Inktober 2017, Day 17 “Graceful”

because yes, BC is graceful as Sherlock, i find. 

Pigma Microns and Winsor & Newton Black india ink in a Fabriano Accademia Sketchbook. the 120 gsm paper is fairly thin in this sketchbook, and buckles a bit with water, but damn nothing goes through.(although i haven’t tried alcohol markers)

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Headcanon that Sara Lance became a legend at that one specific bed bath and beyond. She comes in, boss finds out she’s legally died, multiple times. She’s moody and intimidating, but would totally defend other employees from angry or creepy customers. No one has seen her fight but they know she’s not even intimidated by even the biggest buffest creeps, and she keeps playing with the knives. She only stays for six months and then disappears again without a trace.

Problem is they all assume she’s a spy, not even close to the truth.

She comes back a couple years later and for whatever reason has to buy something from the store. She goes to pay and the cashier reads the name on her card and freaks out “omg you’re Sara Lance? THE Sara Lance? Where did you go? what did you do? Oh wait, is it classified?” And the other cashiers start gathering and she’s just standing there like “uhhhhhh…”


the adventure zone: balance (the story of four idiots that played D&D so hard that they made themselves cry)