“Our ancient experience confirms at every point that everything is linked together, everything is inseparable.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Pondering the concept of universal connection at North Toronto Station, Canada.

© Kevin Charles Ward

I LOVE LYNX SO MUCH and I literally could not stop thinking about this like. How DID Lynx 17 convince Zarya to take them with her, seriously. And I figured it’s because Zarya needed a translator. At least a semi decent translator. Lynx is that semi-decent good enough translator.

EDIT: I know now it’s supposed to be Buenas, not Buenos(which was my fault as a non native speaker and not hearing the difference between -os and -as!) but I’m going to keep it bc 1) I don’t expect Lynx to,at this point, have anything better than basic Spanish from a downloadable pack from the intranet. And 2) Lynx has the ability to adapt linguistically once in that specific linguistic environment​, and would adjust accordingly. For example, Lynx can speak English fine but once being in Australia for a period of time, would learn to automatically say “G'day” over “hello” or “good day” due to local vernacular. So basically, I like to think Lynx made an honest mistake here not knowing the word tardes was feminine, and Zarya didn’t know enough to correct them. Once in Mexico, Lynx’s programming would pick up the difference and correct itself naturally.

I have already given this more thought than I thought I would. Apologies for the typing! Both I and Lynx will know better in the future.

A Shipping meme for muse told by the mun

🥀- A ship you would never do

💘- What is your muse like in ships

💗- Do you have a gender preference when shipping 

💞- Do you like or hate love triangles

💌- Would your muse write a love letter

💕- How affectionate is your muse

🏩- Would your muse ever check into a love hotel, especially with their Boyfriend/Girlfriend

💋- How good is your muse at kissing

🎁- Is your muse picky about gifts

🍰- What does your muses kisses taste like


If you don’t get this excited about giving your man some head then you ain’t really ‘bout that life 😁. Good Vibes Only!

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