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But if we’re taking everything that happened into consideration, for starters Ziio’s alive when Connor’s well into his late 20s-mid 30s, which means the village never burned down - at least, not that way. I mean, there was an abandoned burned village you could find, but I’m not sure if that was Connor’s memory or not, and heck, everything was burning at the time. It was a pretty crappy era (is that the right word? I think it is) to be alive in. Also considering the village first burned when Connor was five, I don’t know if its remains would still be up when he’s all grown like that. So, if the village didn’t burn down that way that probably means Charles Lee never did his rather impromptu raid on the village in the first place - or if he did, it didn’t go the same way as it had before. On its own I think we can both agree this doesn’t mean much - just something happened differently than it had before. Personally, I believe a lot of this hinges off of WHEN and HOW old Georgie got the Apple. I mean, in the clips of the ‘genuine’ timeline, if I may, he got it when it was handed to him by a soldier. However, I think, since it hadn’t had much of an effect on him, he probably hadn’t gotten his hands on it until pretty recently. I’m really not sure how long it takes for the apple to corrupt someone - I mean, look at Ezio - but this is getting a bit off-topic. So anyways, George had the apple for a long while in the alternate story, but I’m not entirely convinced he had it for as long as it took Connor to grow up. I dunno, I mean, what he did was horrible, but if he had the Apple for 20+ years he probably would have killed everyone. Again, could be mistaken, but we do know a few things already - 1. Haytham was around, otherwise there would be no Connor. 2. Seeing as Ziio fell for him, I’d say it’s pretty logical to assume that, if not the same events for their meeting took place, at least something similar did. And, 3., if that be the case, then maybe Georgie hadn’t called down the all-American Armageddon down on them. I mean, in both versions of the time, he targeted the native villages, but in the ToKW he hadn’t gotten at them, yet - not like he had in the original story. This bit is rather unfounded, but I like to think somebody had intervened - maybe Haytham himself. Long story short, things didn’t happen the way they did, and as a result we got to see the single most genuine smile Connor had to offer us up until that point.

Anyways, on to the next point: Haytham’s dead. This is more of a brief point, but from what I surmised he died long ago. I’m fairly certain Connor never killed him; I mean, as I excessively said just before: The catalyst that sent their relationship spiraling apart never happened. The village never burned, Ziio never died, Connor never became an Assassin; what reason could he possibly have had to want to hurt his father? Heck, even when all of that HAD happened, he still never wanted it to end that way. Neither of them did. So, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Connor was not the cause of Haytham’s death. This may be unrelated to the theories, but who else could have possibly killed Haytham? There was a reason he was a Templar Grandmaster, and it wasn’t just because he had an awesome voice or he was a snappy dresser. It had to be something big, so perhaps Washington? That could be why we don’t see any of Haytham’s homeboys, or it could be for a variety of other reasons; but perhaps this ties into the previous point. Did Haytham die to save his family? Or maybe he just did something stupid and dangerous. The Kenways all seem to be remarkably good at that kind of thing.

Thirdly, and this is by far my best point, Ziio had Haytham’s hidden blades, which she said he left for Connor. This blatantly tells us quite a bit - one, he knew about Connor, and more than that “oh blast, I might have a son” sudden precognition that would make spidey-senses seem like an outdated typewriter by comparison. The fact that the blades were at the village made me think that he might have visited from time to time - or came around at least once. I mean, realistically, he probably didn’t DIE there, but again, he apparently specifically left them for Connor. That makes me feel like they knew each other much better than “who’s that bloke in the jail cell- Bollocks.” So yeah, I figure he came around at least once or twice. Secondly, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Haytham left what were arguably his deadliest weapons to his son. I think we can both agree Haytham was a complex man - it didn’t matter what he said or did, there was often a deeper meaning, some ulterior motive, or perhaps both. I feel like it was the same case here - obviously, Haytham knew his son would fight, since virtually everyone was at war with everyone else at the time. But Haytham didn’t trust the weapons Connor had on his own to be enough to keep him safe. In a way, Haytham wanted to protect his son, even if it involved doing so after he himself had died. So, he gave Connor the best form of protection he was able to offer - no son of HIS was going to be left defenseless in the hellhole they got sucked into. I also feel like it was his way of encouraging Connor to stand up for himself and fight, to defend not only himself, but his mother, his village, his people, his WORLD as well.

Also worth considering is the ease with which Ziio is able to talk to Connor about his father, when she gives him the hidden blades. There’s no venom or regret - though, she was the one who broke off their relation, so I’m not sure there would have been, anyways - but it almost sounded as though there was a note of pride in her voice. Maybe she didn’t agree with his methods, but hey, her man was out doing something, and she’d be making a storm of her own to continue the deafening thunder he had helped to begin. Also, when she tells Connor about Haytham being a Templar, she doesn’t need to explain anything else about him, or introduce him - this might be because of the fact that they were pressed for time, or the fact that Ziio never was a chatterbox to begin with, but she seemed pretty comfortable discussing Haytham with Connor, so this makes me think either they’ve had similar talks in the last, or they haven’t needed to. I always think back to the scene in the main game where Haytham’s picking the lock and making idle conversation and asks what sort of things Ziio ahead said about him.

Anyways, I could probably keep going, but this is getting ridiculous, so yeah. I feel like Haytham was around a lot more and that that’s almost what would happen if they’d stayed together. Perhaps his question was answered. C:

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我簡直不能更喜歡這個任務!!從看到章節標題“被解放的天鷹號”開始,我整個人就鳥肌不已,I’m coming,我的愛人!!