outfit from this art >:0

I want the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 to open on a beach, maybe at one of those outdoor bars.  I want the Legends to trickle in one-by-one - it’s obvious they’ve come separately, but they’re all here for the same purpose.  They’re awkwardly congregated at the bar when Mick walks up, in swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, and maybe a straw hat.  Compared to the frazzled legends, he’s extremely well-rested.  He takes one look at them, and turns around to leave.

Mick:  No.

Sara:  Mick–

Mick:  What did I tell you when I took care of your broken time problem?

Nate:  That if we wanted you to save our necks, you wanted to be left alone on Aruba for a month.

Mick:  Exactly, Pretty.  It’s only been three days.  What kind of trouble have you losers gotten into in three days?!

Space Ranger Stein:  You’d be surprised, Mr. Rory.

Mick:  I really wouldn’t, Professor.

Ray:  Would it help if we told you you’re our only hope?

Mick:  I’m always your only hope, Haircut.

Eventually Amaya talks him into coming back, and then it’s wild and wacky adventures as usual.  No explanation for the dinosaur cliffhanger at all.  It’s never resolved, we never get to see what happens.  But every time the team needs to pull a dangerous and highly improbable stunt, they’ll reference dinosaurs.

For example:

Jax *sneaking into an enemy base*:  This is like that time we got cornered by raptors in Big Belly Burger.

Nate:  We agreed never to speak of that again!  I had Jurassic Park nightmares for a month!

Mick:  Yeah.  It was hilarious.


Sara:  We need a plan!

Ray:  I’ve got an idea, but you’re not going to like it.

Sara:  What is it?

Ray:  Remember when we got chased by pterodactyls from Griffith Observatory to Dodger Stadium?

Sara:  You’re right, that’s a terrible idea.  Go for it.

And finally:

Mick:  I’m gonna pull a stegosaurus!

Amaya:  Are you crazy?  You’re going to get yourself killed!

I don’t think it’ll happen, but I can dream, right?