Soul Fusion by AledaneF

“you can growl and scratch me, but we are one, and we can’t run away from each other”

ah, personal artwork again. i wanted to draw something like this for a long time, so i finally did it.
here is two headed creature and each of his heads have its own personality. living so closely together with someone may be so difficult; you just can’t leave your own half even if you want to… so, sometimes they have conflicts and try to bite each other, but if they do - they both feel the pain. must to live in peace or they two will die.

- when it comes to us Black folks, we must be thoughtful not to let our outer differences negatively alter our inner similarities. we’re the same, if you look at the bigger picture light, tilt right, you’ll see. religions, regions; titles, different seasons; we’re all really the same; one. it takes a village to raise a nation. it’s on us, all of us.
UUB - Universally United Black

Alone - Garrus 2

A September of Shortcomings request fic series. Decided to make @mareel and @bella-monoxide’s requests into three inter-connected series.


From taking a look at Shepard, I think turians wear scars better—personal opinion, obviously. Funny ending up a matched set with Shepard when it comes to mangled faces, could be worse, I suppose: could have gotten the wind knocked out of me like him, too.

He was never much for revenge, I get that, I even admire that—but spirits, Shepard: you really think this is about ‘saving human colonies’? The Collectors took everything from you, this ship, this crew, we’re temporary; things are never going back to the way they were.

Doesn’t that make you angry?